Blood of Girwyllan

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The adventure takes place in The Fastness of Girwyllan (also Sanctuary)
Adventure: Blood of Girwyllan
GM: Jono
Session: Summer 808 wk
Night: Tuesday 6:30pm
Level: High Level - Powerful groups, possibility of involvement by Powers.
Location: 31 Methuen Road, Avondale Map
Information: Information from players for Jono

  • Employer Dalran an 'Ex Seagate Adventures Guild' member. E&E Mage, played by Chris
  • Erzsabet - Courtier Namer, played by Julia - Scribe
  • Mordrin - Dwarf Warrior, played by Clare - Military Scientist
  • Shoka - Apothecary, played by Jon
  • Braegon - Earth Mage, played by Stephen - Party Leader
  • Clementine - Hobbit, played by Kelsie
  • Liessa - Human Mind Mage, played by William
  • Dalran an E&E Mage, played by Chris - dual roles as employer and party member
  • To help Dalran navigate the complexities of the Fastness and get some stone.
  • To get Shoka some herbs.
  • To see Girwyllan re fixing Roxanne.
  • To explore and map the fortress of darkness.
  • To show Braegon some short cuts.
  • There are some prophesies which need directing in our favour.
  • Go see Matthew, and look to fixing a different Matthew.
  • Get the memories Jasmine left for Erzsabet, and check who they are for.
  • Formally introduce Lady Clementine to the Kings Rapiers at their home in Aquila.
  • Get some more perfume from the daffodil fields and kick over the Necromancers on the way past.
  • Ask G about the Sylph I seem to have possessed and the treasure map in my brain. [Clem]

Scribe Notes

2nd of Heat


Those of us who have agreed to help our brother in arms and magic, Dalran, gather in a guild meeting room. A guild representative greets us and asks Dalran if he wouldn't mind waiting outside for a moment. We are briefed on his new status with the guild, it appears he is no longer a member of the Seagate Adventurers Guild and is now a member of the Sanctuary Mages Guild this grants him the status of affiliate.

It appears that Dalran is not bound by the adventuring agreement and is not entitled to a share of the loot. This news gives some members of our group pause, we all consider how much the accumulated bounty upon us would be worth should he sell us out.

Dalran rejoins us and we all introduce ourselves, Everyone shows off their many wonderful forms. It appears that Clementine may have picked up the sylph from the Fastness as one of hers, this needs investigating. I, Erzsabet ask if Dalran will agree to take a Geas not to sell us out (willingly, knowingly or of his own valitition) and he happily agrees. A negotiation ensues regarding satisfactory party contribution and the allocation of loot as per normal at the end of the mission. A 'contract' binding Dalran to service is documented in order to supplement the issue of the adventuring agreement. Dalran will however avoid going to Sanctuary with the party in order to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Summons and propositions

Presently there is a knock at the door and a guild rep enters. He informs Mordrin that Duke Leto would like her to present herself at the castle today, furthermore the guild suggests that she should take Erszabet with her. The rep leaves. Clementine advises that it is very dangerous to walk from the guild to Castle Chilton in a small group and we should all go with buffs on in case we are attacked.

There is another knock upon the door. We ignore it waiting for some commoner to open the door. None amongst us are commoners. There is a knock upon the door. It is another guild rep this time with a bag of mail for Mordrin, which needs to be delivered to Brastor Holding. The rep leaves.

There is a knock upon the door. A guild rep enters this time with a letter for Erzsabet, it is from Slippery Rock there are 17 families who are currently refugees under her care. This should be dealt with at my earliest convenience.

There is a knock upon the door. A guild rep enters and delivers a chest to Shoka. The chest contains 30 tine nuts.

There is a knock upon the door. A guild rep enters, and delivers a small bag and message from Kali the Nameless to Erszabet and Shoka.


Presently there are no more knocks on the door. We wait a little moment just to be sure, then buff and get ready. Donning our court dresses, for the dangerous walk from the guild to Castle Chilton. As we near the bridge we can see a group of Erelheine retainers camping on the wrong side of the road. The town guards seem agitated and are pleased to see us. They inform us that there is a Titan on the other side of the bridge and some Kinluee people here. One of the guards has an apple pie for Erzsabet.
After the normal greetings and gifts are exchanged. It seems that these Erelheine have been sent by Kokhan a powerful summoner in Kinlu to deliver us a message. He (Kokhan the Summoner) wishes those of us in his employ to present ourselves to him soon. He does not like to be kept waiting. This is odd as we aren't aware that we are his retainers.
Crossing the bridge we can see a Storm Giant on the far side waiting in a roped off area with even more guards watching him. The guards tell us to move along, we give them a look. Matthew Tumbledown stands up from behind a cart, the guards ask if he is our Titan. Braegon tells the guard never to suggest that to anyone, ever. Titans do not belong to people, the guard turns pale.
Matthew is wearing his mithral armor and looks pleased to see us. He tells us that we need to clear the docks suddenly in about an hour. Braegon gives one of the guards 4 guineas and tells him to put it on the bar in a nearby pub for all dock workers in one hour.
We explain we are on the way to see Duke Leto and Matthew tells us to meet him back here in an hour

An Audience with Martin

Arriving at the castle we are shown into a waiting room and given tea, Mordrin gets a stein of beer. Servants arrive and help us to arrange our garments and smooth our hair.

One of the Elven Rangers comes to speak with us while we freshen up. He is all business today, and it seems he works for the Duke. He tells us that we must be out of the Castle before 2pm. When I ask if the prophecy concerning Liessa’s liege lord has been taken care of, he replies that it will be taken care of today. We are to be ambushed, and he recommends we don't buff to throughly least we scare them off.

The chamberlain, Martin Dunlaw, will speak to us at the sundial this is a particularly good spot as it caters of peoples of all heights being sunken. Martin is surprised to see her Excellency Liessa. Mordrin quickly explains that the Seagate Adventurers guild suggested she bring friends along and that Liessa is here in her capacity as a friend. He is pleased with this explanation.

Mordrin has an oath to swear in order to become the Protector of the Fastness. The Chamberlain confirms that Duke Leto has been making arrangements for some time now in regard to Mordrin. Martin has some documents for her to look over, and she should return sometime this week. We ask the Chamberlain about mineral rights and mining in the Fastness, Mordrin tells us that we need to either speak to the miners guild in Amber or the Protector of the Fastness. Perhaps we should return later this afternoon.

Cake and Combat

As it turns out today is Shoka's Birthday and the good people of Castle Chiltern have prepared a cake for him. We exchange pleasantries with them.

Presently a Middle aged man powerfully dressed requests our presence. His name is Duncan the Bold, the Duke's Namer and Court wizard . He tells us that this fight will not be as easy as the Elven Rangers have previously indicated and we should buff ourselves thoroughly. Duncan has been investigating what we are up against today. He tells us of

  • Chimeras which smell of cinnamon and exploding undead whales.
  • a group of horsemen
  • an influx of undesirables in old Seagate
  • 6 bands of mercenaries who have paid bonds to keep their equipment
  • Stones from the skies
  • Gorgons
  • Movements in the forest.

Duncan provides us with a place to buff and make ready before the ambush. He gives us to vials one which will release red smoke to be broken if we are winning and would like backup from the guards; and another which will release green smoke, which will alert the castle that we have failed and not to come.

A short trip to the waterfront of Seagate confirms our thoughts "that something is about to happen", the sky is dark with bats and their terrible shrieks fill the air. The guards have cleared this part of town of civilians so we find our chosen location (a disused and dilapidated warehouse on the docks) and prepare for whatever comes our way.

At the Ambush


Inside the building we discover a long pine box inside of which is a decoy Girwyllan. It is our job to protect the decoy with enough zeal that our enemies are fooled into thinking that this is the real thing. We are inside for merely a minute or so when Kinlu warriors asking to join our fight approach us. Several Dwarves also appear and offer to assist Princess Mordrin.
Mr Bamph arrives and to politely let Braegon and Erzsabet know that he has decided not to take employment today.
The warehouse could get crowded if many more beings or groups come to speak with us and we are wishing to limit 'friendly casualties' in the upcoming scuffle after all.

