Lunar City

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Capital City of the Lunar Empire.

Population: inside the walls 800,000+ outside the city many more
Language: Lunar 100%, Storm Giant 50% Common 50%

Lunar City is dominated by many things like; its huge population, business, housing problems, what the weather rituals will do today, the price of coal, grain and fresh water, but there are three things of note:

  • The Emperor: - Ruler and Commander of the Garrisons. He is often involved with the Senate and dealing with problems of the High Guilds.
  • The Senate: - The representatives of the leaders of the provinces.
  • The Block: - The Block itself is visible for a days journey in all directions.
A city street

The City

The city is made from a small mountain shaped, and formed by the city itself. The city has five to six lines of walls with many families and normal every day working businesses trying to make a profit. At the base are the poorer families, all the way to the top being for the very wealthy and large families with influence. Towers dominate parts of the city skyline.

Prices for most goods are high in the city unless dealing in large numbers. Prices for food and accommodation are high. City entry level prices are double, Middle city prices are five times normal, and the Upper city prices are a huge Base X 15. A large house at the top of Lunar City would cost millions of silver to purchase, and many many thousands to maintain and run.

At the top of the city is a large lake. Around the edge of the lake to the north are the Senate grounds, to the South are the halls and towers of the Inquisition, to the west are the High Guilds, and the east is the Praetorian Guards and Imperial Garrisons, Standards of the Legions of the Empire. Almost in the centre of the lake is the Emperors' Palace and grounds.

Many items of commerce and trade are produced in large quantities for the rest of the Empire in Lunar City. All of the arms and armour for the Garrisons and Legions are fashioned by the skilled trades people of the large middle class.

Well over two dozen barges of grain, wheat, rye, salt, wine, breads, and meats arrive daily from the Provinces of First Blessed – the oldest farming province with the best food production to help feed the always hungry city.

It is not uncommon for a flying ship to be seen over the upper city.

City Baths