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Little Big Planes - Meandering for MadRon: first blood part 2

1/1/09 - 7/1/09 WK

Party Members

Count Blitzkrieg
long-lived human Namer (Mil Sci) - lunar
Baron Turf 
elvish Namer
Sir Ty Trident 
long-lived human Air mage (Party Leader, Scribe) - summer stars (water)
undying human Earth mage - summer stars (earth) life luna
elvish Earth mage - death
Orm - hill giant Namer - winter earth
Uzi Urksome 
orc E&E (tiny bit of scribing) - winter stars (air)
human Fire mage - death
human Firemage
human Namer - summer stars fire
human Mind mage - summer earth
Kel - elf Dark Mind mage
hobbit Dark Celestial - luna
human Dark Celestral - death
Sin - female orc necromancer - luna
Mirage - elf Illusionist (scribe) - winter water
hobbit E&E - Autumn (Fire) dark
orc Dark Celestial - seasons dark


Callas gets a letter from MadRon for an information gathering quest. It also says to clap two and a half times for more info; upon doing that another letter falls from a hole in the sky with another letter, it says the job is to test the "Strength and viability of portals on other planes", and has a map. The letter is on very thin paper, so almost transparent, and the map is very odd and double-sided. It has planar transportation on it - cant descern the destination. Callas pulls a party togther and we get ready.

Follow the map which goes thru Seagate, and flip over then it directs us thru solid walls and so on. Eventually get to a blue glowing "door", which transports us to a 25'r circular room with a large brass object, on the plane XL127, one of Madron's pocket planes. Madron is here (eldery male human, Gate Mage) and wants us to investigate various plane's gates he has detected, he gives us a list of planes (11 total) which are numbered in odd symbols etc. To get back he has a small brass sphere (portable orrery) which should link to gates, detect gates and allow travel back. It also allows you to set your home plane (for about a week) to where you currently are. Madron attempts to teleport us, but has a mishap, breaks a focusing crystal(?)...

Party Change

... wot da fuck? mes (Uzi) woz bout da guild, now in roundy-room with Blitzy, Bella, Thinky n some dumb giant named Orm. da room feels gets colder, an der holes in walls and sucking losing-air noise. mill bout looking at some panel, den a popping noise an blobby tenticle thing appears (GTN = Dimensional Walker). room seems fixed. it dam fast n teleports targets when attacks. it hit blizty n he teleports away n replaced with Sugbash, den when he beat it it explodes and...

Party Change

... the room seems different and the party has changed? I (Ty) seem to have had no time passed, but Orm says they'd had a fight? The current party is Belladona, Jedburg, Orm, Thinknotall, Ty, Arkham. We discuss what has happened and examine what is left of the orrery. There is a control panel with holes and crystals which quite obviously fit into them.

The runes on the control panel are (horizontally)
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Earth
The runes on the control panel are (vertically)
  • Life
  • Death
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Seasons
Control Crystals
  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul
  • Creation
  • Destruction

There are seven interesting windows (portals) to forest, desert, beach, large empty room, book room, twisted wasteland and an empty town square with a statue and live pidgeons. Throwing the dead pigeon Uzi dropped when he first appeared made it disappear and reappear in the window. Time (movement of the sun) only appears to change in the beach and the forest. There are eight doors. They may activate upon touch, so not done anything more on this as one cannot see the destination.

We try the window to the town square, the gate is oneway. The pidgeons are DAed as non-sentient animal, GTN = Soul Pidgeon, they do seem to think souls are food but dont attack us. The square appears to be a pocket plain and the square repeats infinitely in all directions, it has the same name as the control room pocket plane. Find a door portal back to the control room on the far side.

Try the window to the library. The shelves are lit by magic light, the shelves are 30' tall floor to ceiling. Arkham is talking about taking some books when he disappears and a cereb says "you're not meant to be here", tries to cast on us and fails (actively resist) and it flies off. Then a big guy in armour, human-ish with two little horns, appears and causes awe checks. They cast demonic magic and cut out my walking on air (dispel?) and a black cereb (talent?!) casts an Interregnum. We bug out.

Big Empty Room has a two way portal, and a piece of the orrery in the corner. Take it back to the control room. The mini-orrery can seem to detect the split pieces of its main.

A precog says a red human thing will attack us, and yes in 30 mins a spikey demon turns up. Orm smashes it with Rictus which Blitzkrieg had dropped earlier. Then we try Orm putting in the Body crystal into the Earth-Seasons-body hole and a troll spawns, we kill that and feed it to the Soul Pigeons. The Soul Pigeons immobilise/troll falls down, presumably dead. Also one of the statues changes from the lion to a troll. The pigeons are happy, and "The council" decides to tell us a secret - the runes in the base arent theirs, and should be taken away. They need a high rank mechinican to remove. We also divinate Orm, he has a rk20 Interregnum spell, a faint "Mind Wipe" from the pigeons, none of the gate travel counts and dosent show up. Drag the troll body back to the control room.

