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Vassal of Kingdom of Del Toro
Possibly still an independent protectorate of Destiny
Status County
Location On the South-East Coast of Southern Alusia (17-25°S 15-18°E)
Area 85,000 square miles, 90% mountainous
Geography Coastal mountainous north and south of river valley and harbour.
Population 18,000
95% Human
Major Towns
Ebolo, Erocco, Enimahto, Derfla





Olives, Goat Cheese, Thugs, Herbs.

The County of Ebola is a small, maritime, mountainous country up the coast from Plaz'toro.

As of Spring 810wk technically a part of the Kingdom of Del Toro, though this hasn't made much difference to daily life in Ebola except that the Count and Princess are absent even more than before.

Mike P.


Ebola is a 500 mile strip of rough coastal mountains and hills North & South of the Ebola River. Apart from the river valley, the usable land is up to few miles wide between the endless harsh coastal cliffs (the sea is on the East) and the wasteland to the west.

The hills are quite dry & the only natural sources of fresh water are the seasonal streams and pools, dry most of the year except for the two rain seasons. The Ebola "river" looks tempting but the water is poisoned by its source, the western waste.

The only harbour is the 5 mile fiord where the Ebola river meets the sea. At the western end of the fiord the river descends in a picturesque but toxic waterfall.

Westward, inland of the hills, is a poisonous waste -- a flat red rock desert thinly strewn with scrub & many canyons.

To the immediate South is Plaz'toro (formerly under a Destinian appointed military governor) which had a much better harbour but is now suffering from the political instability.

To the immediate North is wilderness.


Ebola central.jpg

Thanks to Destiny, there are several reservoirs (unnatural sources of purer fresher water) each with millions of gallons that support the town and the other major settlements.

Smaller settlements are starting to grow with the construction of new dams to catch and retain the seasonal rain.


Near the end of the fiord, the town of Ebolo is at the top of the cliffs above the harbour.

The ship yards are huge caverns carved out of the cliffs west of the main wharves.

Name confusion > The names of Ebola (the County) and Ebolo (the capital) are frequently confused by foreigners, they are the masculine and feminine versions of the same name, the County traditionally being feminine and towns and cities are usually masculine.


Next to the Ebola river where it emerges from the badlands, Erocco was originally a fortified outpost as a base for those that hunted the monsters that descend from the badlands. Now an established trading town for the mountain hunters and farmers of the Ebola river valley.

River barges are carefully used to moved goods down river as far as the falls.


Mining town and trading town for the hunters and farmers south of the river valley.

The iron and copper mines usually produce enough low quality ore to support Ebola, prospectors frequently comb the hills for the rich veins that might be there.


Trading town for the hunters and farmers north of Ebolo and the river valley.

NB Derfla was originally named something only the locals could pronounce, it was renamed in 807wk to honour the Earth Mage who constructed the new dams in Ebola.

North Watch

North Watch is a fortified outpost ruled by Baron Jaime Almeida. A mule trail down the cliffs to the fishing village on the coast is used to resupply by ship.

South Watch

Fortified outpost ruled by Lord Holos Klete. A mule trail down the cliffs to the fishing village on the coast is used to resupply by ship.


Royal Family

Count Aryan

Adventurer, formerly a knight of Carzala, married Dolores to become Count in Winter 799wk.

Countess Ebola


"Princess" Dolores Ana (B. Summer 781 wk) is the heiress of the ruling family of Ebola. Her father and brother died when she was 12, but did not inherit the title of Countess until her 18th birthday when she was also betrothed to Sir Aryan, a knight of Carzala.

Dolores and her husband are frequently absent from Ebola for a season or two at a time negotiating mercantile contracts and maintaining diplomatic relations with the nations of the Western Kingdom and the neighbours.

Partially true, this is the official cover story while she has been receiving private tuition in Seagate in the college of fire magic, she is believed to be quite competent.


Prince Diego (B. Autumn 804 wk) is the eldest son and heir of Dolores and Aryan.


Princess Analena (B. Summer 806 wk) is the second child and eldest daughter of Dolores and Aryan.


Princess Aloise (B. Autumn 809 wk) is the third child and second daughter of Dolores and Aryan.

Lords and Nobles

Fra Angelico

Healer, Water-mage cum chaplain.


Originally from Arabie, Merchant, Namer, Minister-of-Trade cum Wizeer.


Earth Mage. Former Pirate, served the County for 4 years in return for his life after he was killed in combat by Aryan and companions in Erewhon in 803wk. Became a citizen and upright member of Ebolan society in 807wk.

Harbour Master

Duarte Impeurto, formerly a harbour master in Destiny, moved to Ebola for his health in 798wk.

Il Barone Scarpia

Dolores' Cousin. E&E. Allegedly head of Destiny's Secret Police in the South. Died Spring 799wk.

Holos Klete

Adventurer and vampire hunter in a former life, now spending his second life in simple military duties, herbalism, fungi farming and maybe starting a family.

Philosopher of Undead rank 9; Mil Sci rank 5; Herbalist rank 4; Fungus Farmer rank 7.

Local Knights

The local term falls somewhat between the word for "Commander/Captain" and "trusty."

Local Forces

History and Events

820wk Summer
The Queen engaged a guild party (Hire-A-Hubby) to clean up the kingdom while her husband did whatever he does. The guild member satisfied her needs in ways her husband could never do.
809wk Winter
Work starts on the first of the new Ebolan merchant ships. The designs seem to be heavily influenced by Destinian ship designs, probably something to do with the Destinian Shipwrights recently spotted around town.
808wk Spring - 809wk
Work started on improving the harbour to better serve merchants who no longer feel safe anchoring at Plaz'toro.
806wk, Spring
A guild party passed through on their way upriver Spring 806 and witnessed a skirmish between Destinian forces and local rebels. Safari up the Ebola GM Porl Bowder

The Founding of Ebola

Isolated from easy land-based access and positioned next to bountiful seas, for centuries Ebola was a safe haven for exiles, fugitives, refugees, and others who wanted or needed to get away.

In 540wk, Pedro González, a descendent of the Vega family of Destiny, declared Ebola to be an independent country. And then spent the next 20 years convincing his fellow country men that it was a good idea.

60 years later, Pedro's Grandson, Ruy Gómez, convinced the Dons of Destiny to recognise and support Ebola as an independent state. In return Ruy promised that he and his heirs would maintain Ebola as a port for Destinian Ships, safe from the privateers and wreckers known to operate in The Azure Ocean.

For nearly 200 years the descendants of Pedro ruled Ebola and honoured the agreement with Destiny. Destinian Mages and Mechanicians helped make life easier in Ebola, creating reservoirs of pure fresh water, and aiding in the construction of the main harbour and town above.

In 791wk, the Count di Ebola, Íñigo López, and his only son Diego de Silva were lost in a sea battle off the coast of Azuria. This left the 12 year old Princess Dolores Ana as the sole heir of Ebola. King Carlos of Destiny sent Dolores' cousin, Il Barone Scarpia to ensure her safety and Carlos made it his personal responsibility to find an appropriate northern noble to wed the Princess and become the new Count of Ebola.