Next we notice a huge number of beings heading directly for us and amongst them is Furfur who has come to recover the broken strings from his harp, which can be used to bind him, and to ambush Girwyllan as foretold. We are hoping that in his rage toward Braegon and Erszabet Furfur will do something unwise.
We cannot let the demon prevail and so combat is joined between the two forces (and associated allied factions) which leads to us defeating Furfur after a hard, deathly and full on fight. Braegon and Dalran are killed. Liessa gets shot with the first part of Moonshae and Raithe's legendry two part poison. Clementine is captured and some of her equipment is stolen, as are her hands. A deathly silence reigns over the docks where we leave Liessa to guard the warehouse while the rest of the party headed out to recover Clementine.

An assortment of accolades

Shield words1.gif

Tired and battered our ragged team returns to where we started from only hours before, there is a certain amount of satisfaction amongst our rank about seeing off the hordes of hell. On entering the gates of the Guild we find a storm giant awaits us. He makes an appointment with us to meet Matt Tumbledown in Seagate 3pm tomorrow. Upon taking his leave of us the storm giant hands us 6 copper pieces to give to the agent of Foras

Leaving our employer outside we go to meet with Kahli who is awaiting our presence. Kali informs us that by binding the demon with the harp strings we have also killed Furfur in hell. Suffice it to say that Kahli is not pleased and is giving us a week to clean up our mess.

All this has made us late for our 2.15 appointment with Martin Danlaw. The guild lends us a coach and we dash past all other possible interruptions to arrive at Castle Chilton 15 minutes late. We are allowed to see Martin with relative haste; he is being pointedly rude to Dalran. I wonder what the Sanctuary Mages Guild has done to annoy the Duke quite so much. Martin would like us to go help the guard clear out the last group of devils barricaded in an apartment building. Martin gives us 5 badges of the blackwatch very droll, I am laughing on the inside really.

Momentarily we return to Castle Chiltern to continue our discussions, the devils where no match for us.

As it transpires, there is a group of dwarves trying to invest Mordrin as their new princess, and hence her elevation to the "Protector of the Fastness" is delayed. We ask if it is at all possible for us to speak with Girwyllan and after a short wait (with refreshments of course) he arrives.

The Shaper

Girwyllan is in a pleasant mood after a successful meeting with the Duke, until he is introduced to Dalran. Dalran leaves the room after some unpleasantness where it transpires that Dalran is working for the Shapers enemies. We have a long and fruitful conversation with Girwyllan during which we discover:

  • Angela has recovered a broken harp string
  • Girwyllan does not know where the harp is but it is out there somewhere
  • There are 12 harp strings in all
  • Furfur put so much of his power into the harp, that it became a tool which could harm him
  • There is a boat Captain that is so impressed with Mordren he wants to make her a princess
  • Moonshae and Raithe, and Beast Rabban hunt Dalran. Beast Rabban can teleport at will
  • Leraje will try to use Clementine's hands to control her
  • Leraje will try to use Clementines equipment to trap her
  • In the Nth West of Ranke on the Eastern side is a large Mausoleum with a green rock entry area beyond that is some Mana imbued rock. This will not be enough for Delran’s requirements.
  • The Map in Clementines head is for the Isles of Adventure. It is a seasonal map. This leads to pirate treasure. 100 years ago there was a flash flood. There is a cowbell, which was created by Furfur.
  • The slyph is possessed by Clementine to prevent a form of madness. – not sure if the Slyph is mad or Clementine is mad
  • Girwyllan thinks getting Jasmines memories is a good idea
  • Clementine the water Nixe works to a timetable – G does not always agree with her methods.
  • Girwyllan is unhappy discussing Angela or Bridget
  • Girwyllan tells us we will need some leaves from the fortress of Light and shadow
  • Girwyllan is unconcerned with the Erelein having the crystal back in a year if they can move it.
  • We should speak to Axis about a ship below a burial chamber in Xanadu’s temple. Leraje and Furfur used this ship to travel the seas.
  • Girwyllan is not happy with Dalran accompanying us to the Fastness and recommends we change all his equipment
  • The Treasure Map for the Fastness is no longer valid

Girwyllan kindly agrees to transport us to the Fastness provided Dalran is blindfolded. We arrange to meet him in an hour at the Guild and so he takes his leave of us.

As we are leaving the Castle the Dutches Elizabeth gifts us a set of Silver Goblets for our work this day. Hurray for us we got paid and didn't have to ask this is extremely pleasing.

The Captain of the Gaurds


Back in the carriage it is a quick journey across town to the pie shop where, if our luck holds, the Capitain of the the Erelein Guards should be waiting for us. He is standing under a shady tree when the carriage draws to a stop. Clementine and I, Erzsabet go to speak with him. We learn:

  • Kokhan will need to help us
  • It will take three days to travel to visit Kokhan
  • The situation is not the disaster we think it might be
  • Kokhan 's nemesis has intervened unwisely, His nemesis is a Greater Summoner who lives on an island in the inland sea near to the Lunar Empire.
  • The Greater Summoner has a island made of Iron. We think it is merely his fortress that is made of iron.
  • The key to the clock tower has been stolen by Kokhan's nemesis.
  • The Erelein family we know is happy to give us an escort to see Kokhan.

As we are wrapping up our discussions the Capitain is shot in the leg by an arrow. We suspect Moonshae and Raith have followed Dalran to the scene and take steps to protect the Erelein from the 2nd part of the poison. The archer assassins are known for their two part poisons which irresirectably kill you.

Leaving Seagate

At matthew.JPG

After a brief but more fruitful discussion with Kali we meet Girwyllan outside the Guild. At the party's behest Dalran is blindfolded and braceleted with cold iron.

We are only 15 minutes late for our appointment with Girwyllan and leave Seagate at 3.45pm. The Shaper tells us that Kathryn's Gloves can protect Clementine from the Staff, also that if we need to buy some rabbits feet Matthew the power of fire usually has some for sale. The flowing claw people use them in trade with him. Matthew likes to be paid in Rubies.

Girwyllan leaves us at the Fortress of light and shadow (Buzzard Rock), from there it takes us another Hour to get to Matthew the Power of Fire.

We arrive at Matthew's house at dinnertime, as expected he is sitting on the porch with the kettle on. The grass in his garden is well mown and the white picket fence somehow seems a strong barrier between the wilds of the fastness and the comforting tidiness of Matthews cottage. It is dinner time when we arrive and so at his advice we cook up a meal containing blue garlic. Settling down for a long chat with many cups of tea we learn

  • Dalran was here about 3 months ago with friends from the North. Dalran was unconscious at the time and going by a different name.
  • Beast Rabban, Moonshae and Raith are after Dalran for some betrayal and after Clementine for what she has done and is capable of doing. To do with some deceit of Furfur.
  • Matthew has nothing to tell us about the sanctuary shrivers unless we already know the information he could tell us. (we don't share any information with him)
  • Matthew is married and his sister in-laws sister (odd description of a person) once dated Malcor, and said it was hard to date him.
  • There are two Malkor's and they are both good people.
  • The dilemma ( a situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives ) between the shapers wife and Angela is love.
  • The coming of the princess will end the Dwarven Axe Alliance. The Dwarves will be freed of their duties.
  • If the Dwarves have a princess they will be able to swear on, at, and to the princess - this is a magical thing.
  • There is an angry dragon from over the seas, who wanted a book to go to the Drow. He gave the book to the frogs who gave it to the Destinians who gave it to the Dwarves.
  • The book made it to the dwarves (via the captain) because of theft, repayment of a debt - Matthew isn't sure.
  • Furfur was blind to the Harp strings as they are a part of his power, and that is why he still attacked us even though there where 4 harp strings in the building.
  • The Cow bell when rung with one of the hammers will clear the minds of all in range (Clearing Furfur's influence - a good thing. Also potentially can be used to cause great harm).
  • The staff is an item of similar Quality
  • A the beginning of the Month time in the lands of the dead passes a day for a day in the middle of the month time passes One day in the lands of the dead to 3 days in the Fastness
  • Bremen still exist but can only be accessed through the Fastness. Matthew can show us a shortcut if we need to go there
  • Angela is in Bremen, and has the other 8 harp strings.
  • Malkor came to see Matthew to ask where Angela is.
  • The coven from Bremen are an extremely skilled group of witches who owned the Blue Diamond, an item which allows you to learn two colleges.
  • In order to make a bag of bees go to Bellows tower and take a bag of honey, capture the bees that will come in a bag and do it up.
  • Somebody is slowly poisoning my (Erzsabet's) mother.
  • Roxanne is supposed to drink my blood to fix her and all should be well so long as I have not been dabbling in the dark arts.

