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Natural Habitat 
Plains, Woods
1-8 (2)
Unicorns are white equines with a single, long horn coming out of their forehead. They have a single black, 2 foot long horn set in a deer's head, very thick feet, and the tail of a boar.
Unicorns are virtually untameable by ordinary men, but a virgin can occasionally tame a unicorn, as unicorns love purity and innocence.
Unicorns are immune to poison, and a character that possesses one of their horns is also immune. They are also almost impossible to trap, as they are very intelligent and wary. They are unable to cast spells in the usual sense.
Movement Rates 
Running: 600
PS: 55-60 MD: None AG: 16-19 MA: None EN: 25-30 FT: 50-60
WP: 20-25 PC: 25-30 PB: 18-20 TMR: 12 NA: Hide absorbs 4 DP
Unicorns may either gore with their horn, bite or kick into their rear hex. Unicorns will willingly enter Close Combat and trample.
Horn: BC 60%, [D + 7], Melee, Rank 0.
Bite: BC 25%, [D + 2], Melee & Close, Rank 0.
Kick: BC 45%, [D + 7], Melee Rear, Rank 0.
Trample: BC 25%, [D + 8], Close, Rank 0.