The Fate of Queen Aleksandra

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or "Let's Not and Say We Did"


Scribe Notes

Queen Aleksandra


Adventure: The Fate of Queen Aleksandra
GM: Jon Mc
Session: Spring 807 wk
Night: Wednesday
Level: Very High ++

"A long time ago when I was a young and foolish adventurer, I met a young legionnaire. For some reason he got the idea that I was going to marry him, but when he realised that it wasn't to be, (I'm sorry, I just laughed) he ran off to become a gladiator. By the time I caught up with him he had already been killed in training. So we took him to the nearest temple for resurrection. Unfortunately, they reincarnated him as a chimpanzee instead. As soon as he saw himself in a mirror he went a bit mad. We found out we should have taken him to a different temple, the Christians. So now I am going to the fates to get the past changed for him."
The More True Reason to Go to the Fates (spoiler below)

The party are told:
"My King and court and conspiring against me to have more children, particularly boys. (Princess Allegra is about 4 years old). I'm not doing it again!!!
I need Allegra to have been a boy and/or a whole litter."
Under pressure from the party, who think that there are simpler ways to deal with this, she admits that there is another andmore secret reason to visit the fates and we're going.

Journey to the Temple of the Fates. The expectation is that they will have a mission for Sasha.

Scribe Notes

Preparation - Day 1

The meeting:

We gather in a well appointed guild briefing room. Kali protects the room with additional scry guards and other magical protections. All of the party members leave pets, and other items outside the meeting room, so that 'others' do not get an indication of what we are up to as a group. At the meeting are all the party members.

Our Objectives:

We discuss what we are doing and out plans and objectives. We conclude that travelling to see The Fates to address some issues, is a solution that is acceptable to Sasha. We take care of the paperwork for the guild; We settle on Engalton OM as party leader, and Military Scientist. Erzsabet decides to be scribe. We also find out that Ithilmor will be our private dancer. The hardships of adventuring.

The Group:

We decide that the group will be made up of the following members, with the Lions doing any melee fighting (if needed):

  • Engalton, two war lions, and a Mind Mage who we will call Justin, and Engaltons Modesty a powerful skunk.
  • Sasha, An ape friend of Sasha's, a small looking dog and her snake.
  • Erzsabet, Grey Wolf Hound.
  • Ithilmor
  • Braegon

We all travel to Newhaven and all use a large magical rock of Engaltons, and also get Illusionary Auras cast on us. Breagon casts protection magics on the party, as does Ithilmor, Engalton and Erzsabet.

The Fates - Day 2

Travelling to the Fates:

Temple of the Fates

We as a group head to the water edge, and Engalton summons a boat. Around half an hour later a small boat arrives. We load our cargo and passengers aboard. Engalton directs the boat man as to our destination and we then travel by boat for 30 mins, into a magical mist. Some time passes and we see many odd things which I will not go into here. At the end of our journey we come out from the mist all alive with only Erzsabet suffering from shock. We unload the boat and it leaves. Glancing at the stars and moon we can tell we are a little north of the Lunar Empire just outside the glow lines. We find the we are a few miles short of the Temple of the Fates. We refresh our protection and growth magics and leave on foot and walk into the mountains. The air is still and cold and clear. The path underfoot is firm but forgiving to our travels.

Youthful Fate:

Once we are close to the temple we spot a young woman collecting reeds from the stream. She waves in an expectant way, we approach her and some of us know her as the youthful Fate. After a short time most of the party assist her in finding the reeds she is after which takes around an hour.

In the Temple:

After that we walk up to the temple proper, and enter and set about making camp close to the three large statues. Later that night a pleasant old woman walks up to the group from an unknown location. It is clear to us that she is the oldest member of the Fates. We have tea with her and discuss our current problems.

Our quest:

The Crone is pleased Engalton has come to complete what he started, when he came to see them for assistance with Rashak. She drags a chest from behind a pillar and we assist. She wants us to deliver it to Death at his temple. Sasha talks to the woman in a low voice for a short time. She then somehow steps without moving from one location to another within plan sight and is now standing next to two additional chests which suddenly appear. The Crone tells us that since we are going to deliver the chests to those that require them, we may pick up a friend of Erzsabets while we are there. We turn pale as we realise that Erzsabets friend is currently paying for her and her families sins in hell. The Crone explains that we will have to go an see the collector (Death), when we talk about other requests of the fates - The Crone indicates that she will make us satisfied if we do well in our mission.



While we are discussing where we need to deliver the chests, a lone figure bounds up the valley in the form of a Gazelle then walks in as an Elf. It turns out to be Syrene, a powerful Earth mage, who has blond hair and green eyes. She is an ally and friend of 'The most excellent Count Engalton OM'. He recalls dealing with her some time ago while on adventure.

Syrene greets The Crone by calling her the 'midnight hag' and says that Matt has a better sence of humour than her. The Older Fate turns and leaves and shortly after the Mother appears.

Syrene tells us she has been sent by 'Matt' to find Erzsabet and gives her the following message. 'Picking up the "Eye of the Queen" of the Hymanopta (insects) may be helpful to us'. She tells us it will create a hive mind and we think will allow us to use single entity magics on the group - Interesting. When asked how she knew we where here, she said that the First Children (Titans) of the Empire guard entry to the Temples and only worthy people can pass.

Sasha gets the impression of an Oak tree when she looks at her. She takes a great interest in Braegon, he has an open invitation to visit her at the 'Great Heart' and is given a clasp which will allow him to travel there.

Temple of Death:

Toad - Protection from Death

Syrene assists us by taking us to the Temple of Death, by way of a mystical travel through some trees. The Temple stands on an island in the centre of the lake. Engalton tells us that unless you are a servant or agent of death, his presence is deadly.

At the suggestion of Bedevere each of us take a toad from the reed beds at the side of the lake. We signal the island with a lantern, and shortly after a boat and 'boatman' appear out of the mist to pick us up. Syrene stays on the shore. We travel to the island, place our toads in our mouths and get 'Horsehead' a servant of death to summon his master. Death arrives. Death like Kali seems to appear to different people in different ways. Sometimes male, other times a woman. Death greets us all. No one can talk as we all have toads in our mouths. Engalton takes the toad out of his mouth to reply and dies. The toad hops away. Engalton's ghostly figure standing over his corpse looks miffed but not surprised.

Information from Death:

Temple of Death

With added details from Sasha, who is a philosopher in this area.

We talk to Death for a bit, and give Death the chest and books. Death tells us who to deliver the books to:

  • The first is for Death (now delivered)
  • Furfur appears as a winged hart with a fiery tail (chest two, book one)
Air Mage, Alchemist, Mechanician, Navigator, Ranger, Spy
Minions - Air Elemental, fallen Seraphim, Unicorn, Stag
Influences men and women to make love, knows many secrets of things that have happened or will happen.
"Also he will wittingly urge Love between Man and Woman. He can raise Lightnings and Thunders, Blasts, and Great Tempestuous Storms. And he giveth True Answers both of Things Secret and Divine, if commanded."
Will generally lie. Is a scoundrel. Can appear as an angel
  • Berith appears as a soldier dressed in red and riding a red horse. His face is seamed with what appear to be old scars and he has a black, bushy beard (chest two, book two)
Mind Mage, Alchemist, Assassin, Merchant, Military Scientist, Spy, Thief
Minions - Dark Titan, Devil, Half-devil, Were-Boar, Boar.
Can turn all metals to gold by touch, has knowledge of the past, present and future
"He giveth true answers, Past, Present, and to Come. He can turn all metals into Gold. He can give Dignities, and can confirm them unto Man. He speaketh with a very clear and subtle Voice."
Will generally lie. His voice predisposes one to murder and blasphemy. You should hold (wear) a silver ring between him and you when talking to him.
  • Vassago appears as an aged man riding a crocodile and carrying on his right wrist a Goshawk. (chest three, book one)
Namer, Alchemist, Healer, Troubadour
Minions - Devil, Imp, Naga, Goshawk
has the ability to locate things which have been hidden or lost if he is within 100 feet of them, knows all Generic and Individual True Names.
"This Spirit is of a Good Nature, and his office is to declare things Past and to Come, and to discover all things Hid or Lost."
His eyes are gouged out and see into other dimensions, but he is blind in this dimension. A prince of the south, prince of prophecy, controller of elemental air, 'friend' of Agares, can discover things hidden or lost nearby, can be a 7 hex red dragon, can change into anything he wants to or change others, relaxed and mellow but plays tricks esp on mages, not very good at prophesy considering.
  • Dantalion appears in whatever human form he desires, carries his book in his right hand at all times (chest three, book two)
Mind Mage, Assassin, Beast Master, Courtier, Healer, Spy
Minions - Succubus/Incubus, Imp, Doppleganger, Bat
knows the Generic and Individual True Names of all things, the thoughts of all beings and all that has been or will be.
"His Office is to teach all Arts and Sciences unto any; and to declare the Secret Counsel of any one; for he knoweth the Thoughts of all Men and Women, and can change them at his Will. He can cause Love, and show the Similitude of any person, and show the same by a Vision, let them be in what part of the World they Will."
a djinn, knows all thoughts and can change them by writing in his book, can produce illusions, can teleport.

Death also gives us some information about what the demons know, Renove and Seir suspect that the books are now inaccurate. Death also mentions a few others like Gremory and Amon may suspect that books are inaccurate, Gusion and Havres who could know but do not need/use the books so may not notice or care.

We talk about our plan under the cover of a scry guard. Death says that he expects that the Fates would be pleased with this as sowing dissention amongst the 'Younger Powers' (being the 72) is always good.



After some time and discussions he gives us 12 magical Ankhs. These Ankhs when put against the breast bone will join with the user and resurrect them on their next death. Very handy.

Duchy of Ranke:

We leave the island and Braegon returns Engalton to life. Engalton summons the magical skiff and we travel to a cove south of Sanctuary City. We make good time arriving, around midnight. We spend the night at a small Estate ( the De Ridefort Estate owned by Marius de Ridefort )that some of the party members know has connections to a fellow guild member (Dalran). We enter and arrange to leave the Lions, other animals and Justin.

Sanctuary City - Day 3

Sanctuary City:

In the morning we walk from the estate to Sanctuary. Sasha hides Engalton in the form of a small statue in her pocket, Erzsabet travels as a mouse, and the rest of our party members are Disguised. We enter Sanctuary and head to the Temple of the Shrivers. When at the Temple of the Shrivers Erzsabet (who is in the form of a mouse) is looked over by the hungry cat, called Tiddles. She lives. We spend 8 hours at the Temple of the Shrivers. Later on we return to the Estate the same way that we entered the city. Our day has been a success and it is decided that a comfortable night in Newhaven castle is in order. Engalton uses the skiff and we all have a comfy nights rest at his home.

The New plan:

Khatovar City

They party carefully tells Erzsabet about the plan to steal the books by swapping them for fake ones; Then heading to Khatovar City to sell them on the open market for a great deal of silver. Erzsabet talks to Liessa about Engalton's sanity and organising a rescue party.

Tunnels, Paths & Travel - Day 4

We leave Newhaven all safely aboard the Skiff and arrive a couple of hours later at the base of the mountain range close to where we want to be. We need to walk for about six hours to get to the cave. Braegon trail blazes the way for the group. We make excellent time. We end up walking for only three hours and find the tunnel entrance.

The Tunnels:

We walk down the entrance tunnel for well over a day. Sasha notices that we have slowly left Alusia behind us. After what seems like forever but turns out to be around twenty six hours of walking, we arrive at a large central cavern with lots of tunnels leading off it. It is dimly lit, and in the centre is a large pile of yellow ice, on top of the ice is a robe. We can not see what is inside the robe but something is writhing underneath. It is expecting us.

The Six Eye Seer:

Six Eye Seer's Cavern

Engalton does not introduce anyone to the Six-Eye Seer, and quickly the two get down to talking business. We settle on a ton of Candy Cane for the use of his tunnels, which we will use to get to and return from the Hells. We also organise the travel to Khatovar City. All is well. We ask to camp in his chamber, and the Six-Eye seer declines our request.

Berith 's Realm:

Beriths Legions

We take the first tunnel, the air starts to turn red and an hour later we are in the realm of the Demon Berith: Berith is a powerful Mind mage. We step out into a valley and survey the scene before us. His realm is a barren landscape with a spire in the centre. Before us legions are endlessly fighting, dying and being reassembled to fight again. Berith's hippogriffs float lazily in the hellish air impaling their riders with spiny feathers. Berith himself is a large man wearing red, with a ruddy skin and debonair scars, his hair is black, and he watches his legions with satisfaction.

Engalton and Sasha teleport into the spire while Braegon and I stay behind (having very low stealth). After 5 minutes they return with the book triumphant. How it happened.

We then make trouble, so Berith will know that his realm has been infiltrated. Tunnelling up into a group of imps and humans, battling in Berith's eternal war, There is a legionnaire pinned to a hippogriff with reverse facing feathers, amongst the thick of the fight. So we drop him into a tunnelling and stasis the mount; The imps give chase and we run back into our tunnel.

Furfur's Realm & Angela:

Furfurs Fortress

The Six Eye Seer sends us down another tunnel and this time after an hour the air starts to turn Blue. The landscape before us is filled with scree slopes up which the damned souls climb for eternity. The centre of this realm is dominated by a large dark foreboding fortress.

We quickly talk about things and equip Sasha with some items. Braegon locates Angela (the friend of Erzsabet) in the same manner as an Earth Elemental, and tells us she is in the fortress. We brief Sasha and she leaves with instructions to return with the book and Angela. A few minutes later she returns with Angela and the book and we leave.

Realm of Luck:

Realm of Luck

We return to the Six Eye Seer and take a tunnel which leads us to "a place that we need to go". He tells us not to spend more than two weeks there. When we reach the end of the tunnel (taking us again about an hour) and we are welcomed by the smell of sweet fresh air and forest smells and sounds. We quickly find among the lush forest a babbling brook which we determine is the essence of Luck. We follow it down stream and reach the fountain of Luck. We clear ourselves up and all drink from the fountain. This gives us a wondrous bonus, which allows us to choose to be extremely lucky; however we then suffer mild ill luck for 3 months, unless we decide to let disaster befall us at a moment of high tension.

We heal Angela after her deprivations in hell, cure any madness she may be suffering from due to her appalling experiences. She tells us that she is being punished for stealing Furfur's book. I break out in a cold sweat.

The party rests for the night and day. The next evening Ithilmor dances for the party and we leave this peaceful realm, returning along the tunnel to the Six Eye Seer who directs us to the next tunnel we need, without saying anything.

Vassago's Realm:

Vassago Realm

We enter an hot humid jungle which is dominated by the tall canopy and sounds of wildlife, we are in the Southern Hell ruled over by the Demon Lord Vassago.

In the distance we can see a large stone Ziggurat rising above the jungle top, high into the overcast sky. Above the giant structure is a magnificent Red Dragon who dwarfs everything around him.

Engalton and Sasha leave and a few minutes later we notice a large flock of Goshawks fill the sky then they begin to circle about the party, building clearly into a dark and ominous vortex, then Vassago the large red dragon leaves the Ziggurat slowly gaining height.

We move quickly and leave with our work done.

