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Natural Habitat
Desert, Forest, Ocean (speculative)
1-50 (1)
Squibbons are small (12"-18" diameter) scaled and furred creatures, whose most notable feature is their ten highly prehensile tentacles. They have a beak, like an octopus, platypus, penguin, and other fantastical chimerical creatures. They may come from the Swordsworlds or Salamaka. They are herbivores, and primarily subsist on nuts and berries, and may have an arboreal lifestyle. Their scales and tentacles make them adept in water, and they are happy in the heat and aridness of deserts. They do have male and female roles, and are viviparous (have live young).
Squibbons are often pets of the Beltan Elves and other planar travellers. As well as being cuddly, resourceful and easily house-trained, they are very sensitive to planar disturbances. It seems that the females are notably better at detecting these ripples, and so they are highly prized in areas where Calamar, or similar hazards to shipping, are found. Squibbons enjoy dashing out the brains of monkeys and other small living creatures, although they are apparently safe around small children.
Apart from detecting inter-planar disturbances, have no special talents or skills and claim to use neither tools nor magic. They are awfully dexterous for non-tool users, though.
Movement Rates
Running: 300
PS: 1-2 MD: 26-30 AG: 22-26 MA: None EN: 1-3 FT: 2-4
WP: 22-25 PC: 18-22 PB: 8-11 TMR: 6 NA: Scales absorb 1 DP
Squibbons may use up to 6 tentacles in Close, and if they have successfully pinned a target, they may attack with their beak.
Tentacles: BC 75%, [D - 7], Close, Rank 1-4.
Beak: BC 50%, [D - 5], Close, Rank 0.