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Natural Habitat 
Anywhere (prefers Rural)
6-24 (6)
Zombies are another variety of living dead. In this case, the dead are animated by a spell cast by a member of the College of Necromancy. They may (when newly dead corpses are used) appear nearly normal except for a slight earthen hue. When old corpses are used, however, the zombies may be no more than skeletons held together by a few strands of sinew.
A zombie loses 1 point per day from their Endurance for each day that they are not re-enchanted by their master.
Zombies have no skills or talents and are not magic users. Like ghouls, they are unaffected by Grievous Injury since their motor centre must be destroyed before they cease to be animated.
Movement Rates 
Running: 150
PS: 10-16 MD: 6-10 AG: 4-8 MA: None EN: 16-22 FT: 20-25
WP: 18-25 PC: 8-12 PB: 1-2 TMR: 3 NA: None
Zombies attack with hands (unarmed). They never use weapons.
Hands: BC: 8-17%, [D – 4], Melee & Close, Rank 0.