Dantalion's Realm:

Dantalion Realm

We enter by tunnel into a yellow landscape, and see an eastern town with domed roofs in the distance less than ten miles away. The landscape has a powerful bad smelling storm and winds blowing over it.

We quickly refine our plan given this new information, and Sasha tries to locate the book of Dantalion. We do not know why but at this point the mana and magic goes wild and seemingly chaotic and Sasha's cast goes wild. Gold and silver flecks fill a swirl in the air and Dantalion steps forth carrying his book. He is a well dressed Djinn, even down to the shoes. He looks surprised. We greet him and immediately engage him in conversation telling him we have politely requested his presents to tell him that; He and his associates have two days to meet with us in Khatovar. Sasha being, invisible to all Demonic entities, takes the opportunity to push his book from his hand. He again was surprised. We quickly leave offering no option for him to talk to us. Sasha tells the party she has switched books. All is going well.

We thank the Six Eye Seer and return by tunnel to Alusia and walk down the mountain and take the skiff back to Newhaven.

Home to Newhaven - Day 5

A couple of hours later we are in Newhaven and put the next part of our plan into action. Count Engalton OM shows Queen Sasha, Lady Ithilmor, Miss Hillborne to their respective rooms for the night. Engalton shows Braegon to the kitchen to sleep with the other commoners. Engaltons staff, and Guild Reps work late into the night to find out information for us at the guild and from some guild members, and coins from Calder City. We also quickly restock on items, and get some information from the Guild, and tell Liessa, what we have been doing. Angela leaves us at this point.

Kali the Nameless lends us some really nice fashion accessories, I mean really nice. I am quite looking forward to seeing the men wear them.

Khatovar City:

Traders at Khatovar City

Early in the morning we head to Khatovar City, again by way of the Skiff. We arrive at the city with no incidents. The docks are very busy with hundreds of sailors and ships crews and dock hands all working. Many dock hands are loading and unloading the large range of cargo ships and vessels. Cargo and sacks and people are everywhere. The docks are very busy and active.

After securing our 'battlefield' weapons and a conversations about our business and requirements, the East gate guards lead us up the main road into a better part of the city then north towards the palace.

We speculate that the guards that have been sent down to see us, are not normal guards. Our arrival by a small boat from a fog bank has tipped the guards off and they sent some 'capable' guards down to assist us.

Singing Hydra Inn:

Singing Hydra Inn

They guide us to the Singing Hydra a well appointed walled inn on the west side of the road. We attract an unseemly amount of attention from the locals, one wonders whether or not they have ladies of quality in this town. Engalton arranges for us to have a private complex set around a garden atrium and pays for 10 nights upfront (half a lb of Truesilver). The Lions have exclusive use of the stables next to our rooms.

We carefully scope out our rooms. We find our rooms in the Inn are well protected; The rooms have; magical bindings and wards on walls, floors and the celling, a scary guard in place, can not be tunneled. In the case of a combat; We plan our actions carefully. We also spend some time placing healing potions at key locations in the rooms, in the case of any of us being poisoned. We also work out the time to get from the rooms to the stables and back again.

Allied Traders:

A short while later Trevor of the Allied Traders meets with us to discuss our business. We offer 50,000 upfront and 3-10% commission for security, information, brokering the trade, and converting the payment. Trevor is a high level assassin known to Engalton as Mr Bamph from the time that Engalton attacked Masada. Time moves on. Engalton pens a letter and sends it to Wilber at the Enchanters Guild.

Belili for dinner:

The Inn also has an attached restaurant which is very good quality. We decide to eat out at the restaurant and not in our rooms.

Belili at night

7:00pm. Sasha recognises a woman in the dining room from around seven years ago, as being a succubus, Belili, she met in Glissom at a Temple, who should owe her a favour. She says "the children are doing well". Cambions? Kel's? How many? Back in our rooms we arrange for her to help us. We have attracted a lot of attention and are being watched by many. Forgot to look at her for alliance/dedication.

11:00pm. We are approached by an agent who we tell to go through our brokers, the Allied Traders. We settle down for the night with our normal watch order. Their is tension in the air, we can feel it.

Deal or no deal? - Day 6:

Goshawk & Wilber:

Vassago's Spy

2:00am. Early in the morning we hear some noise outside on the street. We get dressed, and go and talk to the Inns Guards who tell us that they think a large Goshawk set off a ward. We take note and then return to bed.

7:35am. Early in the morning unexpectedly Wilber of the Enchanters Guild to join us for breakfast. We are embarrassed to have brought him into danger without good cause. We conduct some business about the Guild and Enchanters Guild. Wilber leaves carefully.

Hotel setup:

7.40am. We realise that in our haste we have failed to employ the Enchanters guild to work for us and Braegon goes looking for Wilber on the street. Wilber has disappeared using some kind of magical ability. However as Braegon looks for him, he notices some people acting a little out of place and with the use of DA discovers one of them is an agent of Furfur. They are discreetly setting up shop over the road from our rooms, in a run down Hotel. They are extremely close, all things considered. The two buildings are less than 60 feet apart, with the open main road between them. When Braegon returns we ask Ted to investigate and tell us if we need to attack these Furfurites or leave them alone.

First Offer:

8:05am. A short while later Ted of the Allied Traders meets with us to discuss our business.

Responses reported are:

  • Vassago: Engalton, you've been very naughty
  • Berith: You're dead, f***er
  • Furfur is fuming
  • Dantalion no response (Has he not noticed, is he biding his time, is the succubus working for him?)
  • Seir offers 1 million silver per book.
  • Renove has made enquiries but no offer.

We inform Ted that we want them to;

  • Make an offer to the agent of Berith about a cart load of metal outside the city to be changed for us, in return for the for our 'assistance' in this matter. Ted leaves to pass on our message to his people.


Rube or Rubezal

At 8:35am both Erzsabet and Ithilmor wake from a vivid dream to find a well dressed man in our bedroom. The man invites us to call him Rube and claims he has been invited in. Rubbing the sleep from our eyes we realise that this is infact a daemon, and shriek for assistance.

Rube offers to turn his back due to our state of undress neatly blocking us from the door. He is a namer daemon who entered our room by dream walking. In his true form he has crab like arms, he carries a staff with an eagle at one end and an alligator at the other. All his spells are known at rank 20 and he can be banished with a namer counterspell; He controls the elements and is weak to direct sunlight. His belt is decorated with hawk bells (folly bells) and he is a servant of Vassago.

The rest of the party break into the room upon hearing Erzsabet call out. Somehow the door to the bedroom has been locked even though it was left unlocked during the night. We send for breakfast and settle in for a long negiotiation. Rube gives us a flute as a gift in return for breakfast. The negoitiation goes surprisingly well and we sucessfully sell the book to this agent of Vassago. He summons up a chest containing payment using Janx magic. Ted returns alerted to the fact that someone entered our rooms without passing his guards, we bank our payment with the allied traders, then Erzsabet banishes Rube.

Storms and Lightning:

The Royal Arms Hotel

9:35am. Ted informs us that it will be necessary for us to quickly over power the Furfurites over the road from our Inn in the Royal Arms Hotel. It is marvellous to behold the speed at which a bunch of noble courtiers can arm and make ready for battle.

We cross the road under the cover of invisibility and smash our way into the derelect hotel (the door being to small for our lions), inside the squatters who have been inhabiting the place lie dead before us, killed by the agents of darkness at some earlier time. It is not hard to find the Furfurites, there are 10 of them and they have a large round wooden mechanical device which they appear to be performing a ritual over. After a short and vicious fight we defeat the agents and their guards, one manages to commit suicide with some poison (later we are told this is called universal solvent) which magically desolves his corpse.