We outline our next options for action
1 ) See Angela
2) Go to the Lands of the Dead to see Girwyllan
3) Get the raiment of Furfur
4) Erszabet Drinking the Memories from G and from Sanctuary
5) Find a way to quickly get to Kokhan
6) Visit the Fates
7) Go through the clock tower / Ambush the Ambushers.

Matthew consults the tea leaves and tells us that the most important thing for us to do next is to see Matt Tumbledown. He gives Dalran 2 bandages, which he says we will need.

Braegon makes some clay hands and Clementine makes us each an amulet of protection from arrows. The Sylph in her head can remember how these are made, from green dry straw and a drop of the wearer’s blood. Unfortunately Dalran has stepped out of Braegons aura of no scrying and we have to leave hurriedly, but not before Shoka and Liessa die from arrows. Dalran uses one of his precious bandages to heal Liessa of her wounds and she returns to life with the further assistance of Braegon's healing hands. I am hit with the first part of the poison.

Into the Lands of the Dead

Taking a short cut from Matthew's to the Cliffs to save time, There is enough time for us to throw the clay hands Braegon has made off them, and be in Amber before the Sun sets in the sky. Somehow Amber seems a little odd tonight as we don't meet any of the usual Adults, aparently they are all in the pub. I worry a little about Matthew's garlic advice, the children get us a muffin for the muffin monster, we get the amulets out of the basement and we leave town in good time.


9pm Our band of heros arrive in the lands of the Dead and Malcor awaits us with a drink and some fruit. I see that he has taken to carrying his own these days and smile at him. There is a Namer who looks a little like Girwyllan when she sees us she makes herself scarce, DA tells us that she died 4 1/2 years ago. Malcor has alot to tell us, however he is not keen to talk with Dalran around.

  • If we do nothing - Clementine will descend
  • If we get the rainments of Furfur, - Then if Forass or Leraje steal them , they will be blamed for Furfur's death
  • If we get the rainment we could summon up Cadazl, and he will replace Furfur if he has these items.
  • If the book goes to Foras<, there will only be 71 demons
  • Spending time with Girwyllans wife will cure my blood.
  • Matthew is immune to love and the effects of it, this is why noone ever seems to like him even though he is lonely. (rats that answer is so vague that I hope we are all talking about the same Matthew.
  • He tells us that we must tell the Family that at some point soon they will need to pass through the Lands of the dead.
  • He gives us an ancient invocation for Cadazl

Dinner with Girwyllan and Bridget (his wife)


After our chat with Malcor, Girwyllan and his wife meet us for dinner. Much to our surprise Bridget is now a cherubum, and Dalran takes damage in her company and thus leaves to meditate elsewhere. We learn the following:

  • The family is currently healing itself and is in flux
  • It will take 66 years for my blood to heal if I don't do something about it. They seem to think it would a nice idea if I summon the demon Cadazl.
  • Her coming is the last sign that the Dwarves will get a Princess
  • The effects of the Axe (Dwarvish) alliance ending is that, Some weapons will be returned to the Elves, Some weapons will be returned to the Elder Gods.
  • There is 36 - 48 hours to tell the family to go through the lands. Girwyllan rephrases this as a request rather than an order.
  • Girwyllan will pay us with the magical stone (30 tons) that Dalran is looking for if we save Clementine.
  • Forass has the ability to discover hidden or lost things.
  • Leraje is a lover of stife an provokes battles. He also does infections and diseases.
  • If we have any dealings with Leraje then word will probably get out as Beast Rabban is pacted to more than one demon.
  • The family is packing to leave in 7 hours.
  • Leraje is probably chasing us so that we won't give him the rainment as while he is happy that Furfur is dead, he does not wish to be blamed for it, nor does he need to gain any more power from the suituation.

Everyone except Dalran has an hours sleep in the presence of Bridget. This acts as a good nights sleep and we are ready to continue on our journey.

While the party is in Bridget's presence Dalran casts 2 rituals to replace those lost when he died and help to protect him and the party from the attentions of those hunting them.

The Guild

Returning to the guild at 3.30 am, after a breif chat with Kali it is arranged that Dalran will have two hours sleep (guarded for his own safety by Erzsabet & Braegon) and I will divinate his armour.

5.30am After many interuptions from Guild security who appear to have turned into a bunch of old woman. It appears that Dalran was correct and his armour has been marked by Scriptomancers from Sanctuary, the effect of which is it can always be located even when hidden. A change of armour is arranged while the guild works at removing the taint and tracing on the armour - at a cost to an ex-guild member.

Day 2 - 3rd of Heat

Our companion Shoka informs us that he is unable to continue on our journey with us due to 'family' circumstances (who knew he had several litters all due at the same time) and must leave our party. Dalran pays him out 500sp for his work to date and offers to foster several of his offspring once they are suitable.

The day thus dawns slightly dimmer for our party but we will continue in our tasks.


Clementine the Water Nixie

As time is of the essence, merely two hours after Dalran goes to sleep we head out again. This time to summon Clementine the Water Nixie and tell her the news. On her arrival we note that today Clementine is wearing southern clothing. She agrees to inform all the members of the family of the need to pass through the lands of the dead, however she can not go to sanctuary so we will need to make other arrangements to inform, Kathryn Suzanna and Jasmine. Jasmine is dead having been killed by Beast Rabban. During our discussions the nixie makes a strange suggestion, "Gather up the four elemental stones & seek to take control of the Fastness" it is by this method she thinks that Liessa may be trying to ascend. She also tells us that there is a Silver dagger with a bronze hart upon it which will cut through any armour to the hart of a summoner. Clementine gifts Dalran with a potion that she thinks may help him, DA tells us it has some purifing properties. She also gifts us with 6 potions of strenght.

Lunching with Friends

Back at the guild Dalran supplies us each with a scry guard. I divinate the 7 daggers we have from Kokhan. The daggers have a core of copper wrapped in true silver, into the pommel is set a small heart, if you put a drop of your own blood into the heart they will send you to the last place they where used.

We organise apple pies and cold pineapple juice for our friends. A guild rep agrees to organise a low level party to get a titan sized cup of cold pineapple juice by 3pm for 300sp.

At 11 am having completed our rituals it seems like a good idea to speak once more with the capitain of the Guards from Kinlu. On our way down to the bridge, many strange things seem to be afoot (painful ones too). Beast Rabban has set a cunning trap for us, there are two harpies writing us messages in the local flora. The message reads "we know who you are" this is strange as we know who we are too. The harpies try and taunt us by hammering iron nails into our foot prints which stop us from casting and are extremely painful. They fail to entice us to fight and we make it to the bridge to collect the Captain of the Gaurds from Kinlu, who agrees to accompany us back to the guild for Lunch.

Back at the guild a pleasant lunch is enjoyed by all, and the Captain tells of the trials Kokhan has prepared for us.

  • We will need to cross a bridge with three trolls who are immune to fire.
  • Defeat some ghosts
  • Cross a forest of Bamboo
Matt Tumbledown the Titan

At 1pm Matt Tumbledown turns up for his 3pm appointment. After greeting us all he takes Dalran to Beast Rabban and leaves him there; 5 secounds later he goes to fetch Dalran back. Over a cup of cold pineapple juice (we had one spare incase the low level party failed) we learn.

