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Natural Habitat
Plains, Woods
2-20 (4)
Centaurs are half-human, half-horse. They are human down to the hips, but they join the body of a horse where the neck would normally be. Their lower half has hide, just as a horse's, while their top half is that of a normal human.
Centaurs cannot resist alcohol and become violent when drunk. Centaurs will only rarely let a human ride them, and only then at pressing need. They eat raw flesh (including human flesh), and will often abduct young maidens for food and immoral purposes.
Centaurs can have all the abilities and skills of a human. Centaurs in general are good with bows and at hunting, and have an affinity for healing and the art of prophecy.
Movement Rates
Running: 600
PS: 10-30 MD: 5-20 AG: 10-23 MA: 5-23 EN: 12-20 FT: 20-30
WP: 7-26 PC: 10-30 PB: 12-17 TMR: 12 NA: Hide absorbs 3 DP
Centaurs use weapons, favouring bows and spears. They will usually have Rank 3-6 in one or more of their weapons.