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Undead are player characters or NPC's who are neither alive nor dead. They cannot be killed by normal means since they are not alive. Instead, they may be destroyed by magic and by silvered weapons, in most cases. Lesser undead include ghosts, ghouls, revenants, skeletons and zombies. Greater undead include night-gaunts, spectres, vampires, wights, and wraiths. Greater undead have the power to drain life force (in the form of Endurance and Fatigue) from living victims. They cannot affect other undead in this manner, nor can they affect extra-dimensional beings (demons, devils, etc.).

It is possible for characters to become undead in certain cases. When this occurs, the character's abilities will be altered somewhat, depending upon the type of undead he becomes. His characteristics may be decreased or increased to fall within the appropfiate range for the class of undead to which he belongs, but should be altered by the GM as little as possible. For example, a character with a Physical Strength of 10 who became a vampire would have his PS increased, but probably not by more than 5 (so as to possess the minimum Physical Strength for a vampire). A character who becomes undead retains his Rank in all skills, talents and magic which are useable to him in an undead state. They may continue to acquire Experience and Rank, but all Experience costs are doubled for undead characters. Undead beings recover automatically from being stunned at the beginning of each Pulse, if they have not already recovered.

The details on these pages only documents the normal forms of the various undead, but undead come in a myriad of forms with different powers, abilities and weaknesses.


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