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Rangiwhero used to be the site of an ancient civilisation before it sank beneath the waves during Penjarre. It has only recently emerged exactly 2000 years later, Currently it is rather barren but attempts are being made to terra-form it in preparation for eventual colonisation. Many civilisations are attempting to stake claims on it, including Destiny.

The culture on Rangiwhero was very much like that found in some places in the Islands of Adventure or the Ellenic States. When it sank beneath the waves, (cause still unknown), the survivors fled to populate the surrounding islands. Much was lost with the stories of an ancestral home falling into myth and legend.

Most of the land is still barren apart from grasses, lichens and mosses (as at 808WK). However, much of the shoreline has coconut palms growing on it, mostly around the southern and eastern coasts. A reef is also forming around the south east coast.

The west coast is more unprotected than the east coast as there are no protective reefs. Instead waves pound the shore and in some places, especially halfway up the coast, the waves can reach great heights and curl over themselves before reaching the shore. Most of the western coast consists of cliffs and jagged rocks. There are some long beaches, especially around Attica where a lot of detritus can get washed up. The sands on the west coast are black, and can be picked up with a lodestone. In contrast, the east coast sands are white, consisting mostly of dead, ground up, coral.

Places of Interest

  • Upper Pasifika - Once a very large city dominated by a pyramid. It is one of the Seven Ancient Cities. It is now a ruin. Near there is the base of the Gentlefolks Exploratory Society. The Portal to the Sea of Grass and other Ancient cities is located here just outside the city. As of 814 this is being rebuilt to serve as the Sea Elf capital.
  • Lower Pasifika - Used to be the merfolk's capital city before Rangiwhero rose from the waves but is now evacuated because of the threat from nearby Sahuagin. An outpost is maintained there to defend what is left. In the process or being rebuilt and restored. As of 814 the Merfolk Capital is being re-established here.
  • Olympic Plain - This is perfectly flat and is ringed by shrines to the Old Gods. Anyone who attempts to cross the plains find themselves being deflected off course. The closer they get to the geographic center, the more they are deflected, in some cases, being completely turned around. It is theorised that the centre has some sort of Forbiddance on it. Adventurers who travelled back in time, recall a large mountain sitting where the plain is now.
  • Trading Post - Set up shortly after Rangiwhero rose, to channel trade to and from the surrounding islands to places such as Destiny and other parts of the Western Kingdom. Originally it was a small outpost but has rapidly grown to nearly 200 residents. Trade is products from the islands such as pearls, coconuts, bananas, perfumes, and other island products. Items from Khoras, such as emerald moss potions, are also starting to filter through. It is rumoured that some of the financial support came from the Seagate Guild Council. Owing to efforts by Earth Mages and Wiccans, the ground around the trading post has been rendered fertile and able to grow crops to support the settlement. Lately the settlement has been fortified with ditches, embankments, and a palisade, initially to protect it from roaming undead and, more recently, from Sahuagin. The guards there have been bolstered by paladins from Khoras. Since 816 the population of this area has exploded, with multiple townships forming almost right next to each other. There are also a couple of other significant sized settlements located about a days sailing (70-90 miles) on a good boat apart between here and the headlands where the old powers of light settlement was..
  • Stone Circle Portal - This is a circle of stones surrounding a trilithon located a few miles inland from the Trading Post. The trilithon is a portal to the Plane of Palaeolithica
  • Amphipolis - These are ruins of a large city surrounded by a the remains of a wall. Stone lions ring the city. A small hill in the centre of the city has the remains of the acropolis on it with the city necropolis under it. It is rumoured that a great Heroine from ancient times is interred there. The remains of other Heroes may also be there. The Sahuagin had been using slaves to tunnel in that direction and also for digging in the necropolis but they have been driven out of the area. There are several small villages on the coast that have appeared near these ruins since 816, but no-one has attempted to resettle the city.
  • Powers of Light - The Churches of the Powers of Light have also set up outposts in order to 'convert the local savages' but, so far, their efforts have met with unexpected resistance from the local spirits. However, recently (808WK) the outpost was wiped out by a band of Sahuagin. The area around the outpost is able to support crops. They even had a small grove of apple trees. As of roughly 817, a small Pasifikan town has begun to grow in the same area. There are also a couple of other significant sized settlements located about a days sailing (70-90 miles) on a good boat apart between here and the trading station.
  • Mount Felicity - An active volcano prone to temper tantrums including outbursts of lava. At night, it's eruptions can look rather spectacular.
  • Waipatki - A collection of ruins dominated by a large hill upon which is the remains of a fortress. There was a spirit here, begging to be set free, but it has since been released.
  • Thermal area - This is an area containing hot springs, mud pools and geysers. Ruins indicate that the locals harnessed some of the pools to create thermal baths etc, some of which are still active. However, some artefacts seem to indicate that there was a civilisation on the surrounding plains that predate the human occupation. Indications are that it may be elven but whether they are related to the tall Alfhiem elves or the short elves in Zeyland are unknown. Certainly finds seem to indicate that the springs were originally dedicated to an ancient, yet unknown, elven nature spirit.
  • Stone Henge Circles - East of the thermal area and on the same plain is a series on concentric stone circles, many of which are missing or fallen over. Unlike the henge just north of the trading centre, it is not a portal to elsewhere but the centre still has a higher than average mana level. It is theorised that this henge used to be a high mana zone but has weakened over time. Rituals and spells cast in the center of the circle still have a 5% better chance of working. The stones are also arranged in lineups that seem to indicate some sort of celestial, solar or lunar timekeeping and seem to be dedicated to unknown ancient elven nature deities.
  • The Elven Plain - The area encompassing the thermal area and the stone henge circles to the south of Mt Felicity and north of the Circle of Shrines has been determined to be an area roughly equivalent to the Sea of Grass. It was, and probably will be again, the main farming area on the island. It is known that the human civilisation did extensive agriculture here but some excavations have indicated a large elven presence that predates the humans arrival. These elves were hunter/gatherers as well as farmers and started off using flint tools before discovering the use of bronze. Since there wasn't extensive forests here they lived in villages composed of a collection of round houses. Each village was surrounded by defensive ditches. Not much is known about this civilisation as it suddenly vanished before the War of Tears. The largest village/town near the stone circle has been identified as Tirion.

