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Natural Habitat 
Caverns, Crypts, Ruins, Rural
1-10 (l)
A wraith is much like a wight in that they appear as humans and tend to wax and wane insubstantial. However, a wraith dissipates entirely in full sunlight and may never reform. Consequently, wraiths stay in dark areas where the sun does not penetrate and only come out at night. The natural pallor of a wraith is replaced by a silvery aura in bright moonlight when its power is at its height.
A wraith may not be harmed by weapons (including enchanted weapons). It may only be destroyed by magic spells or by exposure to direct sunlight.
Wraiths cannot harm living beings by physical means, nor can they engage in any physical skills. However, a wraith can, when its power is high, perform Celestial Magic at Rank 8 or above. Even at their most substantial, they are not otherwise physical beings.
Movement Rates 
Running: 250
PS: 2-5 MD: 2-5 AG: 25-35 MA: 15-30 EN: 15-30 FT: 20-35
WP: 20-30 PC: 20-30 PB: 5-20 TMR: 5 NA: None
Wraiths have no natural weapons other than their touch. They never use weapons. Draining damage is never absorbed by armour.
Drain: [D + 4].