Just as we are about to investigate futher the City Guards, members of the Paper Guild, turn up. These guards are all namers and appear very capable indeed. These guards can spot a lie from the truth with ease. They arrest the surviving cultists and we remove them from the 'hands of earth' and other magics restraining them. They talk to us at length about our involvement and we assure them that we are not responsible for the deaths of the squatters. That it was necessary for us to act quickly as there was a bomb being assembled on the premises and we are conducting business over the road. Presently an E & E and a shaper arrive from the enchanters guild and we are dismissed.

Sixty six and rising:

10:30am. A report comes in that; The followers of Berith have massed over sixty hardened warriors in the docks area just outside the city walls. Ted from the Allied Trades think that they 'may be able to resurrect' the messenger person that tried to deal/talk to them about the cart load of metal and our offer. It seems at this point that Berith isn't interested in making a deal. There is even more tension in the air.

No rest for the good:

10:35am. It is decided that we should retire to a safer part of town while the bomb across the road is defused, we ready ourselves and our animals to leave. While we are gathering our beasts the concierge rushes out in a bother. He is convinced that the Hotel has insulted us in some way, it takes us 3 minutes to calm him and convince him that this is not the case. He tells us the Paper Guild has cleared the street and informs us that we may not leave by the front gate and there is no rare exit, furthermore there are many important guests requesting an audience with us. Attempting to see them in order of social importance and least trouble to most:

  1. A Vestal Virgin from the temple of Vesta (Hearth Goddess)
  2. A Guard Captain from the Paper Guild
  3. Ted with a request from the Allied traders
  4. A member from the Merchants Guild
  5. A person from the Lunar Inquisition

We talk to Ted. Ted tells us that his guild needs to see us as soon as possible. We talk to him about the Lady - the Vestal Virgin, and he knows little (no real courtier skills on this one), but tells us a little about their public face in the city. He leaves so we can quickly see the others and then go with him to the Allied traders guild hall.

We ask to have the Lady sent in.

Lady Sybil (Vestal Virgin):

10:40am Accompanied by four human male guards, the Vestal Virgin enters our rooms and introduces herself as the Lady Sybil. Upon seeing Engalton she immediately bows to Engalton saying she 'I had no idea that your magnificent wonderful holy reverence was here'. Engalton invites her to get up and have a seat at the table. She ignores Engalton and directs her attention to Modesty and continues talking to the skunk. Engalton smiles to her but directs a 'frumpy' glance at Modesty. In short, she is has come to see what she can do to aid the agents of ferbis (who we know as Death), whom she has heard are in town.

Lady Sybil can easily tell which of the old gods are directing us. Ithilmore and Erzsabet are servants of Ferbis as she was expecting, Engalton to her surprise is a servant of Vesta, Braegon – Fauna and Sasha Kirinus. She offers to midwife for Sasha who looks vexed. She tells us a little more about who is in the town. The Janx follow Janeus and they believe that it isn’t right that Terminus (the brother of the fates who made the city walls) is bound. The guards are also followers of Terminus and therefore see everything as black and white. They are not trying to release Terminus from where he has been bound.

Lady Sybil offers to give us some blessed narcissus, a flower which if worn will kill anyone who attacks us but we must be careful not to get any of the dust or pollen in our food. Since she is so helpful and respectful of us, we ask her to stay while we talk to the Captain of the Paper Guards - hoping it will temper any bad feeling the guards may have towards us about the trouble in town.

Captain of the Paper Guard:

The Paper Guard

The Captain of the Guard - named Theun, who is a polite human male in his late thirties and a Namer, gets right down to business. He recognises the Lady and bows to her out of respect. He alerts us to the fact that around a hundred follows of Berith have gathered in the Docks area. These ruffians are making the locals a little nervous. The Paper Guard would like us to pay attention to our responsibilities and deal with it. We directly ask him that if we where to go down there and kill all one hundred of them, would this be an issue for the Paper Guard. No that would be fine, unless we came up with another way of dealing with them. We ask about mercenary groups around town. The Paper Guard also act as Mercenaries from time to time.

The costs would have to cover; Man power, Skills bonus, Danger money, Damages to property, Resurrections, Restoration of any lost limbs, Leadership bonus, Tea money, Damages to uniforms, bonus for early completion and the City levy. We settle with the Captain for a Princely sum of money for the Paper Guards to remove the problem for us.

The Captain also said that a major crime had been committed against the Merchants Guild last night, and did we know anything about any burglaries? No we do not, but we have a Merchant Guild member waiting to see us.

We politely thank both the Captain of the Guard and the Lady for coming and seeing us and move on to our next appointment.

Merchants Guild:

We invite in the member for the Merchants Guild. He is an E & E wearing extremely rich clothing, who introduces himself as Briar. His six guards all are well equipped, and seem very capable. He asks if we are: Extremely capable adventures and are we currently employed?

Yes and Yes. We talk business for a short time; He informs us that someone broke into the Merchants Guild and stole some true silver ingots last night. He wants us after our current job to find the missing ingots for a 10% finders fee. He gives us a red fiery skull which can normally help finding the missing ingots when not protected by magical protections.

Lunar Inquisition:

We invite in our next visitor, after carefully planning our combat actions if needed, considering Ithilmor is an agent. We are quickened but try to be discreet about it.

He introduces himself as 'Antonius Praetorius'. He says that since we are friends of the Lunar Inquisition we maybe able to help him. He asks us if the rumours are true that we are currently holding something which would be best if we give to the Lunar Inquisition. We say that we have some business to attend to in town, but we would like to meet him over lunch tomorrow to talk about it. He agrees. We bid him good travels and look forward to seeing him tomorrow. He leaves.

Allied Traders Guild Hall:

11:30am We take battle ready adventuring equipment since we are leaving the safety of the Inn bound for the Allied Traders Guild Hall across town. We get Ted to organise a discrete escort. We quickly move from our Inn along the main road to the center of town and then west into the Guilds part of town. We enter the Allied traders without incident.

We head down some spiral staircases and tunnels which, are obviously designed to confuse people. An unknown number of levels down we enter a low lit room with a single person standing next to a table. He introduces himself as Number 5. He thanks us for coming to see him so quickly. We say we have learned new information which they may be interested in. We think that it is possible, that money that we have been paid may have been stolen! He says yes thats the reason he has invited us here to discuss the problem. He tells us on the table are two options, a chest with out ingots in it, or a satchel with half the amount in guild promissory notes from great trading and merchant families. We elect to take the satchel. He thanks us for the business and we leave.

Enchanters Guild Hall:

We cross the road and enter the Enchanters Guild which is a fine stone building of over four floors. At the reception we as to see Wilber. We talk to him for a bit. We conclude our business with him and we leave.

Rumble in Guild Street:

Ambush by Dantalion

We are ambushed and only just manage to spot the trap in time to stop our assailants from getting a surprise attack. Somehow we have been befuddled enough to miss the death buzzes as our allied trader allies being slain and have all been thinking strange thoughts about Rashak. We are attacked in a standard 3x3 texted book ambush with heavy magical support offering type C&C settings.

This involved;

  • The removal and death of out Allied Traders close escort.
  • Disjunction being pre-cast in place.
  • Throw down (magical traps), of Instant Basilisk, Demonic Snake and Earth Elementals.
  • Releasing a Demon (nb not one of the 72)
  • The Elementals have Namer counter spells to assist them resisting banishment.
  • Agility fighters with poisoned daggers and the ability to destroy defence and damage protection items.
  • Mental distraction in the form of foreign thoughts stopping some of us using magical items and casting.
  • TK Rage

In short; a very effective attack. We contemplated withdrawing to the other end of the street but in the first pulse, Sasha quickened us, Engalton looked particularly fine, Ithilmor blinded the snake, Erszabet banished the Demon and Braegons hands of earth save the day. The Paper Guards arrive quickly on the scene, but not before we remove some items (to divinate later) from the attackers. We remove the corpses of our escort group back to the Allied Traders building, where Engalton and Braegon resurrect them. Upon reflection it is clear to us that this was a well-staged attack by minions of Dantalion which explains the odd thoughts.

