Woolly Mammoth

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Natural Habitat 
1-10 (4)
Mammoths are huge, hairy, evil-tempered elephantine animals growing to twice the size of elephants. Mastodons are generally longer and lower to the ground, but otherwise similar to the mammoth. Both mammoths and mastodons are four-hex monsters.
Mammoths tend to be more irritable than elephants and will be quicker to attack, but are otherwise similar. Their tusks are valued the same as elephant tusks, but weigh only 50-80 pounds each.
Mammoths possess no talents, skills or magic. They are not tool users.
Movement Rates 
Running: 500
PS: 65-80 MD: 15-18 AG: 10-12 MA: None EN: 50-60 FT: 55-65
WP: 10-14 PC: 10-12 PB: 5-7 TMR: 10 NA: Hide absorbs 6 DP
A mammoth may use its tusks and trunk, or may trample (four attacks). From a distance, it may charge with its tusks.
Charge: BC 60%, [D + 9], Melee, Rank 0.
Tusks: BC 15%, [D + 3], Melee & Close, Rank 0.
Trunk: BC 80%, [D – 1], Melee, Rank 0.
Trample: BC 50%, [D + 7], Close, Rank 0.