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The Plan (since we need one)

Our main objective is to neutralise Masada as a force for evilness/undead. To this end I plan to have us arrange total overwhelming force on our part. We do this by recruiting allies and other groups interested in destroying Masada.

1) The Church/alliance forces. These guys are easily motivatable and seem to be in the area. A sharp pointer in the right direction should get them going. The best person for this is Engalton and Sabrina (so no squabbling).

2) The Plains barbarians. They were forced out of the masadan alliance by a guild party and we should be able to get them on board if we use those PCs (like Mebh, who has agreed to try). I've heard rumours that many of them were cursed for walking out on Rashak and so we should emphasise the revenge/loot motive for them.

3) The Inquisition. Many of you are well liked and well regarded heroes of the Lunar Empire and as such I feel should ask for the Inquisition to help deal with a manifest threat while it is still tiny and solvable. Emphasis here is on dealing with problems long term which should appeal to them and also I get the idea that the Inquisition are not so welcome in the actual empire.

4)Viscount Blitzkrieg. He recently indicated that his army of nutters would come south to clense Carzala of evil on rumours so it should be no trouble to get him to go that extra few miles and come smack Masada about (which is actually evil).

5)The stone elves. We should find out about this elven army and get them there faster or at least coordinate so everyone turns up at the same time they do.

6)The normal elves. Personally I want those superior tree huggers to get off their butts and do something for a change. We could always give them the elven warship back, for a while. We do know a good pirate...

7) The Duke. We should ask the duke for help. He is our leige lord after all and the screaming for help thing goes both ways...

8)A really good astrologer. For a really good and favourable astrology reading.

9)Waterdeep. This is a magic heavy off plane city quite similar to Seagate now that I think of it. Anyways several of us have been there and have a good rep (Jon's game many years back). We should see what we can do with that rep and if anything use it to recruit some adventurers that aren't cowards (like our lot) on the promise that masada is a big pile of loot.

10) Any dragons we know.

11)Axis, we should contact Axis and see if he can persuade Xanadu to call a dragonmoot which convieniently calls away the masadan dragons.

12) Mortimer, We should get mortimer to enchant a really big block of stone which we can then use as a flying battering ram.

13) On the subject of flying ships I remember one of you mentioning that we only had the one moon. Could we drop a bit on masada somehow?

We will still be busy fighting assasination teams, keeping the allies from shooting each other until it's over and knocking out key defenses such as the veil and other secondary defenses. I also think there is going to be more than enough loot to go around that we can throw in a spare army or five.

Once we've knocked down the veil we should then use our allies to threaten, draw out our enemies so we can hit them outside their defences. We'll probably need to find out how their supplied so maybe conquering the supplying towns is on the cards.

One thing we should ensure is that the enemy has a tenable (but not obviously easy) line of retreat so that they don't just bunker down. If we can get them to bug out, again it'll be easier to get them on the outside. Anyways the idea is to defeat masada as a unified force. If they all run, leaving their lootable fortress behind this actually achieves our aims.

Liessa Varden

As a neutral power Xanadu would be willing to warn/suggest to the dragons of Masada that the pendulum was swinging and spring would be a good season to go south. After all there will be a large power vacuum come summer and someone needs to be around to fill it. Axis 11 Sept 2006 23:00

That's the idea. He could call them all for a meeting to discuss new living arrangements given that property prices in Masada are about to nosedive.

Liessa Varden

My preference is for a party of 5 people. I can live with 6 people, but if we can do it with 5, then so much the better. This is a surgical strike. We will need to move reasonably fast. I doubt that we will survive if they can bring their forces to bear on us. Once we are in, we have to keep moving, and that means we have to have the capacity to heal up fast, or move and fight while hurt. Start collecting items that are instant heals, cure spec grevs, rez instantly, restore to full health, recover lost stats, fix armour and so on. A set of 4 or 5 shadowwalk potions for each person might be worth picking up. We also need to borrow or buy a decent loot sack.

We need at least one person who can affect the environment and get us through traps / walls / bound earth / solid iron etc. Perhaps Dunlan can fill this role?? We also need a tough melee fighter. Andrew 19:19, 17 May 2006 (NZST)

I'm not sure about the loot sack. I was planning to take and hold the place not just visit. Yes I agree 5 would be ideal but we may need 6 people and put up with it. If we have Sabrena we will need 3 people and her, as the extra time needed to work out her collection of actions. I have the healing covered, but not the healing of spec grevs. I have some rez instantly, restore to full health but not many. I was thinking if I get an elixer of youth, then I could use my belt to good effect.

I expect we will be looking at a short list of six charatcer along the lines of:

  • Engalton, healing/counter
  • Saydar, nuking/looting
  • Dunlan, healing/other
  • Liessa, healing/nuking
  • Sabrina, melee/counter
  • Morgan, melee/nuking.

I hope/expect we can use Clementine on the first couple of nights (7 players) for the entry.

--Jono Bean 23:44, 17 May 2006 (NZST)

Another idea is that a second (or more) party runs interferance, drawing away the reinforcements and reserves. It will make taking down Masada more of a campaign event. Other players can feel involved as they were out zapping key leutenants and performing other key actions. I'ld be willing to run such a game but since I want to play too my right brain may not be allowed to talk to my left brain for 3 mths.