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Natural Habitat 
Highlands, Jungle, Waste, Wetlands
1-5 (2)
Wyverns are distant cousins of dragons, but are smaller and not blessed with the intelligence of dragons. Usually, 6 to 10 feet tall, the wyvern is portrayed as a one-hex character with its tail extending into its rear hex a short distance (just enough so that it can knock a character standing in that hex off their feet). Wyverns are slate grey in colour and have tough armoured hides.
Wyverns do not know magic, but crave magical items and will often be found to be hoarding or wearing them. Dragons despise wyverns and wyverns fear dragons and the two will never be found in each other's company. Wyverns are, by nature, somewhat cowardly.
Wyverns, unlike their larger cousins, are non-magical. Their shrivelled front limbs are not suitable for grasping much except already subdued prey. The wyvern's tail contains a scorpion-like sting, which may be used to infect a target in the hex the wyvern is facing with poison (the sting is used in an over-the-head-attack). It may not be used to attack characters behind it.
Movement Rates 
Running: 75; Flying: 150
PS: 20-30 MD: 10-12 AG: 12-16 MA: 8-10 EN: 25-35 FT: 30-40
WP: 10-16 PC: 18-25 PB: 3-5 TMR: 1/3 NA: Hide absorbs 8 DP
Wyverns may either bite, sting, or trip with their tail.
Bite: BC 40%, [D + 4], Melee & Close, Rank 0.
Sting: BC 45%, [D] armour penetration only, Melee, Rank 0.
Poison: 4 DP per pulse for D5 pulses.
Trip: BC 40%, [D – 2], Melee Rear, Rank 0.