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Natural Habitat 
1-2 (1)
Weasels have a brown coat during the summer, which turns white as winter approaches. They are slim, and utterly vicious. The pelts if taken during winter are worth 40-70 Silver Pennies each.
Weasels are very curious, and they are thus fairly easy to trap. If a pair of weasels is found in spring, there is an 80% chance they will be accompanied by 4-8 young. Weasels are bloodthirsty, and will gladly take on much larger creatures.
Weasels are the only animals that can stand the gaze and breath of the basilisk, and thus they are often trained to kill them. They are, however, difficult to train and a trained basilisk killer is worth 4,000-6,000 Silver Pennies. Other than this special ability, weasels have no talents or skills. They use neither tools nor magic.
Movement Rates 
Running: 250
PS: 1-2 MD: 19-23 AG: 25-29 MA: None EN: 1-2 FT: 3-4
WP: 18-23 PC: 17-23 PB: 5 TMR: 10-13 NA: Fur absorbs 1 DP
Weasels may bite.
Bite: BC 75%, [D – 4], Close, Rank 0.