  • Angela has made an instrument of doom capable of killing demons and the fates think it would be a great idea if we would please kill Foras< and Laraje.
  • Matt confirms his Mother is infact the fates, and not discordia.
  • Beast Rabban is bad news, and is possibly tougher than all of us including the Captain and Matthew
  • Killing Foras and Leraje will weaken Beast Rabban.
  • Blue Cheese protects against Vampires
  • At night the daggers will take us to Kinlu, during daylight hours the summoner on the iron isle may be able to interfere.
  • In 5-10 days if I haven't resolved my involvement with the demons Matthew probably won't deal with me (Erzsabet) again.
  • Beast Rabban wants Matthew's leggings
  • Beast Rabban would like us to use the items, or wishes to take the items off us.
  • The Beast Rabban has 6 potions prepared so he can shrive abilities off us and make them permanent.
  • Matthew does not know how to find out how Beast Rabban is pacted to three demons, and what the relationship between them all is.
  • Beast Rabban is trying to destroy the Slyph
  • Matthew gives us a message for Girwyllan " Meet me for lunch at the head of the sweet water - summer equanox 820 and don't be late."
  • Matthew advises Dalran not to try and locate Beast Rabban and he will pull Dalran in through the locate.
  • Matthew would like someone to complete the 9 trials of the trident - he will teach Dalran a spell if he can complete them.

Off to Bremen

Bremen Town

It appears that Bremen is next on our list of places to be seen but not captured, We are well pleased to discover that Dalran can provide us with maps and has managed to acquire local area knowledge of the town. Matt Tumbledown transports us there, arriving mid afternoon, He recomends a good Inn to us called the Black Rose and offers Dalran the following piece of advice. "Steal the lock from the door". He also advises that we are to supress wards not remove them, or the locals will think we have returned and throw a party in our honour.

There is a Castle at the end of the main road which is out of context with the rest of the town. The castle seems designed to keep something in, rather than defend from intruders. Staying out of the 'Gardens of the Earl of Storms' We have a quick scout of the castle before heading to find the Inn.

We find the Inn easily, which is noisy and boistrous, and the inn keeper is happy to take our booking for two nights. The public rooms are packed and we are noticable as we cross the room and head upstairs. Our rooms have obviously not been used for sometime, and the staff have to remove dust covers from the furniture. Everything seems as it should be, of note is a shapechanger wolf celestial mage who comes to set the fireplace. A family called the Minters invite us to join them for dinner, which we do after settling in. Call us paranoid if you will but we season our dinner with garlic and blue cheese.

The Minters are merchants from Novalar and have travelled 6 days to get to Bremen. This seems odd as we know we are in the Mountains of Aquila and Novalar is many weeks to the east. They have come to trade for Lightening Stones, an omenous name given the problems with Furfur in these parts. They journey here annually as the stones are used for storing mana and fetch a high price.

The Castle - rescueing Angela

At 2am, once the Inn has closed it's doors and the last customers are stumbling home full and overflowing with cheer, we assult the castle. Using information provided by Dalran we locate the best area of entry. Tunneling through the walls getting in is easy, wizards eye reveals that there are demonics roaming freely through the halls, there is also a priest carring a bowl of blood. Somehow, whether by skill or chance is uncertain (by skill and planning - D), we avoid being detected by the roaming imps, devils, preists, guards, succubus and incubus; making it to a room with black runes painted on black tiles. Here we suppress two great demonic magics which are an E&E field which will kill at a touch and an inky black namer magic some kind of scry guard.

The inky black field dissolves to revel an archway, heading through the archway we discover we are in Hell - Furfur's Hell. In front of us Angela is spreadeagled in chains on an altar, unconscious and bleeding. Braegon can tell she will die of her poisons unless something is done. Dalran attempts to "steal the lock from the door" well in this case chains but who is being picky. This time, chance is against us and the demonic skill of the maker holds out against mere human mastery. Clementine steps forth, she doesn't need to be a master as she is a hobbit, apparently curiousity is a natural talent for hobbits and locks do not hold against them. Clementine opens the lock and dies.

I DA the Atlar, removing Angela from the Atlar will kill her. Braegon can tell that the poison which afflicts Angela is the antithesis of my (Erszabets) blood. I bleed a little into Angela's mouth the Atlar cracks and she is freed.

Clementine must be resurrected in Hell as she died there. Clementine has a natural affinity for the realm and was partly reluctant to return to her body but she did eventually. We hold off vs the minions of evil for 10 minutes, then use the leaves to return to the fortress of Light and Shadow. (Buzzard Rock or Mordrins Place).

Day Three

It is 3 am, and it takes 3 hours to remove the lock from Clementines hand. Dalran takes the lock as he can carry it.
Mordrin and I nip back to the guild while the others work on Clem, we pick up our back packs.

Then we have a quick chat with the Crystal protectors - they tell us that someone is using control magic on Clementine's hands.

The twisted Goblins have gone north and turned into hobbits.

Angela is cursed with the guilt of Furfur. I should know how to cure her as I should have drunk the memories. This is a little alarming until I confirm that they mean Jasmines memories.

6am still no sleep

Since Jasmine's memories are required Dalran sends off Whispering Winds to an associate he knows in Sanctuary named Merricat who he asks to do him a favour and collect the memories from the schrivers and then meet at Krandor village (some 5 miles North of Sanctuary - Ranke), at the Black Dog Inn. I am described as the mouse.

Braegon, Clementine, Dalran , and Mordrin get two hours sleep while I divinate Dalran's potion.

The potion heals Natural and Synthetic poisons up to rank 13. Will lower the MA of a curse by 12. Halve the time required to heal a spec grev, Will make you resurrectable if your body is capable of supporting life.

After I complete my divinate and go to check on the others I notice Dalran is missing two teeth and having terrible nightmares. Clementine is also having bad dreams, upon waking Clementine says she has been dreaming of the Beast Rabban.

Buzzard Rock


I get one hour sleep , Braegon and Clementine have now had 3 hours sleep Dalran goes to sleep under the watchful eye of Mordrin, who notices that something is cutting out his organs. Braegon wakes up and miraculously cures him. Dalran wakes refreshed and rejuvinated but he doesn't think he'll sleep again for some time.

We are due in Ranke in 4 hours and have had very little sleep. Dalran has a vision of two cat girls taking a death for him. This will be Kitty and Purr - oh could my night get any worse.

10am finally everyone has had enough sleep, Mordrin directs the crystal protectors to hide Angela and Braegon leads us to Southern Ranke.

11am we arrive at the village of the daffodils with little hassle. It is aparent that merchants are due in town today as the artisans are laying out their goods in preparation for sale. Dalran and I, Erszabet, manage to buy a bottle of fragrance each. Then it is decided we should retire to the local Inn and await Dalran contacts.

While in the Inn, it is noted that there is a table of Dwarves present. They are from a metal ship moored in the bay. Probably Mordrins captain.

After a short wait a coach arrives containing Dalran's contact her traveling companions, a young couple, some ruffians, and some merchants. The ruffians are here to stop us getting the memories, and appear to have erroneously decided that the young couple is their target.

The ruffians decide to create a diversion by stabbing Dalran, so a secound team can kidnap the young couple at the same time. Liessa steps between Dalran and the blade aimed for his heart, luckily she is unharmed. I whisk the young couple away from the table to dance with me, whilst Mordrin (aka 'Don't stand between me and the 'facilities') and Braegon use their puglistic skills to subdue the thugs. Dalran and Liessa make short work of the would be assassins, who where running out the back alley. The assassins are handed over to the local authorities who will pay Mordrin the bounty for these ruffians, when she collects it.

Dalran masterfully negiotiates with his contact for the memories we need and we return to the fortress of Light and Shadow (Buzzard Rock) by using the leaves.


