Herbalists in Ebola

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From Summer 821wk until advised otherwise, the County of Ebola wishes to employ several Herbalists to work in Ebola.

This is full time employment on 3 month (seasonal) contracts.

A confidentiality and non-competitive condition applies, contractors may not talk about the crops nor take samples for their own use.

Transport between Seagate and Ebola is supplied at the beginning and end of each season. Transit time 1 day.

Room and board are supplied, recreational food and drink at your own expense.

Pay per season based on expertise (Herbalist rank at the beginning of the season):

Unranked: 0sp but no charge for tuition.
Rank 0-1: 8,000sp
Rank 2-3: 10,000sp
Rank 4-7: 15,000sp
Rank 8: 20,000sp
Rank 9: 25,000sp
Rank 10: 30,000sp
Wicca with Blessing Crops will be paid a bonus of 1,000sp (+ 500 * spell rank) per season.
Guild Security Advisory
  • Pay rates are before any applicable guild taxes.
  • Guild contract applies and as per the contract, local laws also apply.
  • The risk to members is considered low. Your employer has assured all reasonable effort will be made to ensure your safety. If you insist on getting yourself killed, your body will be promptly returned to the guild healers.
Game notes
  • Time spent in employment may not be used as training time except in Herbalist (with tuition supplied) and immersion in the Common & Ebolan languages.
  • The County of Ebola is clearly making a profit from your work but no PCs are directly profiting.
  • For characters with morals, the work is not illegal nor (contrary to Ebola's reputation) is it in narcotics.
  • If any of your characters take up employment, please note this in the Discussion page indicating when they were there.
    - Doing this retroactively when trying to work out what your character has been doing since their last adventure is expected.