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This article is 100% rumour, 80% true, 60% relevant, 40% accurate, 20% dependable and 0% guaranteed.

This ancient and esteemed organisation can be found in the Sanctuary district of Southside. Students of the guild can be recognised in the street by their distinctive swagger, their outlandishly bright robes, and their habit of throwing up after a stiff shandy. The Masters are more reclusive, and generally have to be sought out in their collegiate quarters, or at the famous SMG Dining Hall.

The Sanctuary Mage Guild does not successfully regulate the use of magic in Sanctuary, but they do license the organised teaching of magic, and enforce minimal laws to avoid the complete destruction of Sanctuary. Any apprentice or student taken on by the various shadowy powers in and around Sanctuary will complete at least one piece of paper, to be filed somewhere in the archives of the SMG. The Guild is also a centralised bureau for the hiring and accreditation of mages, serving as a neutral vetting service for a nominal fee.


There are four levels of membership of the Sanctuary Mages Guild. Membership fees for all levels are 5,000sp per annum or part thereof. This provides access to spell casting of almost any common spell at 500sp per cast, curse removal at 1,000sp per attempt (2,000sp for Major Curses), accommodation, and meals. A member of the SMG must not be a member of other magical institutions, including the Seagate Adventurers’ Guild, the MMHS University, Tac Adventurers Guild, Southhaven Academy for Girls, Crefeinn Academy, and many others. They must not be currently wanted by any of the major guard factions of Sanctuary. They may not be a land-holding noble outside Ranke. They may not hold any oaths that directly conflict with the well-being of Sanctuary, as they must swear a binding oath of loyalty to the Guild, and thus indirectly to the city.

Members benefit from limited reciprocal rights at MMHS University and Tac Adventurers Guild, including spell casting, curse removal, divination, and library access.

Student / Apprentice

Anyone meeting the membership conditions may join the SMG. It takes 9 months and 8,000ep to learn a college. Most standard colleges are taught, including Greater Summoning (note PCs cannot be Greater Summoners), but excluding Fire and Rune. Each student is assigned a Master, who is responsible for their discipline, fee extraction, and education. Disobedience can be dealt with by fines, public humiliation, curses, geas, expulsion or death; but usually a swift kick up the backside suffices. Students may join some of the wide variety of debating societies and drinking clubs. Subsidised student accommodation is available in Southside, but Proctors ensure discipline is kept, so most students prefer the more bohemian lifestyle in Silberton. A student may not charge for spell-casting. There are somewhere between 50 and 100 students, many of whom have spent several years without having decided which college to join.

During the hours of nine through nine, the common rooms and the "open" section of the SMG library are available to students. The Masters are technically available for advice or lectures between nine and three. Most standard spells can be taught to students by the SMG, for the same cost as the Seagate Guild, +25%. It is possible to learn off fellow students, but if the Masters find out, direct action will be taken in proportion to the loss in revenue and dignity (unless they don’t like teaching that spell).

Associate / Journeyman

A member of the SMG who can teach at least two-thirds of the General Knowledge magics of a college is considered an associate member. In addition to the rights of a student, they have supervised access to the "closed" section of the library, including some of the rare and sentient books. They may share a small study in the Guild Hall with 2-4 other Associates with similar interests. They are assigned a Master who may act in a supervisory capacity if their research is interesting, and can discipline or fine them as desired. They may charge for spell-casting, although 50% goes to their supervisor. They may gain employment as a tutor, taking classes on behalf of their supervisor. Good quality subsidised accommodation is available within Southside. They may be invited to the Dining Hall as guests of a master. There are around 50 Associates, who do most of the day-to-day magic and are the external face of the guild.


A Master of the SMG is expected to be able to teach all General Knowledge and at least ten Special Knowledge magicks. They will have taught at least one unique spell to the Guild, and to no-one else. They will have several students and at least one associate to assist them in their research or other projects. They must be available to lecture or guide research, although this responsibility may be delegated. In return for these onerous duties, a Master gains quarters, and a study or laboratory in the Guild Hall, unrestricted access to the library, and most importantly, full Dining Hall privileges. They may charge freely for spellcasting, and are expected to make their living from this and their research. There are around 20 Masters, several of whom are semi-retired or senile.

Most of the Masters are not signficant players in Sanctuary's power-shuffles. Those who raise their heads above the parapets include: Ahdio, Ischade, Alain, Rabben, and Stefab. It is rumoured that Ischade tried recently to become a Hazard-class mage, but that Arman and Quag both insisted that they be part of the nominal "score of well-armed warriors" she had to defeat - it seems that the Hellhounds didn't want to make her part of the establishment.

Hazard-class Mage

Several of the Guild Masters, and at least one Associate are Hazard-class mages. This title is bestowed on any member of the SMG who is capable of defeating a score of well-armed warriors without recourse to physical force or items. Hazard-class mages are part of the jigsaw which is Sanctuary law-enforcement. A Hazard-class mage has jurisdiction anywhere except in the Palace. They out-rank any guard except Walegrin, Zip, Sync and the Hellhounds. Most Hazard-class mages are known powers in Sanctuary. They include Enas Yorl (who claims he's retired), Catlan, Randal, Askelon, and Markmor. In return for their extraordinary authority, they act as a militia that the Prince can call on at will; and he is very careful only to call upon them when strictly necessary.

SMG Apprentice competition

This competition between masters .... Results / Rewards are....

Honoured Guests

Guests of a Master who are Mages or notable dignitaries have the same rights and responsibilities as Associates, excluding any education element.


The SMG employs a wide range of hard-working, venal and corrupt servants. They include footmen, maids, cooks, proctors, porters, scribes, and librarians. The servants live in and around Southside with their relatives. Most of Southside is supported directly or indirectly by the Mage Guild. Their loyalty is thus relatively expensive.

Hunting Season

Any member of the SMG who has been expelled, and any criminal foolish enough to cross the SMG, is declared Open Season for a minimum of a year and a day. For an extraordinary price, people can be added to their list. These individuals are to be hunted to the end of the earth, disregarding non-Sanctuary laws and lives; any members in good standing are compelled to assist in endeavours to catch the miscreants. Some particularly heinous criminals are always in Season – the most well-known being Beast Rabban. This custom prevents excessive dishonesty amongst students.

Rumoured to be in Season

Liessa Varden was on this list until 24 Frost 807, when she was removed. The SMG has sent an apology to Kali the Nameless stating that the over zealous official involved has been suitably reprimanded.