The East Winds of Tycho

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The East Wind of Tycho

This is a huge, three thousand five hundred ton junk. It is a very large ocean-going vessel and is over 510 foot in length with a beam of 175 feet. The East Wind of Tycho has nine large masts.

It is said to have a human crew of over 500 sailors and tradesmen. It is also widely known to have over a dozen giants (Hill, Storm, and Cloud giants) who call the ship home. All crew are able to speak common and giant with great skill, and, when in the company of giants, giantish is spoken. It is also rumoured that the crew also has over a dozen Water Mages, but this may simply be other traders and captains gossiping. The Captain and crew, as well as the giants, report to Matt Tumbledown who is the ship's owner.

The East Wind has a large cargo capacity. She boasts elliptical sails which are lateen rigged, with battens at regular intervals, giving more rigidity, flatter sails and more control in general. The holds are wide and said to be five decks deep. Ship builders have speculated that she must have more than '16 waterproof bulkheads, a hull with three plank layers, with the material being teak wood and enchanted bamboo'.

The East Wind of Tycho is armed with fire throwers, catapults for grenados and naval mines.

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