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The Fallen; The Redeemed, The Angel in Darkness; The Angel of the Path of Light

Sammael manifests as a man of middle years but little touched by age. His features are a blend of human and elven, with pale skin and dark hair (and a trimmed and pointed dark beard), pointed ears, and large, feathered white wings. He is dressed in black and outfitted as a scholar or mage, although he may at times appear in armour and bearing weapons. He wears about his neck a chain bearing a gold pendant in the form of a candle within a circle, which is his symbol Lumen (Light). He favours Ravens as animal servants, and will sometime have one perched upon a shoulder. If the place he appears is darkened then candles will also manifest with him. These may be affixed to various surfaces or may be floating as appropriate.

Sammael's office is that of the guide of scholars, magicians and seekers after knowledge, and a light to those that walk in peril in dark places on the business of the Elohim. He charges his Agents, the Sammaelites, with the gathering of knowledge to fight evil, and to oppose ignorance. Sammael prefers to accept Mages as Agents and expects his mages to demonstrate their understanding of the greater responsibility they bear because of the magical powers they possess.

Sammael is quiet and studious, and not prone to rash action, but courageous and willing to walk into great peril when circumstances dictate. His study of the ways of Darkness lead to his long demonic imprisonment, and he has become more careful because of this, but has also gained a great sympathy for those that fall and wish to be redeemed. He is still viewed with suspicion by both Michael and Gabriel, but co-operates often with Raphael and Uriel.

An avatar of Sammael will be a great Alchemist, Astrologer, Healer, Herbalist, and Philosopher, command many languages, and possess lesser abilities as a Courtier, Mechanician, and a number of Artisan skills. Sammael is very handsome to look at and may inspire Awe. An avatar of Sammael will be a mighty Adept and practice many magics drawn from a number of Colleges. Most of his magics are those of the Thaumatugies, but he also posseses considerable ability with Fire and Light magics. Sammael's Magic Resistance is high, and in addition, if he can see the Mage that has targeted him, he can often cause the same spell to effect the caster as well as himself.

An avatar of Sammael will prefer not to use weapons but if forced to do so will possess a number at maximum Rank, and prefers lighter and usually one-handed weapons. Any weapon he uses will ignore all magical defences on the target, whatever its other properties may be. If Sammael appears outfitted for war the weapons he bears may be considered magical and can strike any target, even those usually immune to material weapons, and he will wear black plate armour of some light-weight material. Whenever he enters combat Sammael becomes surrounded by a coruscating and blinding aura that provides significant defence.

Sammael can be summoned into places of learning (preferably magical learning) that need not be allied or aligned with the Powers of Light, or where his followers are in peril in the dark places they walk.