There are 4 vials of Memories contained in a chest with slots for 6. I drink them all.

There don't seem to be any memories from Jasmine and no clues on how to cure Angela. We do learn the location of a spider in a box and a wax tablet. This item was given to a woman from Bowcourt by Laraje and seems to be the treasure at the end of one of Clementines treasure maps. I see the woman using the spider and wax tablet to extract knowledge from Furfur's book. Some of this knowledge I recognise as being events that have happened to me.

So next it is off to collect the wax tablet and spider. Then we go and talk to Matthew the power of fire, who tells us how to recharge crystals of creapol. I ask him where the rest of the memories might be, and he gets me to drink half a cup of tea. While we are having tea Matthew goes and fetches the memories off his shelf.

I drink them. The first is 4 years of Jasmines life, how she enlists Malcors help to save her sister and he teaches her Greater Summoning in the Winter fortress.

  • Laying out the supports for the little lands of the dead
  • I remember taking the crystal from the Erelein
  • Angela and Suzanna are adventerers, Kitty is suzanna's friend even then.
  • Kitty takes no ill effects from dieing for someone she loves, and uses love potions to aid her in this. Kitty has gained this ability particularily for Furfur's wrath.
  • The Crystal is rightfully the Dwarves, but can only be returned to the Princess without bad things coming to pass. The Erelein cursed the Dwarves not to have a Princess until she has seen the crystal with her own eyes.
  • If the Mordrin swears fealty to anyone she will be unable to be princess
  • some hidden stuff about the winter fortress
  • I learn about the construction of the fortress of Light and Shadow (Buzzard Rock), it is for healing requires the Crystal Proctectors, Blood and a highly skilled healer.

We return to the fortress of Light and Shadow (Buzzard Rock), and prepare to heal Angela. During her resurrection many evil beings come to try and steal her soul; We defeat them by might of sword & staff. During Angela's resurrection Braegon's ability to Heal is greatly increased due to Dalran's staff (and will continue to be so until Summer 810).

Angela is saved (again).

Dining with Angela

Angela is briefly awake and very hungry before she collapses into a deep sleep. However she tells us the following information:

  • The Dwarven Crown that only the princess can wear- gives knowledge from the older wiser dwarves.
  • Elves (Erelein) stole the crystal and used it to controll demons they had summoned.
  • The Cyrstal will act as a point of Unity
  • The Cyrstal can be used to help Clem not descend
  • We can use The Cyrstal to deal with Furfur (G may not like this)
  • Using the Crystal will point the blame at Kinlu
  • Upon the return of the Princess, Girwyllan will have to fulful his half of the bargain with the Dwarves.

After spending a peaceful night (only broken by the need to divinate Angela) we return to the guild, taking Angela with us slept.

  • Angela is cursed by the Fates, Furfur, and has 2 more curses I can't tell who did them. 3rd is possibly from the power of Air.
  • Angela has the ability to quicken herself
  • Even tho she has just been resurrected she still has a GE and a LE and the curses and a geas.

Looking at her feet there are markings on them that suggest that she may have been to see the temple of the snakes.

  • When in love with someone or something she can not be harmed by them. Can take a death for them (like Kitty's ability, seems to have come from the fates) (is this why she was in despair? Girwyllan died and she did not take the death for him)
  • Cursed to die at the hands of the chords of music, I think these are the beings, group or faction who made the harp strings.

Geas - permit no deceipt to the powers, 4 weeks old and 22 MA curse rank 5. (suzanna?)

White Lotus Day

At the guild again

Kitty and Purr

Upon our return to the Guild we find 2 messages waiting for everyone except Mordrin who has 6 messages waiting for her. Kitty and Purr have also made their way to the guild and are waiting for us.

Each of us have a message from Capitan Paulo, of a destininan ship wishing us Happy Birthday.

Liessa has a message from the Major of Crystal Springs wanting advice with his Mill. I vaguely remember him sending that same message the last time I adventured with Liessa.

Braegon has an invitation to the the merchants guild meeting

Erszabet has a message from Elder Josephine Miskell demanding my presence in Slippery Rock

Dalran has a message from an inn keeper in town, wanting to know if he will pay for the lodgings of some so called spy's

Clementine has a message from the Grey Wind, they have Jasmine's bones.

Mordrin has 3 letters of congratulations on becoming a Princess (Huren of Gugnias Hope, the Doon from Crystal Springs, and the Merchants guild of Seagate) Martin Danlaw wishes her to come to Castle Chilton.


A suitable meeting room is supplied to us and we talk with Angela some more. Dalran takes Kitty and Purr away to become futher acquainted.

  • we can take the book from the stair case and go to the lands of the dead. Earth Mages and dwellers can pick up this book (Clem not included in this category).
  • Go to see the fates
  • Swithan knows how to sail the boat, it is 25' long and 6.5' wide
  • Clem can summon up the elementals and force them into the Lands of the dead this will keep the lands going
  • Dalran sneaks into hell and marks the backs of demons and devils, if he is holding the harp strings it is very unlikely they will be able to tell he is not a demonic entity. This plan involves Liessa falling in love with Dalran. Liessa is vermintly unkeen, no blood is spilled so that is ok.
  • We could release Furfur wear the strings and let him use his voice on us. This will reverse the effect and he will fall in love with us in equal amounts to his hatred of us now.

Dalran strains his hip walking Kitty and Purr in the gardens, it looks painful.

I make arrangements for Angela to stay as an honoured guest at the guild over the next two days, the rest of the party seem to think that she is not to be trusted. Could this be because Kitty and Purr think so? I have a theory about that.

I think Kitty and Purr stole Angelas ability to not take any harm from the one she loves, and this is why Girwyllan died when she killed him. This is why Angela was in such despair that it had to be shriven from her. I think that Angela is/was married to Dirwint this is why she could pay for the "sins of the family" and this is why she is a Countess.


I send Stix to Slippery Rock so that he can tell Elder Josephine I am busy with black watch business and that I was unsuccessful in hiring a party to clear out Westwind this season. I expect to be finished with Dukes business shortly so she should expect another message from me in a day or two. For some reason (lack of sleep, coupled with foreign Royal memories) I am unable to write a polite letter and must get Dalran's help.

Into the mini lands which once were but are no more

Braegon decides talking to Malcor would be a good idea, as Angela is a sneaky grasping temptress (courtier). So we head down to the docks and pick up Jasmines bones from the Captain of the Grey Wind, Matthew Tumbledowns Yacht. We are also given 3 Silver Coated tridents from Matt, for the trials of the trident.

An Hour later we are standing in the lands of the dead and Malcor seems pleased to see his lost love saved, and lets us know that we can get some money by mining the cave that will be here for mana crystals. However he soon remembers who he is talking to, one little joke and they hate you for life ... sigh. He does however tell us that you need to ask Matthew the power for fire for help, and that Matthew is sad to have lost his sunflowers.

We take our leave with 40 minutes to go before the whole place collapses.

Dalran Goes to Hell

The idea of marking the enemy if they should come for us seems a good one and to that end the opinion of the party is that Dalran should take a trip and see if he can do so. Someone says just "Go to Hell Dalran" but no-one owns up to it!
Preparations are made and the party departs for Bremen again where they sneak into the closed up palace and get Dalran to the gate, along with Kitty and Purr, and they pass through.

The party hides in the palace whilst avoiding a nasty patrolling devil or two. Several hours (6) later they ascertain their three associates are back on plane at Buzzard Rock.

Day 5 6th of Heat

The party regroups at the guild

A discussion is held and a meal is taken (along with several very stiff brandies) where the story of Dalrans planar jaunt is told. After which all of us are so sleep deprived that sleep is our only option.

I am awakened after an hour to deal with so minor problem, after I recover my wits, it is discovered that we are not listed in the guild logs as "out on adventure" and this is why everyone is asking us to deal with trivial business. At this point we get ourselves listed as "out".

Braegon's Cunning Plan

4 hours pass during which we all get a little sleep. Braegon has a cunning plan, he has noticed that Moonshae always hits a particular spot on the upper thigh, he is such a masterful healer he feels he can remove this spot with little damage to us.

