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Natural Habitat 
1-50 (5)
Sharks are long fish with very sharp teeth and tough skin. A shark's colour varies from light blue to white to orange, depending on the waters that they are swimming in. Sharks reach sizes in excess of 40 feet, at which point they are threats to boats as well as to swimmers. Sharks are normally two-hex monsters.
As soon as blood is drawn in waters containing sharks (most waters do) there is a 60% chance that 10-60 sharks will be attracted. Shark teeth are fairly valuable (a set might go for 100 Silver Pennies) as charms.
Sharks can detect the presence of blood in the water from extremely long distances, and they will gather around the blood, working themselves up into a killing frenzy. They can also sense motion in water, especially in the form of the types of disturbances caused by swimmers.
Movement Rates 
Swimming: 350
PS: 35-45 MD: None AG: 12-16 MA: None EN: 25-30 FT: 40-50
WP: 8-10 PC: 9-12 PB: 6-8 TMR: 7 NA: Skin absorbs 7 DP
Sharks may bite.
Bite: BC 40%, [D + 8], Melee & Close, Rank 0.