Party Change

Try putting Creation-Dark-Moon and Ronald a SAG dark celestial turns up, he is luna aspected, chat to him, try again Creation-Dark-Moon and this time Kel swapped for Sebastian. Go and grab the band of runes from the statues.

Then go to the beach window - one way portal. Seems to be an island about 1 mile across, pretty flat, lots of coconut trees. Orm and I go ground level with the portable orrery while the others fly overhead, he goes off to the beach to see something and gets grabbed by a huge (5 hex) trapdoor spider thing. Kill it and a quick loot gives up a magical Bandanna of Theivery, vial of oil (magical - enchantment), bag of money (11sp) with a jewelery box containing a pearl (magical - enhancement of attack spells). The spider has parts of the orrery in it's legs, but we need a better butcher/hunter/etc to extract them. We find the exit portal near the centre and go back to the main room.

The current party is Belladona, Jedburg, Orm, Sebastian, Ty.

(Sat 10th Jan) - next session

Party Change

Decide to attempt to summon Ugbash with Body-Dark-Death; no Ugbash, we get a 15' black war-troll. Kill it, rest up and sleep for 4 hours. Try Dark-seasons-destructions and do get Ugbash. Go to beach and start to extract the orrery piece. Take it back with some spider-chiten and wood (for Belladona's fires).

Try the window to the desert, as it's currently night, it takes us to a block of stone which is a two-way portal. Nearby is a stony-golem with a big crystal thru its chest and out it's back, DA's give answers reflected from the DAer, so GTN is the casters. It attacks and magically sucks flesh off with it's beam-eyes (celestial attack) and gains flesh off those it attacks. We pile into close, immobilise it and pull the big crystal out of its chest, which glows to the mini-orray. Drag ourselves back to the main room, then the Big Empty Room. and heal up and sleep for 6 hours. This is nominally the end of day one.

Try the window to the forest. There's a run-down farm nearby, a house, barn, well and outhouse. Two bedrooms and a living room, there's loads of little cogs and stuff, and big piece of the shell in the barn, which we ferry back to the main bit. Ugbash makes a Dark Wraith (supposedly an elemental), and we decern it can go thru portals. Go back to the main room.

We use it to send thru a door to recon, it comes back, so we go; its an entrance way to a palacious building, its got two big sweeping stairways etc the mini-orrery leads us down some steps to a couple of big iron doors. It has binder protection magic on it. We go to pick lock it and a magical butler thing appears and says we dont have authorisation, and the master wont be back "till summer". We back off to the main room. As Belladonna is making the console glow when she goes near ne decide to do a swap. Big glowing beams hit us and Ishmael and Tulip swap for Belladonna and Ishmael.

Party Change

The current party is Tulip, Ishmael, Ugbash, Ty.

We try to get Blitzkreig, but instead a priest in brown robes appears, Ishmael and Ugbash make a bunch of threatening comments, and the priest (understandably) runs off through a door into a big room of black and white tiles. An avatar-level woman is talking to the priest, she has an orrery piece but wants something personnal (like Ugbash's left hand). After waffling and weasling from some party members, i offer my hand, and she wants my whole arm. We do the swap, so another big piece of the orrery.

Party Change

Try to get Blitzkrieg again, but Ugbash disappears and nothing else shows up. Oh well...

Try the next door. It's a 30' mirrored door with a mirrorball floating in midair. It appears to make image-duplicates of yourself, pretty exact complete with memories, except that their ideals are skewed to protecting the mirrorball.

Next door is oneway to a misty grassy area. Visibility is one hex (unless you've got All-Seeing eye etc) and i spot a black shape further out once. We head in a random direction marking a trail as we go. We pick up a glow from the mini-orrery, then a bunch of flying giant eyeballs, with mouths, attack in flybys. Track a while, then 3 GTN = eyebats attack, lots of defence and they bite thru armour, we kill two and collect bits. We find the planets going around a blue sun, floating magically naturally, DA magic answers "alignment". The sun is both a portal and whitefires you at the same time. Tulip's gorilla didnt make it.

The last door has a large, long room with randomly scattered pillars. There may be crying at the far end? Four dark winged ghostly shapes loom out of the darkness and attack. They seem to do auto-fear attacks on a failed magic resistance, we dont get damaged much, but get feared into running. Go back to the main room, try to get Callas with earth-moon-creation, she does appear but Sin also swaps with Tulip. Try to get Blitzkrieg again with Light-Luna-Soul which works, but Ty swaps out for Mirage.