While he does this we visit with Kali.

Stix my long time friend and assistant, also a capable rune mage on personal loan to me from Kali and the Duke, has been killed. I am distraut, but it is okay as the party makes sure I know that this is entirely my fault and have no one else to blame. I feel a bit better after that.

Kali agrees that it will be fine for us to visit Tycho City and buy her some Jasmine Tea. She lends me a shield suitable for the occasion. I divinate the coins for Eric. They seem to effect luck ,are shaped and don't seem to be cursed so I toss one.

Luck both good and bad


Matthew Tumbledown turns up, this is indeed lucky.


Elder Josephine and her entire coven turns up. I call for Kali hoping to avoid a nasty diplomatic incident however things are not going my way. Josephine is extremely rude to Liessa, demanding that I am introduced at once and not stopping to allow us to take her somewhere more appropriate. I am impressed and amazed at her daring. She is imperious toward me unwilling to hear that I am on pressing guild business and am unable enter into negotiations over the peoples of Westwind at this point.

She says she has important astrology readings for us and tidings that about the deeath of fruit and leaf. I tell her that Stix has died.

At this point Braegon takes charge... Elder Josephine doesn't understand about party leaders and Braegon has no courtier skills. I am beginning to think it will impossible for me to ever have a peaceful home and a properly managed village.

The Fates

Temple of the Fates

Matthew tries to talk to Mordrin about what will happen to her if she becomes princess of the Dwarves but Dalran will not leave the area. So he can not be frank with her.

I ask Matt if he will take us to see the fates, and he agrees, so once everyone is healed and assembled we head off.

The Mother is in attendance at the temple of Fates. When Clementine talks to her, she notices that Clem is cursed in such a way that people take an instant dislike to her, the mother gives Clem a potion to drink to cure her.

I ask her to ensure that I do not become a greater summoner as this is far to higher price for anyone to expect of me. She agrees that she will make sure that nothing bad will come of summoning Leraje and Furfur if we trap them on plane for next little while.

Matthew returns us to the guild, upon discovering that his Mother "forgot" to give me the scrolls of summoning for the two Deamons. He returns with them.

Tycho City

We visit the guild complex at Tycho City to buy Jasmine Tea for Kali.

We were not seen nearby and we were never involved in anything to do with the locking up of the summoning area in the basement and most certainly not involved in the detention of Foras and Leraje in an underground cavern for a protracted period of time. Rumours of naked flashing by various party members and the addition of a black burka'd figure to our group are also speculative.

Dalran arranges for us to meet with Moonshae and Raithe at 6 pm on the next day. We spend the night at the guild

Day 6 - 7th of Heat

The next morning one of the Dwarven Seers turns up looking for Matt Tumbledown. He tells me to leave the coins alone as they are for Eric, I feel a bit foolish. Then Matt arrives, with a piece of chalk from The Fates, he wants me to write lines on the healers building in chalk promising to behave. so I do

I still seem to have Greater Summoning rituals in my head and my counter spells seem harder to cast. I ask Matthew for a favour, I need him to find out who has killed Stix and kill them. If he can not kill them if he can just give me their names. Matthew agrees.


We meet with Raithe at the appointed time in an Inn in old Seagate. He is an elf of indeterminate age, dressed in black with a dark grey cloak. After the initial pleasantries are exchanged we settle down for a long negotiation. Raithe tells us that The Beast Rabban will be able to hear any sentence in which his name is mentioned. That the fee to kill him is some outrageous figure (15 million silver in True Silver, 1/2 in advance). Raithe has to leave briefly to confirm that Leraje is in fact not available presently. We agree that after the beast is dealt with we will return Leraje, and we will give Raithe a pint of blood from Dalran and Erzsabet. A feather from Liessa, Mordrin and Clementine, in exchange for their aid against the Beast. Raithe has a plan, but first he makes Liessa agree not to involve her family and Dalran agree not to involve his master.

He thinks we should force the Beast to descend and then kill him with the harp strings

  • First summon up Cadazel and get him agree that neither he nor any of the other Lieutenants will take over as Earl for the Beast.
  • Then give the beast the items needed to descend. Raithe gives us a Map of the island with the Bell on it to Dalran

Raithe & Moonshae offer to return Stix to us sometime after midnight and to help us on our quest rather than sowing strife.

It is clear to me from our discussions that Moonshae and Raithe are planning to steal the crystal at some later date, but then the others all call me paranoid.


It is decided that the Duke and Kali will be rather peeved if we summon Cadazl in Seagate. So Breagon leads us to a nondescript place in the Sweet Riding for the summoning to take place. Mordrin summons up Mr C, we take precautions that Dalran not see what is going on and he keeps his back to the proceedings the whole time (just in case Seir is watching through his eyes).

Our negotiations go well. The plan is explained to Cadazl and he agrees to help us. For his part he will arrange for his fellow lieutenants not to deal with "the troll" and we will sign a scroll in blood that will allow us to be summoned to Hell. He tells us not to bother investigating the bearer of the scroll he will send us as, that person will be no-one important.

Day 7 - 8th of Heat

At 4 am we head to the River and Stix is in a boat under the bridge as agreed. As we cross back over the Seagate bridge an indistinct figure is seen ahead of us.

At that moment Matthew Tumbledown comes and takes me away for a chat.

Hearsay related to me later: The figure at the end of the bridge is 'Mr Bamph' he seems a little nervous and manages to carefully not tell us that Rabban wants to hire him to kill some of us but unfortunately he had to decline as he has a conflicting contract... any moment now... for 60,001sp... Liessa catches on first and hires him to be our bodyguard until the current danger is past. We ask for his name since he is now working for us, 'Trevor' implies the main reason he didn't want to take a contract against us was that Erzsabets big friend makes him nervous.

I tell Matthew about our dealings with Moonshae and Raithe, he says that they only need a vial of blood and not a pint. then he tells me that Trevor killed Stix for the Beast and returns us to the party who have moved to the guild and have Trevor with them. I attempt to compel Trevor. Everyone in the party except Liessa gets angry with me, I explain that he killed Stix, and they point out that Trevor is an assassin (and was working for Rabban at the time).

Trevor informs the party that The Beast Rabban is looking for a copy of a map that they Guild has of the Island of Izrom. Dalrans locates it in the Guild Library and makes a copy.

Island of Izrom

While we are discussing matters a farmer arrives with the scroll. It is duly signed and left with guild security for someone who will come and ask for it.


Our intrepid crew sets out to the temple of Xanadu to find the Beast. Upon our journey we meet Swithan who has come to warn us. He tells Braegon and Mordrin that dangerous and powerful people are seeking them.

While he is here we get the instructions on how to drive the boat. Swithan gives us a map of Xanadu's temple with the location of the boat. I tell him that Angela is my guest at the guild, and he looks at Braegon and nods sagely as some readings become clearer.


Our plan is to say The Beast Rabban's name until we get his attention asking to "deal" with him. It works! after only a short while two trolls discover us and send for "the boss" who arrives and sends for "the boss".

Shortly enough bosses have arrived and we start to deal. He insists I concede that he is tougher than I am, which I do in a roundabout courtier kind of way.
I demand he pays me 60,001sp for my information and services, he demands to know why he shouldn't just kill me for saying such an outrageous thing, I point out that he could have no respect for me if I didn't ask, he concedes the point, but doesn't agree to pay me.
Rabban tries to taunt me into calling him weak without his demons in front of his men (all 160 of them) but I am not fooled and at no time give into temptation. I guess being totally irresistible must have it's upsides because somehow I manage to broker a deal with the Troll.

  • We get to live
  • We get to keep all our gear
  • We have a truce lasting until someone has filled the place of Earl of Storms of Lightening
  • We get Clementines hands back
  • We get the Star of Alusia back
  • I can take two others with me to collect the bell
  • I will teach someone how to move the boat

Fetching the boat and the bell

Braegon & Clementine and I set off into the depths of Xanadu's temple to retrieve the boat. It is easy with the map and Braegon who knows the way. Braegon tunnels out the pool the boat is in and it is easy to "will" the boat to go to the island with the bell. All that is required is for someone with high will power to sit in a certain seat and will to go places.

