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Natural Habitat
Coastal, Ocean
1-100 (1)
Merfolk are half human, half fish, the top half being the human half. Merfolk lose 3 points of Fatigue (and Endurance when Fatigue is exhausted) for each hour they remain out of water. Merfolk are aquatics, and must keep a flow of water over their gills in the same manner as fish.
Merfolk will often sit on a beach, waiting to ensnare a human of the opposite sex, whom they will then bring down into the deeps with them as lovers. They give the human a cap woven of gold, which has magical properties that allow the human to live, and breath under water. Down under the sea, the merfolk will have cities and societies much like those on the surface, with wars, diplomacy, trade, etc. Great treasure will often be found in the sea-peoples' underwater lairs, often including gold from sunken wrecks. The merfolk are not usually hostile to man, but they will occasionally force a boat to turn back if it is trespassing on water they consider sacred or otherwise not appropriate for man.
Merfolk get along very well with the indigenous life of the sea, and they can summon fish of various types, although they will only rarely summon the larger predators. Some merfolk will have powerful magic, while others will be ignorant of magic. All breathe air and water.
Movement Rates
Swimming: 350
PS: 10-25 MD: 14-25 AG: 16-21 MA: 13-23 EN: 12-14 FT: 20-24
WP: 13-18 PC: 14-20 PB: 18-30 TMR: 7 NA: Skin absorbs 2 DP
The merfolk ride seahorses and can use weapons underwater. They prefer pole-type weapons (especially tridents) and stabbing knives and swords. They will wear fish-skin armour (similar to leather armour) or seashell armour (similar to lamillar armour) when going to war.