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Played by Adam Tennant



Blizkrieg was the son of a soldier and grew up in a keep and trained as a man at arms. After becoming a knight he left to join the guild and life of adventure. He certainly got that.


Blitzkrieg is a 6'2" tall human with short, spikey blonde hair and blue eyes. He is very solidly built and is ruggedly handsome. His eyes burn with the flames of hell from the time he spent imprisoned there. He wears red dragon skin armour and shield and carries a bone scythe among other weapons. He wears a black robe and a candle in a cage at his belt, marks of his allegiance to Sammael.

General Information

Blitzkrieg is Baron Stormguard and Lord High Protector of Aladar through hard work during the war, Count of Aquila through marriage to Lady Catherine Schwarzrotgold the sister of Duke Frederick III of Aquila and a pacted follower of Archangel Sammael.

He started out his long career (started in 1988 real time) as a non-mage but learned Namer college after quite a number of years. He has had a tough career, participating in a war, several sieges, a mission to Hell, and was in the party that killed the Ruby Scourge (Drow god dragon).

After an adventuring hiatus of a few years, he is back in active service seeking out and purging evil wherever it lurks, particularly undead and daemonic entities. Oh and Saydar too if he ever gets his hands on the little scumbag.


Blitzkrieg is a passable Namer preferring to fight rather than cast spells. He is particularly adept at fighting undead and daemons. He is an expert Warrior and Military Scientist among many other skills.

Turf's Largesse

Pureheart Charm


This scrap of parchment weighs ¼ lb and contains four charges of the Pureheart Charm. It does not need to be read out, in fact the phrase must be memorised and uttered, requiring a Free Act, the parchment itself might be kept in the owner's backpack, or even at home.
When the charm is spoken aloud, the number of charges is reduced by 1 wherever they are, and it may not be uttered again until after the next dawn. The phrase must be spoken by the character's player in a clear voice without hesitation, stumbling or unnecessary pause. The phrase is:
'My strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure!'
It will not work for anyone whose heart could not be reasonably considered pure, and never for anyone who has any Ranks in Assassin. If it does work, the effect lasts for three Pulses and multiplies the utterer's base PS by 10. Bonuses from magic and items are added after the multiplication.

4 3 2 1
Adventure Season Plane of Origin Aura Nature of Magic Value Cursed etc.? GM
Immortal Longings Spring 810 Tanuel Formerly living Charm 4,500sp Red x.png px50 Jim Arona 021 076 9376

History or Events involved in

  • 812WK On the 1st of Frost 812WK Count Blitzkrieg of Aquila travelled to Konigburg. Count Blitzkrieg went to assist the King in troubled times and will be advising King Ulric Schwarzrotgold on military matters as well as security for him and his family. Count Blitzkrieg is expected to be heavily involved should rumours of invasions by Drow or Orcish armies come to fruitition.


Scab: Blitzkrieg is a bit unpredictable, one minute he's smiting demons, the next he's losing his pointy stick, the next he's hiding under a bush pretending to be a priest. But don't ever hit him with a stick, he'll never forget it, and I did hit him with a stick till he cried... shhh, I think he's coming. Nice dirt we've got down here.

Ty: A dependable adventurer with a wide array of skills. However he's probably not the best as party leader due to his narrow world-view.