Killramadrum Gillgiver

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Played by Jason Saggers

Killramadrum Gillgiver, Dragon Knight (commonly known as Drum).

For those who have known him, over the past 7-8 years, Drum has grown more and more drawn and dedicated to serving the ultimate master of the universe, the Ancient Dragons. As such he has dedicated himself to The One also known as Xanadu.

In following his heart, Drum has picked up parts of an ancient magical suit of armour, that slowly transforms the wearer into a closer bonds with Dragonkind, inparting into the wearer some of the abilities of the Dragons.

These armour parts have so far proven to be resistant to having illusion cast on them (with the illusion falling of the parts covered by the armour within minutes).

Drum is questing for the rest of the armour, and as such will often take mission where encountering Dragons is a possibilty.

Killramadrum has also committed himself to the arts of the warrior, and as such is an expert in the production of armour and weapons. Primary weapon is a custom giant glaive that was made for him off plane by a Dwarvish Runes Master. It is said to be particullay potent against creatures that can shift shape, and all those inflicted which lycanthropy.

Drum also is known to use the magics of the Namer, although in comparison to the rest if his career has only been study this for a short time (about 2 - 3 years).

Abilities of Note:

Miltary Scientist
Brewer (makes of good brew, which he sells/intents to sell under the Brand Dragonshead)