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Visible Value
TDP dresses quite similarly in most situations - it is his accessories that change:
Everyday - A smart mana silk outfit of Red and silver trews and shirt covered by a golden robe that sparkles brightly and glows. He wear Sea boots on the feet and a wand is at his belt. He also carries a Fachion, Scimitar and dagger at his belt. Under the robe are a brace of small boats (dingies) and a large number of amulets.
Combat Ready - In combat he usually holds a magic blocking shield with his other hand free to cast. Extra healing potions will be placed around his belt.
Social Occasion - The mana silk outfit can be magically reformed to match cut and style of clothing in this area, so socially he usually removes the robes.
Party Roles

TDP is a pure support mage who has a large range of support and enhancement magics.
He doesn't fight unless in absolute emergency however is looking to practice in the future.

TDP has accumulated wealth, ships and power while adventuring. His primary goals, in no particular order, are:
  • To become a Mage without peer
  • To become known as a reliable and contributing guild party member
  • To oppose extreme fanaticism
  • To ensure balance in the world

Friends and Allies
Elves and Drow (both - causes some friction sometimes)

The Calamar

Gods and Powers
Sammael - but only a loose association - avoids pacting and considers such giving oneself into someone else's power foolish.

Common (8 - Lit)
Dwarvish (5 - Lit)
Ancient Dwarvish (6 - Lit)
Mermen (3)
Drow - Terra Nova (3)
Ancient Drow - Purple (9)
Ancient Penjare (6)
Silent tongue (3)

Main Skills
Navigator (8 - But usually 13)
Mechanician (5)
Alchemist (4)
Healer (3)
Ranger (2)
Military Scientist (2)
Shipwight (2)

Non-Standard Skills

Main Spells

TDP has currently 67 Spells and rituals at an average rank of 9 below are some highlights.

Enhance Enchant (20)
Enchant Armour (15)
Greater Enchantment (20)
Invisibility (13)
Slowness (11)
Quickness (10)
Location (10)
Wizard Eye (10)
Mage Current (20)
Navigation (18)
Rainstorm (12)
Walk on Water (10)
Cold Resistance (10)
Ship Strength (10)
Wave Control (10)
Waters of Strength (8)
Wind Walk (6)
Instant Petrification (1)
Purification (20)
Investment (7)
Geas (7)
Ward (6)
Remove Curse (6)
Major Curse (5)

Non-Standard magic
Dis-Enhance Enchant (15) - Basically a reverse of Enhance Enchant either singly targetted or a small area.
Contingency (10) - Individual portable ward that holds one of their own spells.
Boat Bottling (10) - Ritual. Shrinks his ship down into a bottle.
Ship Sailing (10) - Ritual. Animates a ship to sail itself if he is onboard.
Summon Forth Blue Basilisk (10) - Spell effectively 2 NA for -1 MD, -1 TMR and -3 PC
Enhancing Duration (8) - Ritual. Extends the duration of a spell cast by TDP on himself by up to 180 times.

Passive Detections and protections
  • Light Resistance (immune to natural light effects)
  • Cannot be magically targeted indirectly (via wizard eye, telepathy etc)
  • -2 DM poison per pulse
  • If at danger at sea may be rescued - if unconscious WILL be rescued.
  • Shield blocks bolt / area magic 50% of time
  • Immune to normal and magical lightening
  • Takes 1/3 Damage from magical cold
  • Takes 1/4 Damage from magical fire
  • Automatic Rank 15 Invisible to demons
  • Rank 10 Witchsight

Other Stuff of Note
To be advised...