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Natural Habitat 
Not applicable
War-horses are heavily built, thickly muscled and limber animals, bred to carry large burdens for extended periods. They are often five and a half feet at the shoulder, and can weigh more than a ton.
These are the most intelligent and (if properly treated) the most loyal of the horses. They are responsive to a rider, but can also be used to carry heavy burdens (up to 500 pounds). Using a war-horse as a draft horse will generally lower the quality of their training for combat, however.
War-horses are specially trained for combat. They panic less frequently than other horses when faced with fire, sudden movements, or loud noises. A rider can also control a war-horse's actions in combat, making the horse kick, bite, or attempt to trample an adversary. See Mounted Combat. Other horses can be used in combat, but they cannot be used to attack.
Movement Rates 
Running: 500
PS: 55-60 MD: 11-14 AG: 16-19 MA: None EN: 25-30 FT: 50-60
WP: 9-11 PC: 16-18 PB: 9-11 TMR: 10 NA: Hide absorbs 3 DP
War-horses may either bite or kick into their rear hex. War-horses will willingly enter Close Combat and trample if directed.
Bite: BC 25%, [D + 2], Melee & Close, Rank 0.
Kick: BC 45%, [D + 7], Melee Rear, Rank 0.
Trample: BC 25%, [D + 8], Close, Rank 0.