Through the Doors of Perception

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Note of the field about the Lands of the Black Ice in Greyhawk.

The Party

Callas Verdicini
Party scribe.
Count Blitzkrieg
Leading fighter.
Baron Saydar
Necromancer, orc, and field artillary.
Baron Engalton the Despoiler
Fasist dictator.
Adam Vychan Jones
Henchgiant of Fasist dictator.
Liessa Varden
Sorcessess of the mind.
Morgan Lyaffette
All round toughguy.

Meadow 1, 798 WK

After Guild meeting we are given a jade band each by an associate of Mr Lorefakir. From from Guild we enter Seagate and walk down a blind alley which takes us to another blind alley somewhere in Greyhawk City.

Within Greyhawk City is the residence of Mr Lorefakir and we travel there. He asks us to find the Doors of Perception, somewhere in the lands of the Black Ice. He says that a paladin called Turney the Less Than Merciful had traveled through the area and survived. His resting place is by a lake some two days from Greyhawk City.

Meadow 3, 798 WK

Arrive at a village by the lake with a river which runs towards Greyhawk city next to it. We fly along the edge of the lake and are attacked by a giant axilottle and a oversided mo-bat. Travel on to a ruined tower by the lake. There rests the spirit of Turney the Merciless. He rips out Saydar's soul and gives it to Vycarn for safe keeping.

He tells us notes of his journey are in the library of Chendyl. He also gives us a sword called Rictus and a giant silver codpiece. We travel back to the town on a controlled axilottle. In a rash move by Engleton accidently dispells the enchantment over the town is enabled its citizens to make charms which protected sailors from the creatures of the land. The town is ruined and Engleton's reputation for being a complete Fasist Bastard is re-enforced.

Meadow 7, 798 WK

Arrive back at Greyhawk City. Vycarn carefully points out, when asked if a Necromancer, that no he wasn't, by Saydar there was. Trouble ensues until Lorefakir's name mentioned. Saydar's soul cleaned, polished and re-instated by the Church of Rao. We rest for the week.

Meadow 15, 798 WK

While travelled towards Chendyl on horses stopped at village to Willip by guards of Lord Vendicar. Spent night there. Blitzkrieg creates marital harmony between the aged Lord and his budding young wife. In return Vendicar gives us a note which speeds us on our way.

Meadow 19, 798 WK

Reach Chendyl. There Saydar tried out some Military Grade Wiskey. The effects were most interesting and the charging pink elephant was quite cute. Later we visited an Elementalist called Zion, who is a oldish and very dirty man.

  • Turney visited Lands of Black Ice 159 years ago.
  • Notes on journey last held by Cuil (Lorefakir).
  • Lost them in a forest five days south of here to the Huntsman.
  • The Huntsman is some spectral being and a known evil.
  • He also collects souls. The forest controlled by the Huntsman is bigger on the inside.
  • Two years ago the forest changed.
  • Military grade road heads south from here to near the forest.

Go to the Temple of Fharlagyn. There we meet a gnome called Ignatious Knobnose. After being duped by the gnome and almost having an altercation with another group of priests we case after Ignatious and bring him back to Chendyl.

Meadow 19, 798 WK

Find out that Ignatious had been to the forest in the south and run afoul of the Huntsman, who geased and compelled him to bring others to the forest.

Travel down road in shadow wings (military grade road, so can go full speed on the wings).

We reach the forest. Build next to it is a tower with a gantry hanging out over the forest.

  • The forest behaves like an ocean of trees once out over it, so you can sail over the tree tops.
  • The forest is at a conjunction of five planes.
  • Various islands (hills) exist within the forest.
  • The Huntsman is also called ``The Evil Thats Lurks in the Wood.
  • The forest's ITN is ``Ryhope.

While sailing on the forest we are attacked by the Huntsman and we give him a good kicking. Our boat sinks so we fly to an island. A group of adventurers had been there not so long ago. We find the notes from Turney there.

Murmurs of an old lost evil haunts the undying healer to take from him the essence of faith upon the void.

Cross the Doors of Perception, go where time time wind blows.

Who will rise by the wood?

Crossing the Doors of Perception a Lord of the Old Undead or a Lady of Silver Twilight?

Meadow 21, 798 WK

Go to alter on island (Earth Place of Power). The alter is a gate. Can either be used by sacrificing people or using jade. We touch our jade amulets to the alter can come out in a limestone cave some 20 miles out of Greyhawk city.

Two years earlier Lorefakir had sent a party to the island to retrieve ``The Book of Days and the sword ``Woundhealer. The party got the book by because of the sacrifice needed to use the gate, had turned on each other afterward.

The following information came to light at this point.

Lady of the Silver Twilight. A goddess now dead. Used to make the night safe.
Not native to Greyhawk. Arrived two years ago.
Black Ice
Doesn't know much.
Planes collided
Two years ago the planes collided together so the topology of the land not set. Maps are not so useful but

adventurers and the like set the land in place by being there.

Big O
A god of death. Doesn't know how he died, but it was recent.
Lord of Old Undead
A bit known but not recorded.

Meadow 26, 798 WK

Reach Delven Brass after five days travel. Delven Brass was an underground bunker designed to keep the horrors at bay. A while back it was breached and was occupied by horrors. After a disasterous first attempt to deal with the horrors the party deals completely with the horror (a Wormskull) and its Vang allies.

During the interlude between our first attempt at the cairn and the rescue there was an altercation between Foras, Liessa's master and Mr Titvilious, a restident devil of Greyhawk. Nothing particularly good came out of it but the party did manage to get itself healed.

AA 3, 798 WK

> After a week of travelling north we meet with some dwarves. Stay with them the night before travelling another week. We are told that the Mount of Dawn will help if we are wanting to have Liessa's pact removed.

AA 10, 798 WK

We run into some local loonies. One of them had a ring of Djinn summoning. We relieve him of its ownership and give the ring to a Djinni in return for three wishes. +Help with removing Liessa's pact. +Five triple effect spells for Saydar. +Heal the party completely once.

The remains notes are missing

Items collected on the adventure

Cash payment
12,000 silver pennies each.
Moon Silver Orb
one each.
The Codpiece of Inesimatable Beauty
enough said.
a weapon from the late Turney the Merciless.
Bracelets of Absorption
Eight of them.
A healing sword with Naming enchantment.
Fireball scrolls
Seven of them.
The Oerth Stone
An item for Earth Mages.
Necromantic staff
The White Stave of Tsjocanth --- The Black Stave of Iggwilv.
Ithilid Mask
A squid mask.