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Natural Habitat 
Very Rare
A sphinx has the body of a winged lion, with the head and breasts of a woman. A sphinx is usually about 12 feet tong. A sphinx has large, sharp teeth, and is a two-hex monster.
Sphinxes are proverbial riddle-lovers. They love to learn new riddles, and will sometimes let a passer-by live in exchange for a good one. They also like to ask riddles, however. When a sphinx asks a riddle, it will state what will happen to a character who does not answer the riddle successfully, and what reward (usually just free passage) will be given to those who do. A sphinx will always try to keep its word as to what it will do if the riddle is answered, although there is a small chance that it will simply kill itself if the riddle is answered correctly.
Most sphinxes are accomplished members of a College of Magic, usually one of the Thaumaturgies. They will know all General Knowledge spells at Rank 6-9, and will know all Special Knowledge spells at Rank 3-6. In addition, a sphinx will know D10 counterspells from other Colleges. Sphinxes also have excellent senses of smell. They will be able track as if they had Rank 8 in the Ranger ability, and they will be able to detect the presence of hidden or invisible characters 75% of the time.
Movement Rates 
Running: 500; Flying: 600
PS: 30-35 MD: 22-24 AG: 17-19 MA: 12-22 EN: 40-50 FT: 60-75
WP: 20-23 PC: 17-19 PB: 4-6 TMR: 10/12 NA: Hide absorbs 6 DP
A sphinx can bite and claw twice without penalty.
Bite: BC 75%, [D + 8], Melee & Close, Rank 0.
Claw: BC 60%, [D + 4], Melee & Close, Rank 0.