Big Bad Void Wolf

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Scribe Notes


Big Bad Void Wolf
Summer 806wk
Pennlucien - Scribe/ Republican, Healer, Namer, Fighter, Ranger
Aryan - Military Scientist/ Human, Fighter
Father Broc - Elf, Rune Mage, Philosopher, Fights, Talks too much
Haann Uberreich - Satyr, Mind Mage, Philosopher, Healer, Ranger
Faith - Elf, E&E, Diplomat, Philosopher

Dramus (GM Info), A Fae Prince and Necromancer played by Mandos

Shemin-ah - Human, Ice Mage, Healer, Ranger
Collect soul(s) of Void Wolf(s) or live specimens.
Cash or Magicks from Camdindel who is a Soul Mage.

Scribe Notes

2 Meadow

We are approached the day after the Guild Meeting by Lorto, on behalf of his Master Camdindel. They want to try and find the souls of some beings called Void Wolf(s). They were told about these creatures by an associate called Maelstrom. The Void Wolves can be found just beyond Northern Terror Nova where it's cold and nasty. Transport will be provided to and from the location. We agree to the mishun.

We travel in a flying horse carridge to a tower and we are met by Camdindel and his companion Legion. I trade favours with Lorto so that I can divinate him. Note to self: ensure next divinated person has their clothes on, it's too distracting otherwise. We are given 4 potions each - 2 x Waters of Strength (+23 strength for 1 day) and 2 x Endurance potions (+18 endurance 1 day). Faith gets a book to ride!

3 Meadow

Camdindel brings out a skull and tells us not to look in it's eyes. Its GTN is DEMI-LITCH and it's major magical ability is astral travel. It becomes a kind of spectral figure and gives us a coin to activate the portal. We are taken to Argon's Watch - we get all astrally to do this! We appear on the top of a tall tower. Their is an archway of plane stone with some sigils. The skull waves his hands, the sigils light up and we see sunshine and go through.

We are on a 25' circular plinth above a sea of ash. The sea is formerly living. We are in a BIG bowl (maybe 30 mile radius). In the NW there is a glow like a big fire. To the E is a big lake. In the N there is greenery. The S is less grey but featureless. The ash is about 3 and a half feet deep by us. We set up one end of a portal. We come up with a cunning plan about flying the party around and over ash.

We fly clear of the bowl and a bit ferther on until we find a good campsite. We set up camp and do the other end of the portal. Two birds come through. We fight and kill them, however they infect those who touched them with brain eating parasites. Well, we think they're brain eating. They may really make you smarter but no one is keen to try and see how that goes. We fish and hunt. We catch a weird fish that tastes good. We sleep.

4 Meadow

We walk along the shore of the Lake. We would rather be riding. We find wolf-type spoor, although it is 40-50% larger and heavier than Carzarla wolves. We find some blackish grey fur and it DAs with the GTN Void Wolf. There are 5-10 sets of tracks into a small clearing where there are signs of a scuffle, and some bones from a Half Elf who has been dead for several weeks.

We carry on walking and come to a large clearing with gardens, fountain, paths and shaped trees, that seems to be about 1000' across. We walk in on to a path and an Earth Elemental appears saying "Welcome to House Telera" (he only says this to the Elves). He seems friendly. Another one appears. They tell us that there masters have been gone thousands of years (since the War of Tears!). They serve out of loyalty and do not wish to be released. They speak drow. They give us lunch.

Aryan looks from up high and can see a clearing or two. Apparently slaves live there. We push on and arrive at a clearing. It is a couple of miles wide of open ground, with a lake on one side, and cattle-like livestock in pens. There is a cluster of huts close to the shore of the lake. We camp in the forest. We hear wolves in the night.

