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Natural Habitat 
Anywhere (prefers Rural)
3-12 (6)
Skeletons are animated figures formed magically from the bones of the dead. They are controlled and animated by the will of an Adept in the same manner as zombies are. Often they will be clothed and armed. Skeletons immediately fall apart and turn to dust whenever they cease to be animated by an Adept. Skeletons may never be stunned.
Skeletons are often found around old battlefields and graveyards. They need to be animated before they can attack, though. The skeletons used by an Adept need not be humanoid. They could animate any type of being which would then have attributes close to those it originally possessed while alive. Usually, however, human skeletons are used since they are more easily animated.
Skeletons have no special talents, skills, or magic. They may use weapons, including Ranked weapons, shields and armour.
Their special magical nature and skeletal construction make them immune to damage from weapons rated for A type damage (arrows, thrusting swords, stabbing weapons).
Movement Rates 
Running: 150
PS: 10-16 MD: 14-18 AG: 12-16 MA: None EN: 8-12 FT: 5-10
WP: 20-25 PC: 14-18 PB: 1-2 TMR: 3 NA: None
Skeletons attack using hands (unarmed). They can use weapons.
Hands: BC: 24-33%, [D – 4], Melee & Close, Rank 0.