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Natural Habitat
Rural (Farms)
Generally Seelie
1-2 (1)
Alus are similar to Brownies however they only live near farms.
The Aluxob often arrive when a farmer builds a little house on his property, most often in a maize field. For seven years, the Alux will help the corn grow, summon rain and patrol the fields at night, whistling to scare off predators or crop thieves. At the end of seven years, the farmer must close the windows and doors of the little house, sealing the Alux inside. If this is not done, the Alux will run wild and start playing tricks on people.
Alux specialise in using minor magics to assist in keeping order, repairing minor damage, and doing light work around human dwellings. They can bless or curse crops in the same manner as a Witch.
Movement Rates
Running: 150
PS: 7-8 MD: 20-25 AG: 20-25 MA: 17-19 EN: 4-5 FT: 10-11
WP: 17-19 PC: 16-19 PB: 12-16 TMR: 3 NA: None
Alux have no natural weapons. They carry small swords (treat as daggers), but do not use armour. They may also carry bows which will have the same characteristics as the self bow.