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Natural Habitat
Plains, Woods
Very Rare
1-30 (8)
Leprechauns are similar in almost all ways to brownies, but wilder and shyer of man. They tend to dress in muted shades of brown and green and to seek out the deep woods where they are most at home. They have 3 to 4 times the stealth of an average human and will, as a result, seldom be seen unless they wish to speak with a party.
If a leprechaun is captured and cannot escape, they will buy their freedom either by revealing the location of their treasure (300-400 Gold Pieces) or by granting the warder three wishes. The leprechaun will attempt to grant these wishes such that they turn to the disadvantage of the recipient (usually in some really grisly way).
Leprechauns possess the same Talent Magic as brownies. In addition, they will usually be masters of either the College of Illusions or the College of Earth Magics. They have the ability to teleport themselves limited distances (no more than a few yards) by blinking. Leprechauns also have special skill with the Spell of Sleeping (regardless of their College) and add 10 to the Base Chance for the spell.
Movement Rates
Running: 200
PS: 7-8 MD: 19-22 AG: 25-28 MA: 19-21 EN: 5-6 FT: 10-12
WP: 15-18 PC: 14-17 PB: 9-14 TMR: 4 NA: None
Leprechauns have no natural weapons. They will usually have short swords (treat as daggers) and will use self bows.