Monster Classifications

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Animal or Group Sentient Aspect Can Fear Can Stun Magic/Silver Entity Type

Common Land Mammals N L Y Y N A
    Sasquatch Y S
  Felines except Cheetahs D
  Small Land Mammals D

Common Avians N L Y Y N B
    Owl D

Aquatics N L Y Y N F
    Eel D
    Kraken Y E

Lizards, Snakes and Insects N L Y Y N A
    Crocodile F
  Insects and Spiders D
    Killer Bee B

Creatures of Night and Shadow Y D Y Y N E
    Bat N B
    Rat N A
    Weres in Beast Form N Y

Humanoids Y L Y Y N S
    Troll D
  Earth Dwellers D
  Faeries except Elves E
    Dryad D special E
  Shapechanger D special

Fantastical Monsters Y L Y Y N E
    Giant Amoeba N D
    Gargoyle, Harpy D
    Basilisk, Chimaera, Hippogriff,
    Hydra, Manticore,
    Minotaur, Salamander

Dragons Y L Y Y N E

Summonables Y - N Y Y M

Undead N D special N special M
    Ghost, Revenant Y
  Greater Undead Y

Lesser Powers Y - N Y Y M
    Hellhound D Y N

Animal or Group Sentient Aspect Can Fear Can Stun Magic/Silver Entity Type

Sentient: Is the creature Sentient.

Aspect: Is the creature Light or Dark aspected, or neither.

Can Stun: this creature can normally be stunned.

Can Fear: this creature can be affected by magical fear.

Magic or Silver: this creature can only be hit by magic or a silvered weapon.

Entity Type: For the purpose of some magical effects such as communication, all creatures fall into ONE of the following categories:

  • A Animal (Earth)
  • B Bird (Air)
  • F Fish (Water)
  • E Enchanted, usually Sentient (E&E)
  • S Sentient, non-enchanted (Bard)
  • M Mana creature

How to Read this Table

  1. Look for the major animal grouping the creature is within. These are shaded grey.
  2. Read across the table for the standard values for all creatures of this class.
  3. If your creature is listed directly beneath the group, any exceptions to the standard values will be listed.
All other values will be standard for the group.