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Natural Habitat 
Anywhere (prefers Rural)
1-36 (1)
A ghost is the insubstantial form taken by the spirit of a recently deceased individual. It may appear in exactly the form the individual himself took in life except for a certain shimmering quality and the fact that a ghost seen in direct sunlight will tend to fade into the background. Ghosts are usually produced when an individual dies in particularly traumatic circumstances.
Ghosts can be sources of information that may be wholly or partially false. They may aid characters that are willing to assist them in finishing any business they may have left uncompleted in their former life and which is in whole or in part the cause of their inability to find peace. For example, they may seek revenge on the individual(s) who brought about their end or may desire the welfare of a still living former lover to be attended to. Ghosts are usually chained to a place or object connected with their death or the fulfilment of their desires. They may not leave that place until put to rest unless wronged or cheated by a character. They will then become tied to that character, following them about, haunting them and warning their enemies of their approach until they right the wrong they have done to the ghost. Ghosts have only one aim: to alter the circumstances that have made them ghosts. They may temporarily assist characters in their own goals as a means of getting the characters' assistance in their quest, but only in a very limited sphere. Once their problem has been solved, they are laid to rest and immediately dissipate.
Ghosts have no skills or magical powers and cannot harm living beings directly since they are insubstantial. However, they can frighten living beings (especially the unwary) into flight. A character facing a ghost must roll 3 × Willpower or flee in panic from the ghost's presence. Add 20 to the dice roll if the ghost was unexpected.
Movement Rates 
Flying: 250
PS: None MD: None AG: None MA: 5-23 EN: None FT: None
WP: 5-23 PC: 5-23 PB: 5-23 TMR: 5-7 NA: None
Ghosts have no natural weapons and may not use weapons. They cannot harm others directly and cannot be harmed by physical means.