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Stag are male Deer and their stats will be at the high end of the range.

Natural Habitat
Plains, Woods
1-5 (1) or 50-5000 (200)
Deer are wild creatures, like thin, agile horses. They generally have a tawny coat, but rare specimens are black. Stags are male deer and have large racks of antlers. Antelope have straight, non-branching horns, and are usually a shade of grey or brown.
Deer are usually found in woods, while antelope are found in the plains. Deer travel singly or in pairs, and will be wary of humanoids, but will not flee them.. Antelope travel in vast herds, and are not shy of man. Female antelope are as large as the males, while female deer are smaller and without antlers. Stag antlers and some antelope horns are extremely valuable (worth 200-700 Silver Pennies).
Deer have no special talents or skills and use neither tools nor magic.
Movement Rates
Running: 750
PS: 20-26 MD: 19-24 AG: 22-26 MA: None EN: 15-20 FT: 20-25
WP: 10-11 PC: 20-25 PB: 12-13 TMR: 15 NA: Hide absorbs 3 DP
Deer may either use their antlers or kick into their rear hex.
Antlers: BC 30%, [D + 5], Melee & Close, Rank 1-4.
Kick: BC 50%, [D + 3], Melee Rear, Rank 0.