12:35pm Once our guards are feeling better we quickly return to our Inn.

Second offer:

A knock at the door and Trevor asks to come inside. He has come to tell us about another offer.

Just as he was leaving his Guild hall, Trevor noticed that an Agent of Dantalion was entering the Guild building wanting to make a deal. He knows that Dantalion has tested his book and it doesn't seem to be working correctly and he is now willing to deal. He doesn't know the details of the deal yet.

The offer he has come about is: They have found a more responsible agent of Berith to deal with. The offer on the table is to trade outside the city walls where he can sense Engalton and is-
The death of Engalton and he will deal favourably for the book or the death of Engalton at the hands of the Avatar of Berith and he will deal "very" favourably for the book.

All is going according to our plan, but we now suspect that some suffering may be involved in our eventual victory.

Subterfuge and Guile:

1.30pm - Sasha and Braegon pass the time walking off tension in the gardens next to the restaurant while we diligently divinate some of the items we gained in our little altercation with the agents of Dantalion. Belili reports to Sasha that Dantalion has smuggled a dozen agents into the city. This is of concern to us as we only dealt with 6 of them in the ambush. After half an hour of divination has past, a swirl of black rose petals turn up around Engalton and Erzsabet accompanied by yelling. The magic is demonic in nature and is some form of whispering wind.

2.10pm - There is a knock at the door. It seems to be Ted but we can tell it is in fact a doppleganger. After a small scuffle he admits he is here to trade and has bought a chest of gems. On closer examination we discover the gems are in fact a ruse, they are a cleverly disguised bomb and the gems are well cut glass. The doppleganger ports away and the trap is detonated as Braegon was looking at it. Dantalion has decided to use Subterfuge and Guile against us having failed with a surprise attack. It takes some time to clean ourselves and the rooms up.

2.35pm - We have another guest this time from the merchants guild. He excitedly explains how pleased the merchants are to receive our message that we have recovered their money. He has a large party of guards awaiting delivery outside. We regretfully explain about the doppleganger and that a mistake has been made.

2.50pm - A large dark skinned man calling himself Peter comes from the Colosseum to collect his Excellency Count Engalton for his fight tonight. He explains that he is to act as a second. We again explain about the doppleganger and that we are on pressing business in town. He is unmoved and becomes quite rude. We kick him out.

3.00pm - Trevor arrives, we tell him about the problems we are having with the doppleganger and he explains that the Allied Traders have dealt one doppleganger who was disguised as Engalton and killing urchins down at the docks. It appears that Dantalion has found a way to hit Engalton where it really hurts... in his ego.
Trevor tells us there is an Agent who is demanding he will only deal directly with us. We agree to negotiate with this Agent only in the presence of our factors the Allied traders in the personage of Trevor who we are employing to aid us. Trevor seems pleased with this arrangement as Ted is still recovering from dieing earlier this morning.

Fancy that - a Dark Titan:

Dark Titan agent of Berith

3:15pm - We hear some noise outside. Opening the door we discover that the Inn guards are having a hard time handling a restless Dark Titan dressed in full battlefield armour. We guess no one was brave enough to demand he take his armour off. The Titan has become weary of waiting for our reply and has come to hear our response to Berith's offer himself. We have a quick discussion. The warriors with Peter, from the colosseum, are looking edgy and considering their actions. We instruct Trevor to go talk to the Titan. He does and returns with news. The Titan works for Berith and he wants a reply to their offer - now. We accept and agree to meet an hour before dawn tomorrow. We talk to Trevor about getting more guards and man power, he asks how many more, we tell him all of them. The Dark Titan leaves. The Inn Guards start breathing again.

3:30pm - Trevor returns to the Allied Traders.

Dealing with Dragons:

Draghignazzo - Dragon agent of Furfur

3:45pm - Shortly Trevor returns with a tall, thin, odd looking human who is dressed in extremely good clothes, and accompanied by a jet black unicorn. The Human turns out to be a dragon, though he is not really trying to hide the fact (point taken we think). He introduces himself as Draghignazzo, and tells us that his Master Furfur has instructed him to recover the 'item that we have found', that once belonged to his master. We tell him tha it will cost, and not money stolen or taken from people in this city. After some negiotiating we agree to accept payment in gold (that he will repay to himself) rather than in true silver as we do not wish to wait weeks for him to make payment. He agrees to deposit the funds with the Allied Traders and come here for the item.

4:25pm - Some time goes by. Erzsabet and Engalton start divinating some items. At some point Mr Draghignazzo turns up at the Inn and tells Braegon that he has deposited the funds, and the trade is completed. He thanks us and leaves. Trevor arrives looking harried. He tells us that the Allied Traders Guild can not and do not (in any way) want or need to take a cut or any of these new funds at all. He makes it clear to us a couple more times. As it turns out the funds are cursed with a deadly Dragon Horde Curse and they want none of it. Darn. So we quickly reverse the curse. Ha ha we think.

We talk to Trevor and some guards deliver the crates of gold to our rooms. We get an unexpected visit from Briareus, a powerful member of the merchants guild. We open discussions with him on comissioning flying ships. We also ask about hiring the city guard to escort and help us at 4am to 6am in the morning. He tells us that he will organise the city army to be there, and we do not need to pay. He says he is happy to help.

We divine the Dragon Horde Gold:

Cursed Dragon Gold

Erszabet does her special speedy Divination trick on the Dragon Horde Gold. It's all bad. The gold will curse you with; 'Greed, Will turn you into a dragon over time, and -50 to all BC/SC'. The only way of removing this curse is to give the gold to the Dwarves (or decedents) that it was taken from (by the Dragon).

So our reversed curse will give us +50 to all BC and will prevent us from being turned into dragons, but will unfortunately cause us to give away everything we own. Rats! It will also revert to the original curse when we give it to anyone else etc, spreading the curse, unless it is returned for no gain to the original dwarven owners.

We have trouble finding some messenger boys, as it seems a few of them earlier in the day have died while working running messages for people from the Inn. We suspect they are being killed by agents working for the 72. A bad sign. We pay five runners to take a message to the Colosseum to organise a champion for Engalton. We offer to pay the huge sum of money in Promissory Notes for the champion. Some Guards from the Colosseum turn up. We check them carefully and then we pay them.

Dealings with Ducii:

6:20pm Ducii turns up and spends some time talking to Belili in the courtyard while he waits to be seen by us. Ducii is an Incubus servant of Dantalion. He fails to negotiate a trade. This could be because he is used to using demonic charm and we are immune to its effects, or maybe because Erzsabets wounded pride (bottom) ment that we where in no mood to deal. In short he comes across poorly.

No ships for us:

6:35pm A new merchant returns with the contracts for flying ships and we tell him the bad news about the gold. He takes a bar of the gold to evaluate whether or not the Merchants guild can somehow use it, in conjunction with the local dwarves, as currency for the fly ship deal. We organise and pay for the ton of Candy Cane (needed for the Six Eyed Seer).


7:00pm Dinner we talk to Belili at the restaurant at the Inn. She tells us that there are Dark Weapons being smuggled into the city by agents and worshipers of Dantalion. These include Name changing daggers, Soul sucking daggers, Weapons that make wounds which can not be healed. Not good.

