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Well, I was going to invite folks to kibbitz, but Julia appears to have the idea already.

What can I say I am an impatient woman

Borrowing an idea from other scribe notes, here's a style for each characters contributions - fix them if you have other preferences or let me know:

C: Clarissa's recollections
M: Mebh's concepts
B: Clementine's the Bear's notions
S: Shoka's musings
L: Lath's lucidities
V: Vapour's observations
A: Skye's the Absent's Notes

Timeline Issues

  • I can't be sure we started on Candlmansa and recall that we had a day or two before the full moon and calling Kallaera. If we did start then and we are on Day 5 (Thaw 4th), then Moonday is another three days away. Might be important, might not be.

Character Notes

  • Let me know (or wikifidget) if there are mispellings or overly personal observations that even a nosey little tart like Clarissa shouldn't have spotted. She's pretty discrete with paying customers, anyway. Notes about Lath and Kallaera tripped this, but naturally that extends to eveyone else.

Ben Taberner