Black Watch Chronicles

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These adventures are based around the Black Watch, a label given to groups of outsiders (often from the Guild) called in to investigate the most complicated of crimes within the Seagate environs.

Black Watch I (Summer 806 WK)

The Nightmare Murders was the first case in this series and involved a guild party hunting down a killer from another reality who was killing children.

Characters : Pennlucien, Aryan, Father Broc, Faith, Dramus and Shemin-ah.
Black Watch II (Spring 807 WK)

In The Case of the Absent Physician the party was requested to find a missing healer and stumbled into a complex web involving madness causing artefacts.

Characters : Lyric, Kirgoth, Ibrihim, Teeanna, Peter Smith and others.
Black Watch III

In the third instalment, Tidings of Comfort and Joy, doughty adventurers thwart art forgery, unnatural thinking, and cheery singing.

Characters : Lyric, Vapour, Athelston, Bodric, Mavric and Henric.
Black Watch IV

In Watching the Watchmen young & unknown guild members go under cover as new watch recruits to investigate rumours of corrupt recruiting practices and 'narks' for organised crime within The Watch. In the course of their duties they learn the essential Watch skills of saluting. walking in time so our boots echo ahead oof us and how to swing the truncheon.

Characters : Koltherna, Boris, Imri, Pierre the Halfling, Julius & Reg
Black Watch V (Autumn 813 WK)

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Characters : ?, ?, Alexander Dartane, and Peter Smith