8:00pm We ask Trevor about the flowers from the temple. He sends Ned 3 fingers to say that the flowers will be ready at 12noon tomorrow. This is strange as some of us felt sure that Sybil suggested that the flowers would be ready later today, but as she said "the flowers will be ready later" we dismiss it as inconsequential.

The return of Matt:

Matt Tumbledown the Titan

10:00pm We all decide that we need Erzsabet to send a message. Ezrsabet needs to leave the city to send a Whispering Wind to Matt her friend the Titan. Trevor and Erzsabet leave the city for a minute. It takes way too long. We start to get nerves and worried. They return after a few minutes. It turns out that Matt was outside the city and waiting to talk to Ezrsabet. Matt and Syrene will be coming to out pre-breakfast meeting.


11:00pm We ask about the cost of taking out contracts on the list of Dantalion agents entering the city. Around eight contracts are needed. The cost is very high and Trevor tells us it will probable lead to our deaths, and our souls tortured in hell forever – we consider this and decide to decline.

Midnight and all is well - Day 7:

Given the attention we are under - by the agents of the powers, we sleep two per room. 4am we start heading outside the city escorted by some of the Paper Guild.

Berith Legions:

Paper Guild nears tents outside the City Walls

Outside the city south gate walls at around 5am a huge amount of people are here. Members from the different guilds are here, as are some noble types, and powerful wizards and adventurers, all have come to watch. The army have spent hours setting up and have well over 10,000 members of the Paper Guard present. An array of Archers, Cavalry and Catapults has also been deployed. Behind the Paper Guild are members of the militia numbering twice that of the Paper Guild. In the field a few hundred yards out from the city walls and the army is our Allied traders with a cart drawn by two large Oxen, set up next to some large tents. Inside the cart is our load of metal bars.

A huge single man dressed in a full suit of battle ready blood red armour that has a black beard approaches’ riding on a dark horse. This is clearly the Avatar of the Demon Berith. A couple of hundred yards behind him he has a huge line of one of his legions from Hell, made up of Undying human warriors, Imps, Devils and lesser Demons. Out front of the huge horde we see three dark Titans. The legion is rumoured to have 6666 members, and it seems they are all here, on this cold frosty morning.

Sitting near the tents having a cup of tea is Matt and Syrene. They nod to Erzsabet as she arrives. Briareus the leader of the Merchants Guild (and therefore the current head of the city), is in front of the 100 members of the Elite Guard of the Royal Army. We approach him and thank him for the turn out of the army.

Berith rides up close to the group. 'Greetings Engalton, have you come to conclude our deal and will I be doing the honours?' Engalton replies that "yes we are here but I am capable of dying without your assistance." Very well then. We set the terms of the deal, which is once the trade is done, the matter is over and dealt with and considered closed. No future action against the party will be taken by Berith. Berith agrees. He backs off a bit. Engalton commits suicide, falling to the ground only to get back up again. Berith approaches and says 'Impressive' then moves to the cart and turns it the metal ingots into gold. He returns to the group and Braegon gives him the 'item' covered in cloth.

Berith thanks us for the trade, and leaves. The demonic Legion leaves the field. We all breath a sigh of relief.

The Double Cross:

Double Cross

This is when Briareus, leader of the Merchants and leader of the city says Look a cart load of gold ingots with the city seal on it. That means its currency, and therefore treasure trove. I claim it in the name of the city. Your group will receive a small commission for your involvement.

Something is up with Briareus he now has a winged helm symbol over his head for those of us who can see alinements to powers.

It is clear to us that the merchants are trying a double cross. They must have organised to change the metal ingots in our cart, so this means that at least some of the Allied Traders Guild are in on it. There is no way that Briareus could tell from this distance without inspecting the gold that they had the city seal on them. We now know why the city army is out here, since the double cross is now clear.

The party quickly spring into action...

Briarius asks us; You are not going to make trouble are you?

Braegon removes the pins holding the oxen to the wagon. Braegon notices that we are under the effect of a Bane, and Disjunction spell. Erzsabet gives a make charm to Sasha. Engalton teleports Erzsabet over to Matt and the other Titan, and he returns to the group. Engalton replies to the merchant leader saying; Yes we are.

He backs away, the guards fan out to start surrounding us. One rank dropping to their knee. Thats when the lightning bolts come raining in, around about 45 of them. Himmmmm not nice. Braegon notices a horde of 30 demonic creatures spring up out of the ground on the other side of the group. We think these are wild savage beasts under the control of Dantalion.

Most of the party dust themselves off, but Engalton is zapped a lot, and looks angry. We cast Walls of Stone and Spell Barriers up around the party, as Erzsabet returns to the group with Matt. Matt addresses the army and tells them to steady on and stop this foolishness.

After coming to some arrangement with Erzsabet, Matt the large Titan agrees to teleport us and the wagon away to safety. Our idea of safety is clearly different to Matts. We arrive near the city gates, amongst the army near the tents. Matt offers us some Tea. Seems odd to have tea with so much chaos going on. The guards near the tent are not aware of the other activities fighting the High Guard or their leader some four hundred yards away in the darkness. The Tea is good. We take a few moments to load the gold from the Wagon into the bags and under the cover of a tent we put the bags on Sasha's giant dog and she turns it into a small totem and puts it into her pocket.

Back into the City:

Southern City Gates and Wall

We walk into town by the main southern gates and make our way to our Inn. The air is cool and still well before sunrise. With a Titan and the party all dressed in full Battle Armour everyone gets out of our way. We take the time to thank the Inn Keeper and we clear the money from our room. Ducii comes to talk to us again. Engalton is left to do the talking as the others load the cursed gold. The negotiations are a failure.

Matt wants to visit the temple of Vesta. Still before dawn, we tag along wondering if this is wise. It turns out that Lady Sybil (Vestal Virgin) is missing. Matt leads us out of the city by using some form of ancient magic known to the first ones. This involves us traveling by the flames of the huge hearth in the temple.

Some time goes by ....

Black Rock Clan:

We arrive out of a huge burning hearth, in a large hot Dwarf Forge, with the party being exhausted. The Dwarves are surprised to see Matt and the party, but greet us all with a warm good morning welcome. We talk to the Dwarves for a day or so. We rest for most of the day. We manage to locate the correct Dwarves to return the Dragon Horde gold too. We happily return the money to the Dwarves. A large celebration happens until late into the night.

Dwarven Celebrations - Day 8:

Early in the morning after much celebrations and drinking we return by way of Banishment from the outer walls of the Dwarven fortress, to Newhaven.

Newhaven, Seagate, and Tycho City:

From Newhaven we return to the guild, and quickly on to Tycho City by using the guild portal.

Fly fly on the wall:

The Swallow heading north

We quickly work out that our cargo which we have come to Tycho for is on a ship already heading to Khatovar. We decide to send a message to the captain by whispering wind getting them to turn around and fly after it. We encounter some things (cloud goblins, Lunar guards on Gryphon) when flying in our travels. We fly all day.

At around 4:pm the Swallow (our cargo ship), is spotted almost entering the Inland Sea when we encounter her. We signal the ship and land. They captain tells us 'welcome back Engalton.' He tells us we have already off-loaded the cargo down river. We thank the captain and leave. We fly south landing at Jornan only to discover that the cargo left town in a large wagon heading east. We fly east.

Call that a trap?:

We find the wagon on an open bit of clear road/trail. It's stopped. All seems quiet.

Expecting it to be guarded by rk13 doppleganger assassins, we fly in and land 300 feet away, where suddenly we are met with a hail of extremely well aimed arrows. Justin falls down dead. Flashes and bangs happen around the party, as five arrows fail to kill the party members. Three small wooden traps land at our feet and go off, and we are baked in Hell Fire. That was a surprise!