5 Meadow

We approach the settlement. There is a Wolf Whistle ward around the place. We do not know what this does, but I think it might be to give warning if a wolf comes near. There are about 25-30 people and we cause a lot of consternashun. We hear wolves again. We have problems casting inside the area of the Wolf Whistle Ward. A villager comes out and tells us to leave. The ward SUMMONS the wolves! They will know that we are cursed by our colleges and magic items. We leave clearing so that we don't get the villagers into trouble.

We make a somewhat defencible cleared area. We can hear a commoshun at the village, but no screams or howling. The wolves in the village make a formashun and appraoch, howling. Broc thinks it is calling for reinforcements. Some of the wolves are pony sized. They attack. It all looks bad!!!

We fight. We win. They retreat. Aryan is the best person for plugging a small gap! But you shouldn't then let him out of the gap to chase the bad guys!!! Dramus turns into a Werewolf. He naws on Haarrn. We knock him out and drag him off. Prepare to bug out. They have a void wormhole thing and many big bads coming out. Oh shit! Our cunning escape plan fails now that we have a werewolf instead of a Dramus. We leave Broc and Haarn. Broc challenges the great big bad Void Wolf leader to single combat - very brave as he has no chance of winning. Haarrn cunningly triggers a TK Rage which blows himself and Broc into the lake. We rescue them. Get ourselves organised and fly on towards the Portal. As we fly past the garden, we notice it has fallen into some disrepair and Dramus's house seems to be decayed. We meet Maelstrom at the portal. I DA him and get entranced. We pass through the portal and fly to Camdindel's. There is something wrong with the Tower. Its coming out of the water. Red hot spots appear on our chests coming from the tower!!! It has recognised us as dangerous. We think its the soul sucking gems which are looking a bit worse for the wear. They have mana worms eating them. Maelstrom lighting bolts us from his mirror dragon form to remove worms. We boil and sterilise items. We get help from Camdindel's father (Sir to us) to remove the curse on Dramus. The mana worms are Alchemist/ Binder construct - biological. They are made, not born and have a GTN of short-lived non-sentient.

6 Meadow

We go to Camdindel's house now that we are all clean. He's keen o nthe big wolf's soul. We eat, bathe and sleep. He offers us a way of imbuing the soul into existing armour to add to magic resistance, change damage magics, or reduce the rank of spells hitting us. Or something else that can do what it did in life e.g. flying. Something that basically uses a trapped soul of some other person to do magic on us. Some of us aren't too sure about this. It will take a while to make all our stuff, so we head back to the Guild.

Flora and Fawna of Northern Terror Nova

These are the Names that I, Pennlucien, have given to the animals and things that we have encountered while in Northern Terror Nova.

Bird Brain Bug

Parasite which inhabits Parasite Vulture, Void Wolf and maybe other creatures. Extremely contagious. Passed by touch or wound. Requires Healer to remove from the brain. Unsure of damage which it will cause, but probably bad.

Flat Nosed Vampyre Fish

Has 2 sets of 4 invisible teeth which seem to be only substanshul to spectral things. We wonder what lives in lakes which is spectral. Tastes good. Not poisonous.

Half elf

Humanoid inhabitants of this region of Northern Terror Nova. They are not magic users. They co-exist with the wolves by cultivating/ harvesting cattlelike animals to feed to the wolves. We think it is a knight-serf type relayshunship. They talk using a form of Silent Tongue, but it is much more complex than the silent tongue we know. They no longer have any form of verbal communicashun.

Parasite Vulture

Resembles a vulture. Looks like it has bits falling off. Not very clever. Possibly mad. Carries Bird Brain Bug parasites.

Void Wolf

Larger than normal wolf. See seperate secshun for details.

Void Wolf Facts

Namer Information

Generic True Name: Void Wolf Short Lived Sentient Aura overlay indicating perhaps level/ seniority


Derivative of Dire Wolf

Size and Physical Appearance

40-50% bigger and heavier than wolves from Carzarla. Some up to Pony Sized. Seem to be about as strong as a good fighter. LOTS of natural armour from their fur.


