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Dragons were the first mortal race on Alusia, and were created by the god Xanadu, the Dragon Father. Xanadu created eight mated pairs of dragons, all beings of immense power, barely less than the gods, but mortal and fated to one day die and depart the universe.

First Generation

These sixteen dragons directly created by Xanadu were known as the First Ones, and also as the Unborn. They varied in power, related in some fashion to the order of their creation; those created first having more raw power than the rest of the sixteen, but all had far more power than the second generation and younger.

Second Generation

The first mortal beings born on Alusia these dragons were lesser in stature and power than their parents, but still possessed of awe-inspiring powers and abilities.

Third Generation

Considerably reduced in power compared to their parents these are the last generation who are termed "Ancient Dragons". Many of this generation were slain in the war that felled Baal, some left for other worlds, some remained and it is their children, many generations removed, who are the modern dragons of Alusia.


There was a wide variety of powers and abilities amongst the ancient dragons, with them usually having one or a few specific areas of interest within which they were extremely powerful, and a number of less areas. Some areas mapped to the familiar elements, others to abstract concepts such as justice.

Shape Changing

Almost all of the Ancient Dragons were able to change into several shapes, a few had no limit on the number of forms that they could assume and some could change into unusual forms, such as water or wind. Most have tended to favour a few forms, usually preferring their draconic shape, and a humanoid form.

Their humanoid shapes tend to be similar to elves in features, though usually somewhat taller than elves, and with a heavier, more human build. Many had breath-taking beauty, though some favoured plainer features, or added usual touches such as crests or slitted pupils.

One interesting feature of this shape changing ability is that many of the Ancient Dragons mated in their altered forms with other creatures that filled the world, and passed on fragments of their inate power to later generations of that race or species. Some of these races gained a little of the wisdom of the Dragons; others gained fantastical abilities. It may be that many of the odd abilities of the Alusian native races and creatures can be traced back to distant dragon ancestors. It may be that the humanoid forms of the dragons do not resemble elves, but rather that elves resemble dragons; elven longevity and magical talent may have the same origin.

Very few modern dragons have shape changing, although a few with strong bloodlines retain the ability, almost always limited to only their draconic shape and a single humanoid form.

Known Ancient Dragons

List of the the known first and second generation dragons (with a few notable third generation). Most of these beings were known by a number of names, the listed name is that most commonly used in ancient times.

  1. Baal & Anu
  2. Ea & Damkina
  3. Sin & Ningal
  4. Ninurta & Gula
  5. Girru & Silili
  6. Mummu & Mylitta
    • Belit-Sheri
  7. Eru & Aruru
  8. Sargon & Lullya