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Natural Habitat 
Caverns, Crypts, Ruins, Rural
Wights are a form of ghost. They normally appear in their human form, but vary in substantiality in direct proportion to the time of day. Bright sunlight makes them fade into the spirit world while moonlight and starlight increases their corporeality. When in a corporeal state (usually just after moonrise), they are capable of harming humans just as if they were alive.
Wights are individuals who have died under a geas or oath that they have been unable to fulfil in life. Often, they are bound to a specific place by an oath to protect that place. They are often found guarding burial sites, especially where treasure is buried along with the body of the master the wight has been set to guard. Only magic or silvered weapons can harm a wight and these things can destroy it. An individual whose last point of Endurance is drained by a wight becomes a night gaunt upon the next moonrise, but will have all their normal characteristics halved and will exist under the control of the wight who killed them unless that wight has been destroyed. When a wight is destroyed (by magic or silver), all night gaunts under the wight's control are also destroyed.
Wights may exhibit any and all human skills and talents. They may use magic, but are limited to the Celestial College at Rank 10 or above due to their unique status as beings who themselves wax and wane substantial in direct proportion to the power of celestial bodies.
Movement Rates 
Running: 250
PS: 15-30 MD: 15-25 AG: 10-20 MA: 15-30 EN: 10-25 FT: 15-30
WP: 20-30 PC: 20-30 PB: 3-7 TMR: 5 NA: None
Wights are treated as human when in a substantial state except that normal weapons cannot harm them Wights have no natural weapons other than their touch. They can use weapons, armour and shields using the ranks they gained while alive. Draining damage is never absorbed by armour.
Drain: [D + 2].