Party Change

How odd? I have been transported to an unusual pocket plane. There are some other SAG members here, and notes written by others on the situation. I Mirage shall take over these notes. The distasteful orc keeps trying to fornicate with the female human, so the male human and i plan for oneself to investigate the room with mirrors. I enter alone and despite having enhanced strength cannot push it about, so instead i carefully strike it and extract another piece of brass for this machine, and withdraw to the main room. The distasteful orc is still feebly attempting to molest the female human.

Decide to invesvigate the twisted wasteland window, It's one way and all a bit dead and wasted, the sky is all very brown and droll.

The current party is Callas, Blitzkrieg, Sin, Mirage. Strangely Orm has also stepped out of the portal?

There isnt little to see but a few wasted trees amongst the rocks, and some pools of slimy water. Swarms of fat-bodied flies float out (GTN: Plague Fly, non-sentient, dark aspect, disease which needs rk 7 healer). Spot a crater so go off to investigate it. A figure rises from a pool (GTN: Living Plague, sentient, College = plague, Closest counter = Necro) it's a large blob of organs and slime, which does area effect vomit attacks, which also explodes when killed. The party has a variety of diseases like Typhoid, muscle spasms, enfeblement etc. These seem to transmit on touch which makes organising the healing problematic. Finish that and get to the crater; about 25' across and full of "goo". There's a piece of the orrery in there and four of the Living Plagues. Much exploding things later... Grab the piece and back, doing some cleanup at the beach. Sleep in the BER for six hours and heal Sin's arm.

Power up and go to library. Fight and "kill" the demon-guy and two "cerebs". When the cerebs are killed they turn off all magic on you, when Blitzkreig kills the demon guy he's cursed (MA: 30) into a baby. There's some flat brass plates from the orray which we grab.

Party Change

Back to main room, try to get Sebastian, who we get, but also Fizzgig. Bit of mucking about, Fizzgig sleeps me and then uses a glue spell to stick me to the roof of the main room.

Everyone else but Sin and myself goes into the misty door. The others do some astrology readings and work out a planetary alignment should deactivate them, this done we pick up the planets and back out.

Powerup for the ghost room with the pillars. Blend some nightmares, and a crystal shows a little girl chained to a pillar (DA: aura = avatar, primary attack form = nightmare). She says she's scared of the black things, so make her happier but creating light and doing a little show. She goes away but drops her teddy bear, which is an orrery piece. Back to the main room, Callas asks a few astrology questions to get the orrery back.

Party Change

Swap out both hobbits for Arkham with light-seasons-mind. Off to library to find instructions or plans for something on the orrery. A couple of days poking about gets some info, summon Sebastian back but he thinks we need more mechanicians, do some swapping.

Party Change

The current party is Sebastian, Ishmael, Belladonna, Ty, Orm, Arkham.

Spend 4.5 days getting the orrery back together into a recognisable state. Do a precog before putting the final bit in, nothing bad seems to happen, so start it up. All the people involved turn up, the doors and windows disappear and a dim brass gate appears (DA: magic = portal, destination = The Plain of Brass).

Party Change

The current party is all 18 involved.

We unstone Blitzkrieg and Turf removes the curse, and grows my arm back. Divinate the portal and it shows it will be activated in 50-odd hours, and somethng seems to be effecting this mini-plane from there. The plan is to power up, activate the portal early, and go smash whatever is blocking the orrery from working properly. We activate the doors about 10 hours early, they shudder into reality, we pile thru into Brass. The ground is hardened ash with brass, skulls and old blood splatters about. The sky's red and bloodyish, etc etc all very grim and angry. There's a couple of pillars with blood pouring between them, which the mini-orrery shows as a portal, with a mob of twenty-odd demons in front of it. To the side is a stone dias with a dwarf in heavy spikey plate armour doing something with electricity to the dias. A short fight ensues, five demons on juggernauts turn up after a few pulses, and in pulse six Turf cuts down the dwarf, but a huge BloodThirster bursts out of his body! A longer fight ensues, finally overwhelm it. It does wing buffets, axe sucks your soul, whip does extra fire damage. Not much loot; Chaos Dwarf's hammer "The Third Degree", a slightly magical huge fire-whip, Bloodthirster skull and loot from the safe.

Work out the blood waterfall is a portal to somewhere else on the plane, and its the altar is what's stopping the orrery, so smash the altar and take the activating amulet back to destroy and close the brass gates. The orray is now working, back to Madron's house, and then back to Alusia. The church is happy, pays our costs and 10k payment.


Time on adventure 
6 days approx
  • 1 troll body
  • 1 war-troll body
  • multiple parts of a giant trap-door spider
  • Bandanna of Theivery
  • vial of oil (magical - enchantment)
  • bag of money (11sp)
  • jewelery box containing a pearl (magical - enhancement of attack spells)
  • coconut-tree wood, coconuts
  • a variety of loot from the safe
  • Chaos Dwarf's hammer "The Third Degree"
  • a slightly magical huge fire-whip
  • Bloodthirster skull, hand
  • Bloodletter skulls.