Clementine in one of her forms that she gained in the Fastness of Girwyllan has the knowledge of a map.

Treasure Map1.jpg

Arriving at the Island of Izrom, Clementine uses the map from the Guild, can see a pilgrims temple with a belfry (but no bats hehe) it houses an ornate bell that Clementine feels is the one we want. It takes an hour to remove the bell, then Braegon and 6 Trolls carry it to the boat.

We return and fulfill our part of the bargain. Rabban releases our fellows fulfilling his part of the bargain. It is a long walk until finally we can disappear and get lost.

Arriving at the Fortress of Light and Shadow, Dalran remembers we need the strings so we portal back to the Guild.


I request that Angela takes tea with us. I ask her advice on charm as we have a couple of party members still not protected from charm and we are about to face the new Furfur again.

Angela knows a hairstyle that will protect the wearer from charm and agrees to do this for Liessa. She is unusually rude to Liessa, stating that Liessa could beat nails through her hand with her own forehead and not miss a beat. While this is true, it is extremely unusual for a highly ranked courtier to be making such comments. Maybe Liessa is cursed.

Clementine wears the amulet that Angela gave me earlier, as this will protect woman under 16 and Clem from charm.

We talk to her about the strings and contemplate only taking 6 of them. She gives us all 8 saying that we may need them.


Matt Tumbledown takes us to a spring from the fountain of Luck, so we can drink its waters. He seems to feel that we will need this. I am not arguing with him.


Kali summons me to his chambers to remind me that, all his namers are valuable and he doesn't have enough of them. He seems to think that I will turn into a Greater Summoner and need to take more care. I find this extremely upsetting as Kali usually has very good advise and access to many forms of foretelling.

Three days in Hell

Once we have all our buffs and the strings together we head out to an inn in New Seagate, to await the summons to Hell. Once the deep silent darkness that is night has stolen quietly across the town and we have slipped once more into sleep, we awaken to a ruddy light and once more are in the deepest reaches of Hell.

Well we dust ourselves off this being our third visit this week and cheek that everyone is okay. Fancy that Cadazl is standing just over there and he is 8ft tall. He is a bit odd looking but not ugly, he congratulates us on our ingenuity with not being effected by his magic and introduces Backtoo too us.

Backtoo tours around hell


Backtoo is an inappropriately dressed succubus, she apparently has forgetten about underwear... I would mention chaffing but she probably enjoys it. She is to be our guide on this venture, she doesn't really look that pleased about this, I guess she is a mind mage as Cadazl gets an incubbus to disguise us all as devils. We have a days walk to Strykhaven and are advised to get underground if a shingle storm comes over. Braegon is good at digging us into holes and promises to whip one up at a moments notice if necessary. Cadazl tells us if we suceed he won't double cross us .. yeah right. Cadazl is clear about one point, if one of the lieutentant give us an order we should carry it out, and we are not to get Backtoo killed.

Seir the Willing Prince

The plane is a dry and dusty one with shale/scree slopes. A road leads south and we set off full of high expectations. After we have travelled for long enough to start to wonder why exactly we are here and whose rediculous plan is this anyway, Seir turns up and bids us good day.

Seir asks Dalran what he is doing here and he being mindful of our agreement not to involve him is discrete. Seir forgives us for being discrete and hands Dalran a bunch of loot. Then he transports us to the city Strykhaven where he bids us adieu and teleports away on some task, after pointing out a courtyard to the party.

Looking around we appear to be in a doomed tower , oops I mean domed tower. The city is thronging with the damned. They appear slightly emaciated with heavy eye makeup and dark of skin and soul. The buildings are made of mudbrick which adds to the heavy dust on everything. overhead lighting plays. In the distance in a large arena Beast Rabban is holding court but not is not the time to face him as our truce still holds.

Playing with Chance


Backtoo says we have a day to wait for our contacts to arrive (as Seir was so helpful in getting us here in advance of our expected time of arrival) so we decide to play with the magic items Seir bought us. Amoungst the pile of loot is a deck of cards and a flying carpet. We can not use the flying carpet as we do not know the spell required to drive it.

I try and divinate the cards only to have a javilin and two bottles suddenly appear. Dalran decides now would be a good time to play cards and all sorts of strange and wonderous things happen. Erzsabet recieves 4 wishes which she uses to benefit the party greatly in their endeavours in the near future in that she wishes for our mission to be a success and to get out alive. <A wonderfully selfless act>

Once the card games have been played we decide to get some rest on the stairs and we settle down until the time for our appointment is upon us.

Time to move

Backtoo tells us that its time and we make our way down to the city proper (from our lofty dome) and we pass through the 'thriving' metropolis of Strykhaven to our meeting place which is in the back of a shop.

Time passes and we wait expectantly for Cadazel to arrive and give us final instructions.


How strange it appears that Furfur's lieutenants are not all buddy buddy nice guys after all. Silguitia a hideously attractive woman with a snake for a tounge, who is surrounded by fire turns up at our meeting place. It seems that Cadazel will not be joining us today and the plan has changed.

I won't try and describe to you how hideously fascinating it is to watch her talk, just be glad you didn't have to witness it. Silguitia has arranged front row seats for us, right infront of Berith. She tells us we have approximately 8-9 pulses before the braying crowd will realise we aren't part of the ceremony. Dalran must do all our talking as if any of the rest of speak we will instantly recognised as not allied to darkness.

The bad news is that Rabban has furion chained to the dias and plans to elevate him tonight. Stemsil tried to resist him and is dead. The good news is that Berith is here to keep the peace, but wishes to see us (well more likely Braegon and I) in action, seeing as we are acquaintances.

Backtoo shows us what Rabban currently looks like so we can recognise him when we meet, she does this by burning her image into the pearly white skin of her arm. He is a middle-aged handsome man with kitchen utensils orbing his head.

The Thrice Crowned Earl of Storms and Lightening

Crowning Furfur

At the appointed time, just as Rabban pulls his unfortuneate capitive up onto the dias and thrusts him upon the golden throne of power, we enter the room and stand before Berith. I am a little nervous about this as Berith is not usually known for his patience.

In the room is the boat, a set of chains, a golden chair, the bell, the book, a mountain top, a pillow arching lightening, a Weapon covered in clouds so that only the handle is visable.

Our plan works like clockwork. No sooner is Furion is crown and annointed then he dies that pulse at the hands of Erszabet, Mordrin, Liessa, and Braegon; as we fling our harp strings onto the just formed Hell Spawn.

Next two Pulses

Rabban is grappled, Dalran announces our intention to challenge for power, Clementine moves the interventing articles of power out of the way.

I cast a spell of Paralysis at our nemesis and he resists by ringing the bell, suddenly all air aspected entities resist all magic. His agony belt activates on Braegon, Liessa and Mordren; it is easily resisted after the ringing of the bell.
He is sat upon the golden throne and 3 strings are wrapped around him, causing him to rawr in agony. The dark preists annoint him ..

Silguitia stands up..

Clementine runs back from the dias..

We wrap the final string around Rabban ... THE BEAST DIES

Hail Furfur 4th of that name


Silguitia makes her way onto the throne and is annointed with the final drops of liquid in the priests urns. Kity leaves

Two assassins step forward to slay us, Trevor kills and loots one within 5 secounds. Clem, Purr and liessa leave.

Braegon, Mordrin and Trevor leave. Dalran stays back in Hell to protect me for a half pulse.

The assassin closes toward me and as I go to banish myself. Silguitia commands him to die.

Berith claps, turns to me and says "I am on to you".

Dalran and I leave

Back at the Guild

We all assemble back at the guild. I let us wonder around for ages before I remember to counterspell the illusions of devils we are under. Unfortuneately the two Demons in the basement in Tycho City somehow manage to escape, luckily nothing bad can come of my summoning them, so nothing bad happens..

