Will O' Wisp

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Natural Habitat 
Marsh, Swamp
1-10 (1)
The Will O' Wisp appears as a ball of light. But in fact they are tall spindly insubstantial fae, who carry a lantern (or use glamours to replicate a similar effect) and use it to lure creatures into bogs.
Will O' Wisps are permanently insubstantial. They can frighten other sentient living creatures (3xWP or less to save) except for faerie folk. They have the glamour talent and may be Adepts of the College of Sorceries of the Mind (at low levels).
Will O' Wisps are pranksters, who try to mislead travellers into bogs.
Movement Rates 
Flying: 1000
PS: None MD: None AG: 25-30 MA: 5-15 EN: 1-2 FT: 3-4
WP: 12-16 PC: 12-15 PB: N/A TMR: 10 NA: None
Will O' Wisps do not use weapons. They can only be affected by direct contact with Cold Iron and by those spells that do not cause loss of FT or EN. They are very hard to hit in combat (-40 to SC)