  • Potedaia - The ruins of a fishing town. Lately it was discovered that the caves nearby, which contained the remains of the dead, have been raided, the skeletons animated and any weapons stored there were taken. Evidence shows that the Sahuagin are responsible and they are using Undead to bolster their army.
  • Coast of Fire - This is where lava flows into the sea, creating large clouds of steam. Lava emerges from nearby lava tubes and flows over the ground. As a consequence the whole area is blanketed on black lava rock. In some places the crust is thin, with breaks where the red molten lava can be seen flowing underneath.
  • Itimanuka Bay - An area rich in sea life bounded by a protective stone and coral reef. However, a large contingent of Sahuagin have built a fortress in the middle of the bay and are currently stripping it. The land around the bay is also surprisingly fertile. It is currently being restored and an underwater shrine to Itimanuka now occupies the area where the Sahuagin base once stood. As of 814 several coastal sea elf towns are being built nearby and the Merfolk are settling the bay in numbers.
  • Thrace - The ruins of a large town on the northern edge of Itimanuka Bay. The dead and any other useful materials have also been looted and removed. As of 814, the Sea Elves have taken the name of this settlement for a nearby town of their own, however they have not actually built on top of the old ruins the location not being as suitable for their way of life.
  • Cliff of Heros - Here, some enterprising adventurers carved their facial likenesses into the cliff. Each face is roughly six feet wide. The faces are of the following Guild adventurers: Flamis, Braegon, Silverfoam, Rowan, Arnaud, Grendel, and Drum The location where the carved faces once stood has become the middle of a massive landslide area where a mile across chunk of the cliff was ripped out and briefly became a floating island. This floating island which had the faces on it has now been sunk and may be lodged part way down the cliff face into the deeps. The resulting cliff collapse created a slope 10-20 miles across with several plateaus of size upon it where a mainly gargoyle town (by the name of New Alvurron) is currently being settled from a nearby planar rift.
  • Attica - This is the ruins of what was a city of the edge of a what used to be a large pastoral plain. It was famous for it's honey, cheese, mushrooms, wines, and other produce. The area was a good place for truffles as well. Now it's just a ruin. A large statue to Poseidon dominates the ruin and the Sahuagin have also raided the place.After an accidental desecration during a Pasifikan rebuilding attempt in 814, this city is now re-sanctified to Poseidon & the Olympic Gods and is being resettled by a mix of Delphians & converted Pasifikans. The Goddess Athena is also featuring significantly in the city now thanks to the influence from Delph.
  • Epidaurus - These ruins contain what used to be a large hospital and medical school, dedicated to Aesculapius. The area is still consecrated with the added benefit of a increased healing rate. The graveyard is also consecrated in order to prevent the dead within from being raised as undead. It is still untouched and many ancient great healers have been laid to rest here. There is also the ruins of a large theatre, dedicated to Apollo. It is thought that the consecration here can help provide inspiration to troubadours.
  • Calydon - A city dedicated to Apollo where it was said curses could be removed. It was surrounded by swamps. The ruins have been raided by the nearby Sahuagin.
  • Atlantis - It used to be a small island off the coast but also sunk beneath the waves earlier than Rangiwhero itself did. Was known for inventions and technology based on crystals. The ruins there are well preserved and used to be inhabited by the merfolk before the Sahuagin invaded from the north around 801WK. It is in the process of being explored for resettlement.
  • Apollonius - Ruins on the northern side of the Fire Coast. Used to be a trading city. Has also been raided.
  • Fae Forest - Before Rangiwhero sank, the peninsula south of Calydon was a large forest which was home to the centaurs and other fae folk. A new forest has now been established and is slowly expanding outwards. It is presumed that, in the center, is a portal to one of the Fae planes, probably Tir Na Nog. It is known to be populated by a race of six inch tall Fae that DA as Never Faeries, possibly from Neverland. Grasslands with flowers scattered through it, is spreading outwards from the forest. Many small animal species and birds can be found here.