Least We Forget

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The A Team

Vicount Blitzkrieg
A one adventure namer.
Callas Verdicini
Member of the support team.
Baron Logan
Party enchanter.
Baron Saydar
Party blast mage.
Second line fighter and backup blast mage.
Front line orc.

'Turf: Front line elf.

June 1, 1996 AP

Here that a party of useless incompetents as been captured and must be rescued. The party was made of a list of social failures, including Flamis, Basalic, PJ, Icarone, Anathea and Stark.

The old party employer, who an I can't remember off hand, arranged to get us there and back by way of the Kalama and a void cruiser.

June 3, 1996 AP

Travel through the void to Illima. The Black Tower is not there but an astrological reading indicates it is in the Chaos Mountains on Jalmaria.

June 4, 1996 AP

Get to Jalmaria. Find PJ in a village near the mountains, having managed to escape the tower earlier. We catch him during his wedding feast and he annouces his discusion to settle. After getting his signature on the release form, we leave the next morning.

June 4, 1996 AP

Fly for a while before walking into the Black Tower. Nobody pays too much attention to use. Using cunning, we release Anathea and Stark from their cells without blood shed. Stark the Stupid had, while fleeing after their attempt to break out, gouged his face with a large splinter of wood, so that once he had escaped, the Illimi would not be able to locate him.

Locate Flamis and head up the tower some more (it is about a mile high). We find her been brutally tortured (not that much, really, unfortunately). We kill the guards but the torturer gets away by sinking into the ground.

The three captured are Petit Morted, skin changed into rats and put in Shoka's potion box.

We then head to the gardens, which are near the palace right at the top of the tower. There we find Basilisk, turn to stone and painted in the most hidious riot of colours.

We are attacked by a fire mage, three knights in Strange Metal armour and some plebs. The plebs were easily dispatched but the knights took down Blitzkrieg and Shoka (by magic, Petit Morting them). Two knights were taken down by Morgan and the other captured in a ring of stone. Then four very large wyvern attacked us, causing the mages to be in big trouble. Morgan again fixed the problem and Saydar finished them off with Necrosis.

Then the resident dragon, Mousie, was seen in the distance, so with a collection of skin changes, wind walks and earth door, we fled, taking the important bodies, including Icarone, who was a stone mobile nearby, with us.

June 11, 1996 AP

We back to the Guild. Trade the bodies (two knights and the mage) and their items for a goodly sum of money and the captured party's items. The original party had to buy their items back off the Guild in a complicated exchange. The party managed to get in the end the following.

  • 10 flashbombs.
  • 15 grenadoes and a mechanical slinger.
  • 110,000 silver pennies for ransom.
  • 17 hand and a half swords.
  • 7 composite bows.
  • 210,000 for exchange of items.