Night Gaunt

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Natural Habitat
Caverns, Crypts, Ruins
1-5 (2)
Night-gaunts are similar to wights, but weaker. They may be created whenever a wight drains the last point of Endurance from a sentient or whenever a entity dies while still under a geas or oath. Unlike other undead oath-breakers, they will not seek to fulfill their oath in death. Instead, they will serve evil in all ways. They wax and wane substantial in the same manner as wights.
Night-gaunts are similar to wights and are usually found nearby a controlling wight. A night-gaunt can not create another night-gaunt or wight. Night-gaunts can only be harmed by magic or silver edweapons.
Night-gaunts possess the same talents and skills as they did when alive, but they cannot use any magics except Celestial Magics. They can use weapons, armour and shields just as they did when they were alive.
Movement Rates
Running: 250
PS: 10-20 MD: 10-18 AG: 5-15 MA: 15-30 EN: 10-20 FT: 10-20
WP: 20-25 PC: 20-30 PB: 3-10 TMR: 5 NA: None
Night-gaunts are treated as all ways as human when in a substantial state except that they cannot be harmed by normal weapons. A night-gaunt may drain the life-force of any entity with whom they come in contact. Draining damage is never absorbed by armour.
Drain: [D].