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Natural Habitat
Rural, Woods
1-10 (6)
Satyrs are always males, and have the upper halves of a man and the legs of a goat or horse. They have bristly hair, and short, black horns. Their skin is a deep mahogany in colour.
Satyrs are much like centaurs in mentality: they enjoy drinking, dancing, and generally making merry. In general they dislike men, although they will occasionally attempt to seduce human females. They will usually be accompanied by nymphs.
Satyrs are somewhat magical. Their magical abilities are usually focused through a pipe, which they play to charm, delight, or otherwise influence those around them. They are also 3 times as stealthy as humans, and can blend in with surrounding trees (90% chance they will be undetected if they remain still. Satyrs have the same power over women that nymphs have over men.
Movement Rates
Running: 400
PS: 12-22 MD: 19-22 AG: 18-20 MA: 15-18 EN: 10-18 FT: 18-28
WP: 15-18 PC: 18-20 PB: 9-12 TMR: 8 NA: Skin absorbs 2 DP
Satyrs use simple weapons like spears. Usually they will have Rank 1-5 with the weapons they use.