Some sort of claw attachment - extra sharp - to cover their own claws. >8 point armour - combo of leather, chain and scale plus natural armour. The biggest wolf we saw wore silver truesilver chain.

Social structure

Seem to have fighters and "anti-magic" users. The levels of each are shown by an aura overlay. For instance a fighter of moderate ability seemed to have a darkness overlay with a blue outlined triangle. The big bad front line fighter had a flaming blue cube, which flashed and dazzled. They have serfs who farm livestock for them. They have some sort of non-aggreshun pact with these half elf serfs that as long as they don't leave their clearings, they won't be eaten.

They have combat or explorashun bands - for example the second band that we met, the lowest member of this group was as good as the best scout of the 1st band. Seem to be hierarchical. They have some magic users (or anti-magic users) with each band, then scouts, then big fighters.

Magical Abilities

Able to work together harmonising their howls to create a magic dampening effect. Able to cause something similar to a Namer Expel Magic. One had a racial magic of anti magic. Could only be harmed by non-magical weapons. Another had a racial magic where magical weapons did damage, but at subtracshuns. Able to bounce magic back and temporarily reduce the caster's rank in the spell. Really tough ones break down walls and make magic items vibrate as if they are going to be destroyed. Can open a wormhole/ portal to somewhere else that more wolves come out of.

People of Note that we Met


Generic True Name

Legion, Greater Undead

Aura Descripshun and informashun

His aura is like a legion of auras which overlay and shift. Any one aura can be in the asendancy at any one time. Question asked was Prevailing (i.e. currently in control) college and the answer was Sorcery (with a Necromantic feel).

Physical Descripshun

He has amazing hair, which stands out from his head in a 4-5 foot radius. In some ways, his hair IS the legion.


An earlier party encountered Legion and there may be further details in their scribe notes.


Generic True Name

Human, Long lived sentient

Aura Descripshun and informashun

He has a Web of Deceit for fooling DAs. College - Nightblade A divinate has been done on Lorto and further information may be available from the Gulid.

Physical Descripshun

Hot, hot, hot with tattoos and daggers.


Generic True Name

Dark Elf, Long lived sentient

Aura Descripshun and informashun

A triad of fire appears when he is DA'd. His highest ranked skill is Alchemist. He is not pacted.

Physical Descripshun

A dark looking elf with graying hair. His skin is perhaps scarred or bernt. He wears armour and carries a sword and staff when he is at home.

Known Minions/ Associates

Legion Lorto Maelstrom


Generic True Name

I don't think he has an aura. There's just a lot of pretty lights....

Aura Descripshun and informashun

Penny said there was something odd - another one of her overlaid shadows.

Physical Descripshun

Appeared to us in several different forms - a Mirror Dragon, a door, a person.


Physical Descripshun

A massive tome, around 3' x 2' x 6", only weights 3 pounds ("light reading").


Aerodynamics and Flight stuff. I've only read a few pages.

Doesn't speak any languages except enchanted book.

Allegedly violent - man eater? Level of violence worried Camdindel's servants and amused C. Has been well-behaved & civilised in my company. Treat someone well and don't brook any cheek, and you will find they respond in kind - apart from those rotten to the core.


Summer: Meadow (1)
Full Moon  Beltane 1 Guild Meeting 2Recruited. Travel to Tower. 3Portal to Terra Nova via Argon's Watch. 4Walk north. Lunch at Elementals garden. Camp near village. 5White Lotus
Fight Wolves. Fly to Portal. Portal to AW. Fly to Tower.
6Tower: Debrief, organise payment.

Mil Sci


4 hour watches, 2 on watch offset by 2 hours.

Aryan Dramus

Shemin-ah is the relief watch, substituting for Dramus on the 2nd night, Faith on the 3rd, Broc on the 4th, Haann on the 5th, Penni on the 6th, a night off on the 7th night and so on.

Marching Order

Default marching order assuming space for 2 abreast and no unusual requirements:

Broc Penni
Faith Haann
Shemin-ah Dramus

Single file: