Green Hag

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Natural Habitat
Ocean, Marsh, River
1 4 (2)
Green hags are hideous humanoids with long flowing hair, sharp teeth & green skin.
Talents, Skills, and Magic
Any being that sees a green hag & does not make their WP roll to resist fear loses half their PS for up to (2D + 4) hours. Green hags may only be harmed by magic or silvered weapons.
Movement Rates
Running: 200; Swim: 350
PS: 30-35 MD: 15-18 AG: 18-21 MA: 1-5 EN: 20-25 FT: 25-35
WP: 25-28 PC: 18-24 PB: 0 TMR: 4/7 NA: Skin absorbs 3 DP
A green hag can make two clawing attacks in Close & Melee combat (Base Chance: 50%, D+3 Damage).
Green hags prefer to pull their victims into the water if they can and then hold them under until the victim drowns.