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A character race in DQ.

Natural Habitat
Anywhere their animal dwells
1-50 (4)
Shapechangers are a hidden race amongst humans, with the ability to change into the form of a particular animal (one of wolf, tiger, bear or boar). Shapechangers are identical in appearance to humans when not in animal form. They are somewhat bestial in nature, adopting traits from their animal side. Instead of living amongst humans, some shapechangers choose to live with their particular animal, or with associated beastmen; that is: Dawon for shapechanger tigers, Dimasa for shangechanger snakes, Rabari for shangechanger wolves, and Sora for shangechanger pigs. There is no longer a bear-man race.
There exists a love/hate relationship between humans and shapechangers: shapechangers possess some degree of animal magnetism, but, if discovered, can expect severe treatment at the hands of humans. Shapechangers are, on the whole, bitter towards humans, and are not above using humans to their advantage. There are very few ways to tell a shape changer from a human and these vary by shapechanger type. Shapechangers are a ruthless lot with a secret worth killing to preserve.
Shapechangers have a controllable, racial talent of Lycanthropy (see Weres) which allows them to remain sentient in both forms. A shapechanger can consciously change between human and animal forms and back once per quarter of the moon phase between each dawn. The transformation takes 10 seconds during the day and 5 seconds at night. During the day, there is a 1% / full 5 minutes in animal form that they will become permanently transformed. At night, they may remain in animal form for a time proportionate to the moon phase before they run this risk. A shapechanger's animal and human characteristics are proportional to each other within their respective racial ranges.
In animal form: human inhibitions will be muted; they cannot be harmed except with silver or magic; beings with Physical Strength over 25 may harm them, but damage is reduced by 5; they regenerate 1 Endurance each minute. In human form animal instincts will be dulled, but animal magnetism will cause humans to be attracted to them. A shapechanger’s magic resistance is increased by 5%.
Movement Rates
Running: 250
PS: 5-25 MD: 5-25 AG: 5-25 MA: 5-25 EN: 5-25 FT: 18-23
WP: 5-25 PC: 5-25 PB: 8-24 TMR: 4-6 NA: None
In animal form, shapechangers fight as that animal. They may gain ranks in their claws, bite and other natural attacks as per unarmed if they get training in their use. In human form, they fight as a human, and may use and rank any weapons, armour and shields. Shapechangers avoid armour, as it hampers their transformations.