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Lord Haedric of Bryn Coed

Dwarven Ice Mage from the mountains at the south-eastern border of Ranke. Handy with an Axe, Mace, and War Pick/Hammer.

Son of an outcast from Zirac Holding, cousin to Henric, Mavric, Lyric, and Bodric of the Henrikson clan.

He was raised as a lumberjack (but not that kind of lumberjack - Ok?!) before venturing into the wide world.


An Ale Before Bed!

Take the edge off a night in the wilderness with a pint of Golden Ale before bed. It'll provide ye with a feeling of well-being (+1 FT per hour) when sleeping and you'll be untroubled by any dreams/visitations etc (even if magically induced/caused) for up to 8 hours. Freshly brewed every season.

  • 100sp per pint (canteen included, weighs 1 1/4 lbs).
  • 600sp per gallon (8 pints, waterskin included, weighs 11 lbs).

See Haedric at the pub after the guild meeting. 20% off for refills at The Gryphon Inn, Gryphon Pass and Bromli's Rest near Garde-sur-loup, Foxcourt.

GM Info

Armour & Weapons
Dark Blue & Grey Hydra Hide Hard-Leather
Knee-Capper (Battle Axe), Skyfall (War Hammer/Pick), Spare the Rod (Mace)
Brewer (8) & Alchemist (4) - mastering some truly magical ales.
Ranger (5)
Warrior (5)
Healer (3)
Mil Sci, Mechanician, Merchant
Ice Armour (Personal) & Weapon of Cold
Ice Traversal & Ice under his feet
Ice Bergs and Igloos
Resist Cold
Winter Garden
Witchsight (Elven), Detect Aura (Namer)
Scent Ores, Deep Dowsing, Infravision

Lord of Bryn Coed

The Fief of Bryn Coed (Hill Wood)

This fief is in the Diril Highlands (far Northern Aquila) and is held by the Margrave of the Diril Highlands, Alberto “Bellator” Alcibiades Hartmann. This fief was granted to Haedric, on this date of 30th Meadow, 819wk.

Lord Haedric will swear fealty to Davos Mangelsdorff - the Baron of Bryshande and through him to the Margrave of the Diril Highlands and through him to King Ulric Schwarzrotgold, the King of the WK.

Fief Details

The Fief is located 11 miles, northwest from Bryshande and is upon Mt Karnhyn, which is beside the Stargon River. This fief abuts (to the north) Halh Coed (Wild Wood) which is owned by Celeste.

The Fief is 1.5 sq miles in area, covering 1800 acres (640 acres to a mile) has 200 tenants (40 families of 5) upon it. The local area and village are named Brynholm. The village has an Inn (with Stables and Barn), a Church, a Granary, and a few houses.

  • There are 600 acres of quality arable land suitable for food crops
  • There are 60 acres of quality woods suitable for high quality building
  • There are 840 acres of woods
  • There are 300 acres of rough, pastoral land suitable for grazing

The Lord can develop the land, but the Baron at the rate of 33% will tax any underground bonus in terms of income from mines et al, with the rest being the landholders.

The fief provides its lord with a middle-class household (a small 6-bedroom manor with a 60ft watch-tower) and a yearly 13,000sp income (exc expenses), plus the rank of lesser nobility.

However, the owner is required to decide disputes between tenants fairly and equitably, keep the peace, protect their tenants from bandits and monsters by standing a guard of at least 10 men at arms (cost 3,600sp), one of which will be the captain of the guard. The Captain is Ezra Karson of Brynholm.


  1. 816wk Summer: Emerged from the mountains, spent time with the cousins working and acclimatising before joining the guild.
  2. 817wk Autumn: South Gate Rot
  3. 817wk Spring: Into the Unknown & Bromli's Brewery
  4. 819wk Summer: Trouble in the Spine. Appointed Lord of Bryn Coed.
  5. 819wk Spring: Thin Ice
  6. 821wk Winter: Braegon's Treasure Map