We quickly put up Stone Walls to stop arrows and Disjuntions to stop magical traps from effecting us. Five more traps land at our feet, but do not go off. Arrows hit the wall just as Braegon puts it up. The wall comes down in the second half, and we are all quickened by Sasha. Braegon manages to somehow quickly put the wall back up in the second half and the arrows fail to hit us again. We let off a Telekinetic Rage trap of our own but noone is in range, they must be using a trebuchet to lob their hellfires. We ESP the enemy and find that it seems that their are 24 highly skilled assassin types near the cart. At the end of the second pulse we decide to leave. We quickly move off.

We return to Newhaven:

We decide that the cargo is not worth the fight, since we can't deal with the rank 21 invisibilities, and banish ourselves to Newhaven. We plot and plan for a bit. It is agreed that we will try and open serious negiotiations with Dantalion. The party head into town to find someone we can use to communicate with Dantalion, by putting on the captured earrings that open your mind to the demon.

As it happens, before we find a suitable messenger, we are approached by an old warrior with hail stones raining out of his shield. The warrior is a Venti and looks like a whirling wind with the aid of true seeing. He has a message from Dantalion; it seems the demon is ready to negiotiate, suggesting we trade "an oracle for an oracle, a something for a something, and a measure for a measure".

He gives us an angel feather and a not so ancient invocation for Dantalion.

The Guild:

We return to the Guild to 'borrow' some stuff. We pop in on Kali and she is a he today. We talk in private under a Magical Scry Guard, and in a round about way ask for some stuff that we would need to summon Dantalion, including a portable triangle and a number of copper discs. Kali is... flustered. We ascertain, that to summon a duke, it should be an even day of the moon, on a day when the sun can be seen in a clear sky.

We head to Tycho and spend the night resting at the guild tower. Early in the morning we head to a well guarded part of the tower, and then down a secret staircase to an under ground chamber, which has all the right equipment for us to attempt the summoning. Braegon tricks Erszabet into having to use her blood for the summoning ritual. We summon Dantalion. We trade the book for Lady Sybil (Vestal Virgin), refuse to trade the ton of candy cane for the ton of gold, and trade some earrings for some missing items of Engaltons. The Guild Reps spend three hours checking over Lady Sybil and the equipment we recovered. All is well.

We decide to talk to Matt and Braegon and Erzsabet organise a large table and chair an amphora of wine. As soon as Sybil comes out Matt arrives right on cue. Erszabet looks pleased.


Karmic Balance

We talk for a bit and seems that since the party now has the money that we tricked off the unworthy ones, ohh Berith and co, that our Karma is now more under the influence/sway or alignment of the younger powers so we will have trouble being contacted or contacting the Fates (since they are the older powers).

We work out we need to ditch the money. We travel to Seagate and talk to the Duke all afternoon. With the Dukes understanding we spend all of the money on helping the Church settle in Brastor and Novadom.

Seems that Karma has us more back in balance and we quickly find that a ship is coming in from Delph with a cargo of sugar on board bound for the Lunar Empire. We buy some, we make Candy Cane, a lot of it and very good. We put the Candy Cane in bags and the bags on Sasha's giant dog and the dog in her pocket. We take the Skiff to the mountains which have the tunnel leading to the Six Eyed Seer.

To pay the Seer - Day 9:

Two hours and tunnels:

We walk the tunnel and things change as we expect but the path is still odd. We make it with 2 hours to extra time. The Six Eyed Seer is very pleased with us and we talk a bit.

Snakes - Day 10:

Tunnels and the Emerald Heart:

Emerald Heart

We leave by a new tunnel which exits at the base of a mountain in a large emerald coloured forest. We head down the path to a Temple beside a lake. The construction looks very much like that of the Temple to the Fates.

Temple of the Snake:

The Temple of the Snake has a large central tower made to look like a twisted snake, with it's head forming the roof and top of the tower. It is a large Temple. Inside the temple area and grounds are many hundreds of snakes. Sasha talks to her snake familiar and we enter the Temple heading to the center. A snake woman who looks very similar to a large Naga greets us. She introduces herself as Anguitia, and tells us that what we are seeking is on the table. On the stone table are two potion bottles, a mirror, and a small snuff purse.


We talk to Anguitia about preforming some divination of the items and she says as long as we do not mind her continuing her teachings of this young Lunar Student. We leave the temple and preform some divinations on the tranquil lake shore.

  • Braegon gets one potion bottle filled with some form of alignment to the Elements.
  • Erzsabet gets another potion bottle, which does something.
  • Ithilmor gets the small snuff purse, which contains star dust, which does stuff.
  • Engalton gets the mirror of reflection allowing him to make a copy of Engalton.
  • Sasha looks satisfied with her actions.

We decide to visit the Temple of Death in the hope that he will be pleased with us. Anguitia offers us toad guardians to protect us. They were created to protect nobility from death and will take our next death and we don't have to put them in our mouths. We talk to the toad guardians and all except Justin leave the temple with a guardian. We have lunch waiting for the Skiff to arrive on the lake by the Temple. The mists roll up and our boat arrives.

Return to the Temple of Death:

We arrive on the lake out of the mists directly onto the lake with Deaths Temple in the center on the island. We tie up at the dock at the temple, and Horse Head is there. Justin and animals frantically get a toad from the lake to put in their moths to stop themselves from being affected by Death once he arrives. Horse Head calls his Master.

When Death arrives Engalton happily greets him without dying. Sasha immediately drop to 3EN, protected from dying by necrogeny. We talk to Death for awhile. Death has been very pleased and amused with our actions and offers us the necrogeny talent.

Horse Head takes us to the shore line away from the island. We spend some time summoning our boat. The mists roll in over the still dark water. We leave.

Temple of the Fates:

We arrive at the Temple of the Fates. We Enter the valley and direct into the Temple. We spend some time their. We go to leave. As we are leaving the mouth of the Valley, we see some lights in the early evening sky. They look like a couple of dozen torches being carried by something flying. The are not heading to us, but making for the Lunar Empire.

A single tall woman dressed in red and gold armour which makes the eyes distracted and uncomfortable when looking at her, approaches us. She approaches and thanks us. Engalton recognises her voice, as the Avatar of Discordea (Isis, or Sekhmet). We all talk briefly. She thanks Engalton for the work at Masada. She is disappointed that we let an opportunity of 'having two armies facing off against each other' slip by outside Khatovar city. We resist offers of assistance and help. She leaves saying she is heading to the Temple to talk with her sisters.

In the cool evening air we 'Banish' ourselves to Newhaven.

Party Plans

Plan to fix Queen Aleksandra

Head to The Fates and sort it out. Simple.
Return the books (see below) for the Fates as part payment for this 'sorting out of Aleksandra.

Plan to return the books

Our plan

This plan is private and not known in general. I put it here for player and GM entertainment, but it is not in game character knowledge, and will not appear in our official scribe notes of the party at the guild.

Aims: We need to swap a chest of books with some books that are in use by some demons, without them knowing that their books (for sometime) have not been true or accurate. The background to this is that someone (maybe The Fates) replaced the books so that the Namer Demons did not know about the fall of Rashak and the fall of the Dark Circle.

Limits: We as a group are not capable of sneaking into Hell and replacing the books. We simply do not have the skills for this.

Knowledge: We need to know which demons think their books may be incorrect. We think that some of them that have been on plain of Alusia over the last year have noticed that things are not as they expect them to be (regarding the Dark Circle). We need to know which demons (in fact) have the incorrect books currently.

