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Natural Habitat 
Caverns, Highlands, Ruins, Rural, Wetlands
1-3 (1)
Trolls are large green, vaguely humanoid beings with greenish black heads and extremities. They are well muscled and long-limbed with thick, leathery skin. Their large teeth and claws are ideally suited to rending the "manflesh" they so highly prize. A full-grown troll may stand almost 15 feet high. Trolls are 3-hex monsters.
Trolls are not afraid of fire, but become enraged by its presence and will kill anyone who uses it if possible. Trolls can reproduce themselves by losing a limb, which regenerates into a new troll, but only once per decade or so. The only way to prevent this or to keep a troll from regenerating after death is to burn their corpse (and any stray pieces). A troll is unlikely to possess or guard treasure, but may have a few "pretties" in their possession (gold or jewellery and such). The net worth of such items will usually be no more than 500 silver pennies.
Trolls possess no skills to speak of and are not magic-users. They may use simple weapons, but may never achieve any Rank with a weapon. Trolls possess the ability to regenerate themselves at the rate of 1 Damage Point each Pulse. Any damage inflicted by fire or acid is, however, permanent and may not be healed by regeneration. Trolls are poor Philosophers, at best.
Movement Rates 
Running: 300
PS: 30-50 MD: 10-14 AG: 12-16 MA: 5-8 EN: 30-40 FT: 40-50
WP: 18-25 PC: 20-25 PB: Always 0 TMR: 6 NA: Skin absorbs 5 DP
A troll may attack with its teeth and both hands without penalty. They may use a weapon, at least until they get angry.
Club: BC 50%, [D + 8], Melee, Rank 1-3.
Hands: BC 55%, [D + 6], Melee, Rank 0.
Teeth: BC 35%, [D + 4, Close, Rank 0.