Except I have write lines in chalk on the wall of the healers guild

I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad
I must not be bad I must not be bad I must not be bad

At this point I go and see Kali disguised as a devil how embarrassing.

Matthew Tumbledown has been waiting for us and agrees to take us to see Death.


Temple of Death

We visit Death and he is at home. Death's isle is close to the Lunar Empire. It is in the center of a lake and there is a ring which extends outward from the lake where everything closer has died. It looks as if up to about 2 years ago there where some trees growing close to deaths island.

Mordrin, Liessa and Braegon need toades before they can talk to Death. Dalran does not come with us, as Death does not take rejection well and he is pacted.

Death agrees that we are all extremely cursed, he is pleased that we have returned the lands of the Dead to him from the Fastness and agrees to take our curses from us and not anything else.

Dalran visits with his master to have his curse removed.

Apologies and Wine

Braegon Liessa and I head off to visit with Elder Josephine. As we are leaving Raithe turns up with a box of antidotes to his poisons, there are 32 vials.

Elder Josephine seems remarkably resistant to charm, and also Braegon. Eventually I get her to laugh at one of my jokes, show us the astrology readings and tell us what is wrong with the people from Westwind.

It appears Matthew has been off rescueing them, as nothing bad will come from my summoning up the demons. I really like the mother at this point. Matt brings the villages back, I am too stupid to figure out that I need to give them an antedote each and will need to do that shortly.

I give Matt a 5000sp bottle of wine. He gives me some gods tears to give to Shoka.

Visiting Girwyllan

Liessa Braegon and I go to visit Girwyllan, he is nervous of Matt, but lends me a collar to help protect me from summoning magic. ( in terms of not turning into a Greater Summoner I think, I can certainly cast better after this). Girwyllan gives us some papers for the merchants guild in Seagate to get the stone.

Then there is a quick trip to see my mother the less said about that the better, but it did include a quick hop to the Lunar empire and back to show that it isn't on the moon.

and home for cocoa with Kali

Loose ends

  • Erzsabets Mother is poisoned (fixed)
  • Kokhan expects us to visit and has dispatched members of Faldo and Gross' Family to escort us to visit them. Faldo and Gross are amoung the best assassins in Kinlu and this is not a coincidence.
  • Visit Death to a) get our death curses removed and b) get paid (fixed)
  • Sort out what is going on with Mordrin and the Crystal / Princess thing
  • Visit Elder Josephine and express our remorse. (fixed)
  • Heal Dalran
  • Mordrin needs to visit Martin Danlaw.
  • Get rid of the uncontrolled Demons in the basement. Did someone mention that they aren't merely avatars...(fixed)
  • Get some rock for Dalran's ritual.

Nominations and SGT Snippets


Best Death

Dalran for knowingly picking up a broken staff which would kill him on touch, but was stopping us from Banishing Furfur


Braegon for figuring out that we could make clay hands to throw off the cliffs of change.

Braegon for figuring out that he could remove the spot which Moonshaes arrows hit, thus protecting us from their poison.


Dalran for going to hell solo and marking 4 Lieutenants of Furfur, in order that the Party gain some measure of protection from them.

Dalran for standing infront of an annoyed Laraje and Forass for 4 pulses waiting for the perfect moment to use a staff which would bind them


Hot and Not


Master Healers
Spy Masters
Mooning Demons


Quitting the Guild
Greater Summoning

Reference Information


The story of the fastness Erzsabets 2nd Report


  • Matt Tumbledown
  • Representatives of Kokhan
  • Elven Ranger
  • Martin Dunlaw - Duke Leto's Chamberlain
  • Duncan the Bold - Duke Leto's Court Namer
  • The Shaper Girwyllan
  • Kali the Nameless
  • Girwyllan and his wife
  • Matthew the Power of Fire
  • Angela


Two Malkors are referred to. One is Malkor, the mage from Flugelheim. The other is the friend of Girwyllan resident in the lands of the dead. They are the same person from different times. We don't yet know exactly how or when from.


Standard Buffs

"A" = always on, "Y" = Yes please, "-" not required, blank = as required

Magic Rk Effects Br Cl Da Er Be Li Mo Sh Ch
Armour of Earth 20 +42% Def -1 Dam 20 Hrs A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Strength of Stone 20 +21 EN 40 Hrs A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Vapour Breathing 20 20 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Feather Fall 7 7.5 Hrs - Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Fire Armour 6 28 Protection Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mind Speech 11? 4 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y -
Mindcloak 11 11.5 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y -
Enhance Enchantment 19 +19 Rks
Quickness 19 7 Targets
Trollskin 13 Regen 1 EN/Pulse 95 Sec
Choker C'Spells 4 Hrs (College) Ne Ai EE Nm Ai Nm Ai Mi Nm Ai Ai Nm Ai
Counterspells From Erz. (Colleges) Na Mi Ai Na
Herbalist Potions 10 +8 AG/MA for 2 Hrs
Magic Pork 10 14 FT +5 WP for 6 Hrs
BC: 2nd Wind 0 FT to 15 FT
BC: Water of Life Sleep Recovery
BC: Water of Life Stun Recovery
BC: Water of Life Unconsciousness Rec.
BC: Water of Life Death Recovery
BC: Blood of Fire Bleed, Disease, Poison
BC: Blood of Stone EN Dam: -7Ag 15DR for 3pulses
  • Most durations are assumed to be enhanced.
Other magics
  • Dalran Anti-Scrying Ritual
  • Braegon Earth-Based Anti-Scrying Giga-Hex

Mil Sci


Braegon Clementine Dalran Erzsabet Bedevere Liessa Mordrin Shoka Chesme

Marching Order

Braegon Clementine Dalran Erzsabet Bedevere Liessa Mordrin Shoka Chesme


From Duke Leto
  • set of Silver Goblets
From Girwyllan
  • One set of Amulets of Iron
  • One set of Amulets of Hypericum
Cliff Hands
Braegon made stone hands using molds of party members hands for them to throw off the cliffs.
Two Hands: Dalran, Shoka, Liessa
One Hand: Braegon, Mordren, Erzsabet
None: Clementine
Purchased from Matthew
From Fight with Furfur in Seagate
  • Large Backpacks x 3
  • Candle
  • Dagger (ignores formerly living armour)
  • A very special lock (previously binding Angela's chains)
  • Healer Tuning Fork
  • Copper Nails
  • Asursafe Healing Potions
  • Healing Herbs (cure poison)
  • Furfur's Staff - stops beings from moving away from it by any means and any movement of those within range will be towards the staff not away from it.
  • ...
From Clementine
  • 6 waters of Strenght
  • 1 potion for Dalran - a potion of purity.
  • An invitation to Dalran to come and spend some time with her
From fighting the evil resident in Angela when we 'rebirthed' her in Pure Blood
  • Blood Amber and Ichor from the 4 evil beings.
From Kokhan

7 daggers

From Angela
  • Protection from Charm for Dalran
  • Hairstyle
  • Amulet
From Matt Tumbledown

3 tridents


300sp hiring a low level party to go and get some pineapple juice for the Lunch with Matt
504sp buying all the apple pies in Seagate
300sp buying paint for maps and pictures
12sp for a room
35 sp Inn in Ranke
6000sp memories
800sp E perfume
900sp D Cologne
37sp E chocolates
5000sp D K & P
22,000sp Linking Lifeforce (perm) on Dalran
60,001 hiring Trevor


Summer: Meadow (1) 808 wk
  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Full Moon Beltane 1 Guild Meeting
2 Seagate: Bridge, Castle, Docks 3 Seagate: appointment with Matt T 3pm 4 5 White Lotus
Waning 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
New Moon 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Waxing 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Full Moon 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Summer: Heat (2) 808 wk
  Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Waning 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
New Moon 12 13 14 15 Solstice
16 17 18
Waxing 19 20 21 22 23 24 25