Plan: We need to make the Demons think we have stolen the books recently. What we will do is this:

  1. Organise for a party member to forget about this plan. Green-tick.gif
  2. Most party members can not have their mind read, or scry'ed or appear in Astrological readings. Green-tick.gif
  3. Go to the Six Eyed Seer and get him to take us to Hell.Green-tick.gif
    1. Be seen with the 'bad books' by the Six-Eyed Seer.Green-tick.gif
    2. When in Hell move out of sight of the Six-Eyed Seer.Green-tick.gif
    3. Move out of sight of the party member that has forgotten the plan.Green-tick.gif
    4. On our way back out we kill an imp or devil, so that the minions of evil can not hide that we have been their.Green-tick.gif
    5. They will know that it is us because entities are always able to recognise Engalton.Green-tick.gif
    6. Be seen by a party member to be coming back with the 'good books'.Green-tick.gif
  4. Do the all of the above (see 3 option 1-6) for all of the targets that we wish to switch the books for.Green-tick.gif
  5. Organise for another party member to forget about this plan.Red x.png (No need given the hair nets).
  6. Once we have 'switched all the books' then we head directly to the City of Khatovar.Green-tick.gif
  7. We head to Khatovar City on the shore of the Inland Sea as even Powers can not scry or astrology into the City. It is a city of deals.Green-tick.gif
  8. We put the 'stolen books' up for sale for 1 million silver pennies per set of books, using the local Thieves guild.Green-tick.gif
  9. If the parties minds are read by agents of the demons they will see that one party member thinks we have stolen the books. Most party members have Mind Cloaks.Green-tick.gif
  10. They will have the option of; A) Steal the books, B) Fight for the books, C) Buy the books.
    1. Vassago: C) Sell them the book. Green-tick.gif 1/2 value paper credit Green-tick.gif Done.
    2. Berith: B) Fight for the books Green-tick.gif then A) Sell them the book Green-tick.gif Done.
    3. Furfur: B) Fight for the books Green-tick.gif then C) Sell them the book Green-tick.gif Cursed dragon gold, return the gold to Dwarves Green-tick.gif
    4. Dantalion: B) Fight for the books Green-tick.gif then C) Trade them the book Green-tick.gif
    5. Seir Don't deal with him Green-tick.gif.

Because the demons value the books so much they may not be willing to risk attacking/stealing the books back as if the party gets upset we could sell them to others and they would not be able to astrology or scry who or when or why. We are hoping they will be willing to simply buy them back. Any of the above three options (A-C) we win.

I expect that the Six-Eyed Seer will be asked by the demons agents if he knows anything and he will sell the information to the demons. We are not afraid of this. I expect we can 'fight off' the Agents of the demons within the City of Khatovar.


  • We manage to pay the Six-Eyed Seer to take us to Hell with the information that we have been to Hell.Red x.png

We agreed to pay the Six-Eyed Seer a ton of Candy Cane within the week Green-tick.gif.

  • The Fates will be paying the party for our work. Green-tick.gif
  • I also hope that the demons will pay the party for the safe return of their books (Chest of Books X million SP). Green-tick.gif

Again Win win.

Nominations and SGT Snippets


Best Death
  • Englaton OM for the GREAT plan, oh and Erzsabet helped.
  • Braegon for not picking rock when playing "rock paper scizzors" - Although I still think that is cheating, I mean really what kind of Earth mage is he???
  • Sasha for sneaking into hell to steal Angela
  • Erszabet for summoning and negiotiating with Dantalion


Hot and Not


Reference Information



Standard Buffs

"A" = always on, "Y" = Yes please, "-" not required, blank = as required

Magic Rk Effects Br En Mod Cat1 Cat2 Ju Er E'Dog It Sa S'Dog Sup Zme
Armour of Earth 20 +42% Def -1 Dam 15 Hrs A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Ithilmor's Dance 10 Night time +16 FT /MR Y Y - Y Y Y
Strength of Stone 20 +20 EN 30 Hrs A A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Witchsight 20 15Hrs Y - A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Strength of Darkness 13 +8 for 230 mins - Y Y Y Y Y
Quickness 10 5 Targets, 20x[d-5] pulses
Trollskin 13 Regen 1 EN/Pulse 95 Sec
Disguise 9 15 Y 21 21
Illusionary Aura ?
Mindcloak A A -- A A -- A A A --
Enhance Enchantment 9 +9 Rks
Shadow Wings 11 41mph 12Hrs 492 miles
Counterspells (Eng)# 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Counterspells (Erz)# 2 2 2 2
Choker Counterspells Mi - - - - - NI SM ?? E&E
Prot. frm Demon charm Items A A - - - 24hrs A - 24hrs A B* B* -
Animal Growth 6 Y Y Y Y
  • Most durations are assumed to be enhanced.

B* Braegon to charm/control.

+16 FT and MR for the night.

Mil Sci

  1. Sasha+Snake; Superfluous
  2. Ithilmor; Justin (Mind Mage)
  3. Braegon; Giant Dog
  4. Erzsabet; Grey Wolf Hound
  5. Engalton+Modesty; War Lion 1; War Lion 2
Marching Order
War Lion 1 War Lion 2 
Giant Dog   Braegon
Sasha +Snake  Superfluous  
Justin(MM)  Ithilmor
Erzsabet  Grey Wolf Hound
Engalton +Modesty


  • Vassago Flute - Improves Reactions
  • Snake Bracelet - Controls one snake
From Dantalion's People
  • Broach - Increases willpower
  • Eyebrow Stud - Enhances Intimidation Skill
  • Basilisk Egg - Resistance to Basilisks
  • Snake Earing (Left) - Invisibility, opens your mind/thoughts to Dantalion
  • Snake Earing (Right) - Invisibility, opens your mind/thoughts to Dantalion
  • 6" Rod of Obscurement - Activation method to be divined.
  • Grey Glove - Increases Stealth skill
  • Clay Figurines - Itemised Earth Elementals
  • Amulet - Increases Charm Skill
  • Amulet - Seeming (triggerable)
  • Amulet - Precognitive - (Aids Mil Sci Perceive Tactics and Unengaged IV)
  • Amulet - Enhances Language skills
  • 4 x Daggers - Permanently Poisoned with a Paralysis Poison
  • 3 x Ring Invested TK Rage - Rk 20 Charges: 1
  • 4 x Ring Invested Mind Healing - Rk 20 Charges: 2


  • 22,000sp hiring the Inn
  • 50,000sp hiring the The Allied traders guild
  • 100,000sp hiring a champion to fight at the arena
  • 1000sp hiring messengers
  • 10,000sp hiring the guards
  • 10,000sp Candy Cane
  • 11,000sp more Candy Cane
  • 500sp Lunch
  • 500,000sp The Allied traders guild
  • 1,500,000sp The Dwarves
  • 5,000,000sp The Western Church
  • 50,000 sp Investeds
  • 1,000sp sending a msg to the swallow.

Running Total - 7,255,500sp


Spring: Thaw (10)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon3.jpg Candlemansa 1 Guild Meeting 2   3   4   5 The Carzalan Generals Ball 6  
Moon0.jpg 7 New Spring festival in the Sea of Grass 8   9   10   11   12   13  
Moon1.jpg 14   15   16   17   18   19   20  
Moon2.jpg 21   22   23   24   25   26   27  
Moon3.jpg 28   29   30   1   2   3   4  
Spring: Seedtime (11)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg 5   6   7   8 Rites of Thunor 9   10   11  
Moon1.jpg 12   13   14   15 Equinox 16   17 Eostre 18 The Seagate Spring Ball
Moon2.jpg 19   20   21   22   23   24   25  
Moon3.jpg 26   27   28   29   30   1   2  
Spring: Blossom (12)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg 3   4   5   6   7   8   9  
Moon1.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon2.jpg 17   18   19   20   21 Floralia 22   23  
Moon3.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30 Walpurgisnacht