Senators of Decay

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To be populated by Spys

The Senators of Decay whom fought in the Winter Games, where and are from time to time imprisoned under the main arena in Lunar City, Lunar Empire.

They are all 15ft tall meaning they all undergone the passage of Death Rites and have an enhanced death aspect, unrelated associates can be treated as near relatives for death results. The Drow control a pool in Delphi that allows this. From the encounter at the Winter Games; Virgins will not be affected, people with no pact will be impacted (+++ on dice) and pacted people will be significant effected (++++ on dice).

It is believed they are allied with powerful drow (Avatar?)

They despise each other but cannot directly attack each other.

They all give our bad luck, drain to heal themselves and magic drops off them.

Senator Liro

The leader of Dragoons. Known to pass as a human or 6’4 Drow. Has exception martial prowess. Caster of air and mind colleges. Has two bodyguards, Justin and Rabid. Known to be in the ruins of Barretskyne creating a crystal portal.

  • any damage taken is also taken by enemies
  • magic slips off him
  • surrounded by anti luck field, about 25 ft radius (+25/50 to dice)
  • drains those in the field, using necromancy, to heal himself.

Commander Barrakio

Known to pass as a human. Caster of earth and necromancy colleges.

  • immune to poison and venoms
  • may command people, this cannot be resisted. He may only command one person at a time.

Mistress Lyndon

Can pass damage to others. Caster of Enchanting and necromancy colleges.

  • If you look at the mistress you become charmed and do not resist until some time in the future.
  • Many of the dwarves see her as an ally (cause of the charm).

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