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To be populated by Spys
Moriquendi City 3.jpg

The Drow city of Moriquendi is said to be located on the Northern coast of Terranova.

Few facts are known about this city, with no real direct contact as of early 817 WK. In the region in the Summer sometimes 'Mana storms' blow in from the west. The storms drive wild & domestic animals and people from its path, similar in effect to forest fires. The storms can be seen for miles around. The walls of the city are said to stop the mana storms. Ruled by the rich and powerful Drow Moriquendi Clan. Said to be a strong supporter of the War party. High population city-state.

Suspected to be the home city of -

Some rumours about Moriquendi say -

  • Lady Dunmer of Moriquendi - of Borovia. Said to have many allies within the Clan and Guard. Mr Moriquendi and Master Blackbone Moriquendi are the two bodyguards of Lady Dunmer of Moriquendi.
  • Master Blackbone Moriquendi - Is an unmatched melee warrior who is skilled at the art of six arm melee combat. Known to be able to see in all directions. Able to cast some Binder magics and is a skilled master Beastmaster, with a Chimera ally. Said to be able to become insubstantial by way of being spectral (visible in the spirit realm and seen as an insubstantial in the real world) at will and an excellent melee expert.
  • Mr Moriquendi - Is said to have been Drow many hundreds of years ago but is different now. Is a very skilled Bardic and Binder mage with limited melee skills. He has a range of animated detachable binder body parts which crawl and act like spiders.
  • Sub-commander Brizwiira Moriquend - A sub-commander of Moriquendi City regular troops.