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Lunar Senate

Within the Lunar Empire there are the fifteen provinces. Each province gets to vote in about six Senators (voted in by the land holders once every 5 years) at any one time. The Governor of each province and each Legion commander also theoretically sit in the Senate, though they are usually not physically present. There are also many senatorial (aristocrats) families who sit in the senate house, these hereditary positions have been conferred by the emperor or the senate.

Provincial Budgets:
The Senators that makes up these short falls in the budget from their own business or family, gets to represents the province for the next year in Lunar, which can be very lucrative for the family. The first one to pay the budget to the Governor is deemed the next Senator. The amount paid is equal to last years budget. It is convention that families can pay with 'notes' and not cash. Normally they are from the wealthiest of families. This has ruined some families. The budgets are often inflated with levies and taxes from Lunar City and from the Emperor himself, to help favour one Senator over another. The Senate get to direct the spending of taxes from Lunar, to one or other of the province including Lunar City.

The Governors run and spend the budget on a daily basis, and are often held ransom by the Senators family to pay the budget, so a lot of politics is involved.

Commanders of the Legions hold the power and responsibility to take control from the Governor (removing the Senator also) of the province and the government if it is deemed that it is not upholding the Emperors will or standards.

  • The Senators often work together with one in Lunar City at the Senate, and the other back in their home making sure the Governors work well.
  • The Governors carry out the will of the Emperor and the other looks after the High Guilds within the province.
  • The Commanders lead the Garrison and Legions.

Depending on the population and wealth of any given province determines if the positions are real or not.

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The provinces are:

Carmania Province
Doblian Province
Orinin Province
Karasal Province
Silver Shadow
First Blessed Province
Oraya Province
Kostaddi Province
Darjiin Province
Sylila Province
Vanch Province
Holay Province
Tarsh Province
Imther Province
Assar Province


The senate has no real control over the empire as a whole. They can create some laws, disburse taxation but ultimately executive power is held by the Emperor, the armies and local Governors.

Most of the provincial governments run at a loss depending in the scale of civic works and the services.